Friday, October 2, 2020

A Shared Ancient Mudra and Why it is Relevant Today

Tracey in Rapa Nui 2015
I am certainly not the first to discover the similarities around the world of various stone carvings with hands in the same symbolic gesture that we refer to in yoga as "mudras." This is on my mind today for some reason, however, so I am urged to share this with the community. I can't question why these things arise as they do, so I just go with it. Usually there is a reason we need to understand.

This is me with a hand carved statue of the great Moai of Rapa Nui (Easter Island). The trip here changed my life in ways that I am still processing. These Silent Watchers that sit around the island, facing inward and gazing towards the sky, hold many secrets. Many of the Moai are badly weathered so the carvings are difficult to make out. Most of the really good ones can be found pillaged in museums in London, the US and around the world. Perhaps you can zoom in to see the hand positions here on the Moai, because I think this little carving shows it very well. Sitting just below the naval center, the hands just about touch on the stomach.

Moai of Rapa Nui

The next picture is of one of the actual Moai. Even if you cannot see, trust me that the hand positions are the same. 

Oddly enough this was not the first time that I came across this same hand position. In 2015 I visited an ancient site in Bolivia known as Tiwanaku, still an active archeological site. 

See the picture below that I have attached from that site and that trip. This is a much clearer picture of the hand position around the naval center. Between these two places: Rapa Nui, located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and Bolivia, on the South American continent, we are talking of a distance of about 4,800 km. As for the timeframe of the creation of these stone figures, there is much debate. However, it is generally accepted by most archeologists today that the Moai most likely were carved from the volcanic rock there around 1100 AD, while Tiwanaku reins slightly older at 110 AD (interesting numbers, but that is another story - and by the way, they're really much, much older, but many of us are waiting for the science to catch up). 

Tiwanaku, Bolivia
OK, so some people may think that this distance is a little close and that the stone figures could have been created by the same people. So, let's look at a few others. While several similar figures were found scattered around Mexico throughout the Toltec, Aztec and Huastec peoples, Central America is still relatively in close proximity, so I will leave those pictures out, although you can easily google them on your own.

To look at some really interesting figures, let's go across the Atlantic (and further) to two other locations: Indonesia and Turkey.

As recent as 1996, the ancient city of Gobekli Tepe has been an active archeological site in Turkey, even though it was discovered around 1963. This site is blowing the socks off of many archeologists since the datings are coming back anywhere between 7370-9130 BC - yes, you heard me - BC. That makes Gobekli Tepe approximately 11,000 years old...conservatively. Some scholars argue that it is actually quite older and the work is still being done to prove this timeline. Although I have not had the pleasure to travel to or witness Gobekli Tepe first hand, I was astounded to discover the ancient carvings there. Check out the next one...

Okay, Turkey not far enough away? Let's head out about the Bada Valley in Indonesia?

Here, strewn across the inner landscape are similar carvings dated around the 14th century, or roughly 1300's time period - AD. 

See the similar figures in the image below...

Bad Valley, Indonesia

As a natural detective, I like putting puzzle pieces together. I may have been Sherlock Holmes in another life. As a yoga teacher, I find this absolutely thrilling. I have taught the science behind mudras, the gestures we make, often of the hands for over twenty years. For the first fifteen years my understanding of Mudras was limited to the Hindu mudras of yoga that I was taught. However, on my trips to Peru, Bolivia, Easter Island, and other such places, I have discovered this world of other mudras that speak to the commonality of ancient beings and a particular shared energy. And this is where it gets really interesting...

The area about two inches below the naval is known in Chinese medicine as the Lower Dantien. This roughly translates to "elixir field" or "sea of qi." In Chinese medicine qi is the equivalent of prana for yogis - it is the life energy. For Chinese practitioners, the Dantien is the core energy center of the body, a storehouse of energy. If you study Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Martial Arts, Acupuncture, or any other Chinese medicine or practice, the Dantien is an integral factor in your modality. It is the place that all practitioners begin and end. It is the source. Many yogis equate this area with a chakra, a vortex of energy, while Chinese practitioners argue that they cannot be equated. For me, this is the Swadisthana chakra, the second chakra, the source of creation, and I allow that connection to be made.

When I studied Shiatsu, we began the session with our hands on the client's lower Dantien, we called the "Hara." Back then I did not understand this necessary evaluation tool. When I began to teach yoga, I was taught a Belly Breathing technique. I was told that this was a necessary breathing tool, although it was not stressed any more than any of the other breathing techniques that we studied known as pranayama. For some reason, several years ago I found myself focusing teaching students the belly breathing. And the mudra position of hands on the lower Dantien or with the right hand on the heart and the left hand on the abdomen have become quite instinctive for me when instructing. 

When a practitioner places his or her hands on the this area and focuses on deep breathing, there is a strong connection to one's individual's life force energy, but also to the deeper interconnectedness of all life energy. 

Why had the ancient ones made a connection to this area all around the world at various times on our planet? There is still no complete theory on why that I have heard. However, I think it is not too far off to understand the connection to this vital life center and the greater, cosmic understanding of Oneness. 

In the year 2020, we find ourselves in an era of mass awakening of consciousness, a time when many old and antiquated ways are moving out and the lower vibrational energies on the planet are all bubbling to the surface for our recognition and elimination. This is a time period of ascension - a collective rising of energy. Spiritualists and scientists agree that the earth has gone through many stages - we just all call it different things. And although life as we know it is changing, there is always a reserve of life energy within us to draw upon and to help us see to the truth. The ancient stone carvings depict beings holding onto this area. We can do this today as well. Connect to life - connect to Oneness - breathe in this ancient mudra and know that all is well. 

It is a daily practice of mine and I hope that you share in my enthusiasm. 

In love, service and wisdom,

Dr. T.

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Reclaiming Your Sovereignty

A few months ago my husband mentioned the word "Sovereignty" in a conversation that we were having. Of course I was familiar with the word, but  I hesitated, looked at him, and said, "What does that really mean? I don't think I really understand that word." His attempt to define it only confused me more...he had a limited understanding, himself. Since then that word has blown up all around me. I keep seeing it in almost every energy healer, light worker or intuitive's posts. It is coming up in respect to current world events as well as in metaphysical realms. So, I thought, this must be an important word to Understand...

Sovereignty means independence and supreme power. Government and world order aside, to reclaim our Sovereignty means to step into our HIGHEST SELF and RECLAIM OUR POWER as CREATORS and CREATRIX of our lives. We do this as we step into the flow of ONENESS, the supreme and ultimate energy of LOVE, the only TRUTH that exists.

This may sound heavy...a little "out there" or over the top to some. Of course EVERYTHING IS ENERGY. Energy is constantly changing form - rising, falling, and showing up in ways that are often unexpected and transformative. When we reclaim our Sovereignty we see and feel fully this ebb and flow of energy and know that our place is a part of a greater whole, and that when we are moving in that truth we are gliding effortless as ONE BEING.

Duality and our archaic world has created an illusion. We feel separate. We feel defeated. We feel lonely. We feel abandoned. All of this could not be farther from the truth. We just need to take off our blinders to see the WHOLE TRUTH and reclaim our rights in this world - literally creating heaven on earth - right here - right now.

Every major religious order in the world talks about a utopian world. Ancient Civilizations lived this REALITY, that's how we know it is true. The stories that we grew up with are more than mere tales - they are energetic imprints of what is to come when we all reclaim our sovereignty and move into this HIGHER LIGHT ENERGY.

We can begin to move into this light by disavowing the antiquated dualistic energies that we have been living in our entire life. So, therein lies the rub! We feel a certain way because we have been conditioned and taught to feel a certain way, see a certain way, think a certain way, be a certain way. But what if - just for a moment - we saw a tear in the veil of this illusionary world? What if - just for a millisecond - we allowed ourselves to DREAM? To BELIEVE? To CREATE?

I grew up very aligned to the dark energy around me. It did not scare me and I welcomed it. I wrote about the darkness, I felt it all around me, and I spent most of my earlier years honoring and appreciating it. Through a series of fortunate events, energy began to shift, as it usually does, just when the time was right and I was ripe to understand the light.

Once I began to see the light, I could no longer avoid it. Everywhere I looked, I saw light. Over the years, the light began to grow stronger and stronger. It scared me! My own light scared me! As Marianne Williamson said, "Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?" But you know what she also said? She said, "Who are you NOT to be? You are a child of God."And here is the most important part:

"Your playing small does not serve the world."

I realized that it was I who kept myself small. Nobody else did it. Of course the systems in place liked to think that they had kept me small. But it was my own self who drove that vehicle. Once I invited HIGHER LIGHT DIVINE ENERGY into my life, my ego stepped back and I allowed that to begin to drive my energy. And then MAGIC happened. And I began to see that HIGHER LIGHT, HIGHER SELF, DIVINE ENERGY was all ONE IN THE SAME. It is all me - and at the same not me.

* * * AS ABOVE - SO BELOW * * *

So I ask you as we move into the Autumn months and energy begins to cool and continue to recalibrate to optimize our availability to connect to our Highest Self:



Repeat Daily. Often.

Invoke Spirit - Universal Light - God/Goddess

Light a white candle and Meditate

With energy ripe for this work, the time is now. I'm happy to meet you for Spiritual Guidance - or check out some of my upcoming events on the website of Facebook page for One Yoga to see if anything resonates with you.

All is Coming.

In Love, Service and Wisdom,
Rev. Dr. Tracey

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Be Responsible for Your Energy Field - The Energy Behind Temperature Checks

Well, this came up this morning and I was actually surprised that more people were not aware. It was suggested that I post a blog about here it is...

Methods of taking the temperature:
1. Oral
2. Wrist
3. Rectal
4. Armpit
5. Ear
6. Forehead

These areas require a mixture of digital thermometer, thermometer, digital ear, the old mercury thermometers and the now popular infrared. Well, the old mercury thermometers, although highly accurate, are a thing of the past now that we know exposure to mercury is toxic and those pesky little buggers can break quite easily. Since we are not going to be checking things orally or rectally (could you even imagine) in the mall or any place that you are waiting in line to enter, we can eliminate those as well. I understand that the ear check requires a particular type of thermometer that goes inside the ear and if there is any wax buildup can be inaccurate, so let's take that off the table too.  And again, since the armpit requires something to be placed in a potentially unpleasant area of the body and can be the least accurate (according to the MAYO Clinic), we can just also take that off the table. That leaves Wrist and Forehead. Depending on which source you read, both are fairly the same with accuracy, with the wrist sometimes detecting slightly higher temperatures than the forehead.

OK, which would you prefer?

Let's go a bit deeper...because EVERYTHING is energy...

The infrared thermometer being used today is basically a gun, correct? There is a trigger you pull and a beam that releases to check the temperature.

How do you feel about a gun being pointed at your head? Or has this become so normal to you at this point that you no longer question it. If so, ask yourself again, what would you rather have your wrist checked or your forehead? I realize that perhaps you haven't given it a thought. And if you do not care, take a moment to sit with it again and consider the energetic ramifications of pointing a gun at your head and feeling "Okay" with that...please...

I am NOT OK with my forehead being checked by the infrared gun. It never felt right to me. The first time it was done, just blatantly, and without even a moment of my consent, every part of my body recoiled. My energy system went into shock. I froze, mute. I felt violated and sick to my stomach.

You must understand that I grew up in a family of hunters. Guns and bows and arrows were an everyday thing at my home. Seeing a gun or even a dead animal does not rattle me much, and although I honor all life, I am talking about hand-held guns being directed at our foreheads for temperature checks for this blog. So let's stick to topic.

The next time I was posed with the temperature check at University of Penn, I asked them to check my wrist, which they willingly did. I watched my Mother walk up and have it pointed at her head and again, nothing but sickness to my stomach. A gut-wrenching, physical reaction to that entire situation being wrong is what I feel.

I am an energy-worker, a light-worker, a starseed, and an intuitive healer, and I am pleading with you to produce your wrist upon any temperature checkpoint and demand that it be taken there. They will do it. You will feel much better. Trust me.

There is a Youtube video about the Pineal Gland being negatively affected by this forehead thermometer. I've read some contradictory theories, and I want to again reference that everything is energy. The Pineal Gland is a light-sensitive organ in the forehead responsible for many hormonal responses that direct the body's glandular functions. It is not only imperative for our overall health to be in good working condition, but energetically speaking as the seat of your 6th chakra (third-eye, Ajna) if we direct this infrared energy towards it continually you will block this energy center - your ability to perceive, to intuit, to truly "see." As the wrist is a far-reaching extension of the heart-chakra and not a direct link to the centre of the energy vortex here, I feel much more responsible pointing the infrared at the wrist than the third-eye...besides, I got a whole lotta love to go around, but my vision and clear sight these days are being challenged, to say the least.

I am quite sure that there will be lots of debates going on about this in the medical field, news media, and on every newly self-appointed expert's facebook page. I am not going to debate. I want you to just stop for a moment and consider the energetic ramifications of this and how you truly feel about it.

Now is a time of great awakening and great light. But the lower energies are fighting for their lives and there is a literal energy war playing out behind the scenes of everything happening. Be responsible for your energy field and keep yourself in the highest light energy possible.

Choose the wrist for temp checks.

In Love, Service and Wisdom,
Dr. Tracey L. Ulshafer

Sunday, August 16, 2020

When Yoga is Too Much

Interesting concept, isn't it - that Yoga could be "TOO MUCH"|?"

My Grandmother, Rachel, was fond of saying, "Anything in Moderation." Moderation is one way of translating the yogic principle Brahmacharya. Some translate it to meaning chastity, while others consider the householder's role in yoga and say Moderation. To me the word moderation feels much more appropriate given our human roles in relationships, so I usually move towards that translation.

In any event, a yogi or yogini must practice moderation in all things. Now, slip in some other yogic principles like ahimsa, which means non-violence, and a good argument could be made for vegetarianism or veganism, which is more of a complete non-reliance on animals for food. However, if I am going by my Jewish Grandmother's agenda, then I could have some cheese or a little fish now and then...this is certainly not a discourse in morality. Each person must find comfort in his or her own translation and meaning on these very things in life. What is important is the inner dialogue about it.

But I digress...

Moderation in all things, says the yogi. Here's been my personal dilemma since March when the world turned upside down: I have very few yoga teachers who are able to teach the classes for the studio, so I had to pour myself into teaching all the classes. I was relieved and grateful when one teacher came back on, and then even more so when the second did. Now the second teacher has decided to pull back to honor her own energy and I find myself overwhelmed.

My lower back has been irritated for several months. I have been dealing with severe pain and nerve impingement that occurs, generally, after yoga practice. This all seems completely foreign to me as yoga has always been my go-to routine for my back and body since I began the practice 25+ years ago. Now I realize my body is totally shot from all the yoga and I must pull back.

The issue now is that most classes are taught online. I feel an obligation to show myself practicing on the screen. When I taught half the classes that I do now, I taught at least half of them off the mat. My body felt much better when I taught this way. For those who are not yoga teachers, you must realize that teaching yoga is not our practice - it's yours. So when we are practicing and teaching at the same time we are not connected and tend to do things we may not normally. Add on 10-15 classes a week taught this way and there's a recipe for overdoing. My body literally feels "shot out." My chiropractor agrees with me and has asked me to lay off my practice for a bit to see if we can rectify some pretty hefty issues going on in my lumbar spine.

So here I am - not practicing because yoga has been too much.

The realities of our world can be difficult. I am grateful for the understanding student base that I have. I will continue to offer my best when teaching. But I must also honor myself. Who knows how this will look or play out, but then again, who knows anything these days!? (that's a rhetorical question, at best).

When is yoga too much? Do you have a regular daily or weekly practice and does it support you? Or, do you need to do more - or less?

Be honest with yourself and know when yoga is the Godsend/blessing in your day and when you need to rest. I personally feel that a daily practice can be quite beneficial - when practiced correctly and appropriately. I have not been doing this. I need to heed my own advise and wisdom. Stepping into the second half of August with more reverence for myself and the practice that has helped keep my body and mind in balance for so long. Now the balance I seek is actually, not practicing! Interesting concept...

Brahmacharya = Moderation

Where in your life do you need to create more of this?

Chew on that today, my friends...chew on that.

In love, service and wisdom,

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Traveling - Oh How I Miss Thee...

I am a world traveler. I have been to many countries and continents and had a dream that I would actually not just visit, but make friends - real friends - in each country on the planet. Now I understand that the reality of this may be challenging, however, it is on my internal vision board. And I went about this for many years with good results. I was amping things up and really moving into more travel for 2020 and beyond - that was all on my actual vision board.

Also on that vision board? Words like "HOME" "HOME STUDIO" "RELAX"...etc...

My yoga retreat company: Sacred Journeys by One Yoga Center, began to really take off last year. This year with trips to Italy, Peru and Bali in the books and cooking up more, I was primed to be traveling around the country and the world at least two solid months of the year. This excited me because I love to travel and see the world and I was considering amping up this business to be traveling even more in 2021.

Also on my vision board: "LIFE IN BALANCE."

The Universe, in her INFINITE WISDOM, decided that I needed to be grounded this year. Of course I am not alone in this. I came back from Thailand March 4th. I am writing this five months later and my aching to travel is welling within me to a boiling point. I feel suffocated and irritable and I need to get away.

As a Yogini, I must ponder the thoughts about being home. Am I satisfied in my home life? Do I travel in order to avoid being home? Etc. I sit with this daily, especially when the feelings of suffocation arise.

No, I am not living in an ideal setting. Having sold our dream home a year ago and renting a nice, but not "dream" home now, I must consider my displacement a factor in my discontentment. Being forced to stay in (quarantine) goes against everything that I believe in...and the Rebel in one of my Archetype houses finds it therefore, a challenge, as if I were smacked in the face with fencing gloves.

What does travel look like in our new world? I do believe that we have been irrevocably changed by the current world dynamics. And although I hold incredible light and space for the ability to travel the world again, freely, I also feel an overwhelming energetic pull slowing that down. Where will we be in a year? Who knows where we will be by the end of this week, so how can we even dream to answer that?

As a traveler to other countries, I am familiar with the mandatory vaccination process. I had to get them for Bolivia - Yellow Fever, in fact. That vaccination didn't sit well in my body. I developed a nasty site rash that modern medicine could not remedy. In one year I had been vaccinated for Yellow Fever, Hepatitis, Typhoid...and I feel like I am missing something else...who could keep track! And while I willingly took those vaccinations in order to travel, I also noticed a year of very poor health, something quite unusual for me. I do believe that my body took in too much to process that year and told myself that I would practice more discernment in the future when traveling. And now we are at a precipice of mandatory vaccinations for a fast-tracked vaccination on C-19, with world-wide repercussions, including, potentially, micro-chipping.

Full transparency...not sure I like all that.

Should mandatory methods become the means in which one can travel, this will be huge determining factor in my ability to move about the world again. So, I think, there must be another way.

I am still holding a lot of space for world healing. In my healing of the world I see all of that previous paragraph nonexistent. For now, I am choosing to live in that container instead of freak out about the other potential. I simply must.

In the meantime, I sit with my feelings in the here and now. No, I am not contented (santosha in sanskrit) with where I live. Yes, I would like my own home in which to CREATE and make my own again. Yes, I would like to work less and carve out more down time for myself to pursue other things without the stressors I put myself under in order to cram things in to my already busy schedule. And yes, I am more than ready to put retreats and travel plans together for this great country of ours, because there is much beauty, ancient worlds and thriving panic energetic vortexes right here that require less stress to visit.

I am putting intention out to travel in the Fall or early Winter. Although still on the fence about grabbing get air tickets, I am hopeful that things will come. Long story short, I miss you, crowded airports, busy trams and hotel shuttle services. I miss getting lost in a new city and finding that special little place that was meant just for me. I miss it all. And I know that things will be different moving forward, but the different I am looking for is one that makes things easier and even more convenient. Yes, definitely holding space for that.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

The World of 2020

I believe when this year began we all had high hopes for white light, good vibes and peace on earth. What we didn't or couldn't foresee was the method behind the madness...please, stay with me...

I think that we can all agree that our world is a mess. War, poverty, abuse, misuse - the list goes on. In the name of progress we have harmed our planet and our relationships with each other. In the vein of "higher" education we have moved away from communing with the earth's natural energies for technology. In our rush to understand the world, we forgot that transformation comes with great upheaval and challenges. And thus, here we are.

The ancient yogis who developed the practices that we perform today to cleanse our body and mind and connect to our spiritual selves, also realized that there were cycles that the earth went through. These stages or "Yugas" spanned hundreds or even thousands of years at a clip. Kali Yuga is the current stage that our planet is in. It is defined as a difficult time period of war and strife - an age of darkness, corruption, greed and low vibrational energy. It is controlled by the masculine energy of the planet in the age of iron. It is a tough time but one that is necessary in order to move into the next stage. 

The prediction is that Lord Shiva, the destroyer, will come to dismantle everything as we know it, so that Lord Brahma, the Creator, can begin a new here and the Universe and humanity will once again know and live in Truth, harmony and well-being. This time will thus be known as the Satya Yuga. 

Where exactly we are in this cycle is clouded in mystery. Many believe Kali Yuga is in its final days. Some say we ended Kali Yuga and are already in the process of moving into Satya Yuga. With eons and eons of Yugas begin sometimes thousands and even millions of years at a clip, there seems to be no consensus of the actual timeline in the present, although everyone agrees that we are definitely seeing final days playing out. 

What this means for us is that we are seeing the untruths come to light. We are seeing a massive war between dark and light, duality and Oneness, and fear and love in the news and in our world every single day. So, we must ask ourselves what is the truth instead of blindly accepting what we are told or what even what we see. We must get true and real with ourselves and accept our place in holding space for the light and the higher vibrational energies on the planet. There is simply no other alternative. 

2020 is certainly a strange year! The C-virus alone and all that it created in its wake is insane. We look back at the year that began with devastating wildfires in Australia and continually moved to more preposterous energies such as African desert dust clouds and murder hornets. Some of us are asking what is next...others are waiting for the Aliens to show up. Whether you believe that this entire year is a massive conspiracy agenda, Armageddon is upon us, or that this is an astounding time of worldwide Ascension to higher energy, we can all agree on one thing: we are living in total and utter confusion on a daily basis. 

I choose to believe that we are in a stage of Ascension. I believe that the ancient yogis understood this - just like they understood so many other things that continue to be validated by modern science. I choose to see this as a massive AWAKENING on a global level, and that we can find peace on earth at the end of this...but I also do believe that we have a lot more work to do...because clearly, not everyone is on this same page...

I ask you one question: what do you have to lose by changing your mindset to a positive outlook and agreeing that all the absurdity of 2020 is a collective awakening and ascension process? That we are looking at the completion of Kali Yuga? It is said that once enough of us awaken and move into this higher energy that we can push it forth to be. I need your help in achieving this reality. 

I keep saying that if you are waiting for the world to get "back to normal" you are missing the point. If you are living in the past, you are going to be severely let down. This is a time to create a new and great world. 

Ask yourself:

How you can contribute to the global world? 
How can you connect to natural energy? 
How can you be of service?
How can you stand up for injustice?
How can you be an active participant in creating the world we all want to live in?

And then everyday, DO SOMETHING towards that goal.

I work tirelessly to help teach people a methodology that I believe can truly create positive transformation: Yoga. I believe that my purpose on earth is to teach people how to calm the mind and tune into the body, nature and the energies of the planet in finding one's own purpose and Highest Self. 

If you are lost, reach out. I believe that if you are living in this current time that there is a plan for you and I want to help you to see it too.

Let's continue to move through this crazy, fluid year with love, patience, kindness and in support of Oneness. 

In Love, SERVICE and Wisdom,

August Newsletter 2020

Hello Everyone!

I am usually ahead of the game for writing the monthly newsletters, yet here I find myself on July 28th just sitting down to write. I can hardly believe that another month is about to conclude for 2020. Time has accelerated and so much is happening. My hope is that you find yourself in a good place as you read this - happy, healthy and finding purpose in the world. 

Our state began to open and people are heading out more to enjoy the beautiful weather. We are still moving about mindfully and that continues at the studio. I implemented in-studio classes last month to a minimum of 6 total people, spaced out more than 6 feet. Students enter through the front door, leaving shoes outside, and wear a mask while moving about the studio. As we know and understand, breathing is a key to the yoga practice and to life. We must perform yoga breathing practices daily to keep our respiratory system in optimum health and to allow for valued pranic energy to expand within our being, giving us a feeling of vitality and health. I cannot, in good conscious, promote wearing a mask during yoga practice, however I do honor your right to do so. This is another reason for the increased spacing at the studio as well as inviting you to continue practicing with us on Zoom Classroom.

Zoom, or some other version of online learning, will be with us indefinitely. Many students have commented on their increased level of practice due to the convenience of this format. I have been teaching for a month to rooms with a few students as well as Zoom students, and it is surely interesting. It is challenging for me as a teacher to connect to both sets of people at the same time, but I am sincerely doing my best to do so. I feel that I can also speak for Elina in this context as she is also joining me with her Monday evening class being offered in-studio as well as online. 

Moving into August we will continue the same way. I am adding an additional all level Hatha class on Thursday evenings at 5:30 pm. I have also spoken to Barbara Gallucci and she and I will be sharing a Sunday morning yoga class beginning in September, and will offer one Sunday pop-up class for August so check out that schedule. As you can see, I am slowly bringing a few classes back. But I am also erring on the side of caution and not overextending things. My intuition tells me to keep things lighter and simpler than in the past and to refine the offerings at the studio. I am still in the process of determining just what this all means. 

I have had some people reach out to me about our lovely community classes. We used to offer two classes a week for a $5 drop-in to those on a budget in the community. We used a rotation of teachers to do this and it was very much liked by the few that attended regularly. In all transparency, I do not foresee these classes least any time in the near future. In-studio limitations as well as fee collection issues and lack of teachers for rotation make this a real challenge. Remember that we do offer Senior rates for those over 65, and that is simply the best that I can do at this time. The bills at the studio, remember, never stopped when everyone went into Quarantine. My landlords, although nice people, still wanted full rent. Utilities and other monthly expenses continued. I put my full self into teaching all the classes for our community, plus several others for corporate and non-profit clients that I have in order to keep revenue flowing into the studio, and that is the only reason why we survive today with an intact studio, while so many others have closed. 

Remember that if you are interested in joining in-class you must email me 24-hours prior to the class to determine if there is space, and await confirmation back from me before you come over. Please do not drop-in, text or contact me same day of classes as I simply cannot keep up. 

In addition to the yoga classes, I have expanded in offering crystals and hosting crystal sales on facebook once a month. Crystals, in addition to looking pretty, hold metaphysical properties, and their healing properties have been used by many cultures over the millenia. Many of us are awakening to the power of crystals, and even more are understanding the value of having them to harness their healing powers. If this speaks to you, watch for the next live crystal sale on my facebook page or ask to stop in for a private shopping experience at the One Spirit Metaphysical Shop.

On a closing note, my Doctoral certificate arrived this week and I am officially a Reverend Doctor in Interfaith Ministries. I offer a variety of custom wedding, baptism or baby naming, commitment ceremony, end of life, spiritual counseling and other services. They are listed on the website under "Ministries" and I would LOVE to hear from you if you have an important event coming up. 

I'm continuing to hold protective space and healing space at the studio and for our community. If you feel that I can help you in any way, please reach out. I'll continue to create new offerings as I feel that they may benefit our community and look forward to seeing you all soon - virtually or in person.

In Love, SERVICE and Wisdom,


The hot, dry summer is in full swing. Are you on vacation or at least chilling out a bit? You should be! Be careful not to drain yourself by overdoing it right now or you may end up with a summer cold or draining your immune system. We need plenty of sleep, rest and fluids right now. Take care of yourself because Fall is coming, and Harvest Season is here!

The bounty from our home and local gardens is thriving at this time. Eat as many natural and local produce available. Can or jar and prepare for winter so that you can continue to enjoy these foods for months to come. 

August 1st is the celebration Lammas, the first Harvest festival for wheat. Have you tried making homemade bread of pasta? And if so, why haven't you called me for dinner? Seriously, wheat may be my downfall, but I say to bring it on in August. Corn is also celebrated with the Native American Corn Festivals in late summer. Both of these festivals include dancing and eating. But also there are many fasting and cleansing rituals done at this time of year, so listen to your own body's callings and adjust as you need to this time of year. 

As for your yoga practice, it should not be a strenuous one. Restorative and Gentle Yoga are the real appropriate practices for August. I'm hoping to offer a Restorative practice soon, so keep looking out. Until then, Gentle Yoga offerings are Tuesdays 4:30 pm, Thursdays 11 am and the two Sunday pop-ups in August listed above. You will also see many Hatha classes adjusted for these needs. 

Happy Birthday to our Leo & Virgo friends celebrating this month. When in class, let us know it is on or around your birthday and we will be happy to offer your favorite yoga pose to celebrate you!

Love to all. Peace to all. Light to all.