Thursday, February 1, 2018

February 2018 theme: LESS IS MORE!

February 2018's Theme: 

The concept of "Less is More" is one that is often challenging in our Western culture. However, more and more people are embracing simplicity in their lives - some going to the point of stripping down to very bare necessities, sprouting the now popular term "minimalistic." 

The Yoga Sutras offer many teachings about simplicity and any student of yoga often finds him or her self already on this path. In the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Sutra II.40 says:
Through simplicity and continual refinement (Saucha), the body, thoughts, and emotions become clear reflections of the Self within. 
Therefore, a yogi or yogini is constantly seeking to live simply, which, in turn, clears energy at the body, mind and soul levels. We in the west, however, have been mostly raised with ideas like, "those with the most toys, wins" or "bigger is better." And there are many who still believe this to be true and live in this way. But, our obsession with excess has created problems that never existed before. In fact, the more "stuff" we possess, the more problems we create. 
In 2001 a visiting yogi named Sadhuru Jaggi Vasudev gave a talk at Princeton University on the "Art of Effortless Living." He said something that has always stuck with me - he said, "Animals have one problem: Hunger. When that's fed, they are happy. But with us once our hunger is fed, that's just he beginning of our problems." He went on to say that we create all of our other problems and have cultivated a culture of unhappiness that is now the norm because we continue to seek happiness by looking outside of ourselves for it. And are you ready for the kicker? He also said, "Using external means to be happy creates enslavement to the thing that you are trying to use to make you happy. Slowly you destroy what you seek and wind up unhappy."
What we seek - what we all truly seek - is happiness. At the end of the day, we all just want to be happy. And believe it or not, this is totally achievable without any of your "stuff." In fact, your "stuff" is what is getting in the way of your happiness.
February is the last of the cold, damn, dark months. March ushers in the Equinox - the day of equal light and dark - and shows the promise of Spring. February is beautifully positioned in the year for releasing and letting go of excess. Whether to you this means accumulated possessions or inflammation in your body, let's work to release and purify the system and the energy around us this month and discover for yourself how less can be more!
Here are some helpful yogic tools for February in helping cultivate the energy of LESS IS MORE:
ChantOM. Keeping to simplicity, the mantra OM is the primordial vibrational sound that created all that exists or has ever existed in the universe. OM is all. Why not chant the simple mantra OM daily?
Meditation: Silence is a perfect meditation for this time of year. It is also the most challenging! So, start with several rounds of OM to help focus energy, and then focus on your normal breath. Try to keep your mind focused on this and coming back to this over and over, while still allowing for other thoughts to emerge. Start with 3-5 minutes, and give yourself permission to sit in a chair or lay down (just as long as you don't fall asleep).
Breath: Natural Breath. That's right. Your natural breath is beautiful. Sit or lay down comfortably and follow the ebb and flow of the inhalation and exhalation. Notice also any pause in's as simple as that. 

Postures: Gentle and Restorative yoga postures can be hugely beneficial for this time of year. Doing less does not mean that you are not attending to your health and well being. Giving yourself time to rest and restore in a yoga practice can be everything! Check out our gentle classes on the regular schedule and the Restorative class this month below.

Alter: Your alter for February can be simple too. Since Imbolc is around February 2nd, use items appropriate for this time of year. A white cloth and candle at the center and an offering of water or milk can be added. Since there are no fresh flowers in February, you can put some dried-out herbs leftover from your garden on the alter, or some grains in an offering bowl. Remember that your alter is where you attend to your daily intentions, prayers and meditations, so always keep this area clean, and remove items from the past month.

Here's how you can join us in February at One Yoga Center to support our theme of LESS IS MORE:

Meditation (moving within, relaxing the mind & restoring the body)
1. Monday Meditations with Tracey at 11 am. $5 if attending 9:30 am class or $10 drop-in
2. Kundalini Meditation with Nirmal Nam Kaur Thursday Feb. 85pm $10
3. Crystal Bowl Meditation with Shalini Sunday Feb. 11, 11:30 am $25

Restorative Yoga w/Essential Oils, Sunday Feb. 18th 1 pm with Barbara
There's no better gift than the gift of self care. On Sunday Feb 18 join Barbara as she guides you through a restorative practice to soothe your body, calm your mind and  recharge your spirit. Through a series of supported poses you will nurture your nervous system leaving you feeling more balanced, relaxed, and refreshed. Barbara will also infuse the class with special essential oils for an added relaxation affect! Investment $40.
Yoga Regular Classes (creating balance for body, mind & soul)
Yoga has a way of creating balance where you need it. At One Yoga Center we try to work with the natural energy for the time of day and year in our regular classes. So, stop in and see any of our amazing teachers as we facilitate classes for all levels.
We hope you will take some time to join us in these amazing offerings! 

In Love, Service & Wisdom, Tracey and the One Yoga Center Teachers.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Special Message from Tracey for February 

February is a short little month packed with a lot of punch. Valentine's Day aside, this month is full of holidays and special events, but is still mostly dark, damp and cold. Why do people get sick? Because we over do it in February. We still need to rest and take it easy, guys. I am reminding myself here too, because as we all know by now, I need it. This is why I felt it important to introduce the theme of LESS IS MORE for this month. 

When I first began holistic massage school the idea of less is more was introduced to me. In holistic philosophy, this is an imperative theme. I often think of how people begin new projects and new year intentions with overloaded energy, and then peter out fairly quickly. The idea is that by introducing things slowly and mindfully, the body, mind and spirit can integrate it gently into the entire being for longer and better affects. I have definitely found this to be true for me and in my life. And I have found profound benefits from using the approach of less is more even in my yoga practice. 

For instance, you know that place we call your "edge" in a posture? That point where you go to and maybe there is some shaking or notification from your body that you can, in no way, continue any farther? Well, I teach to find that spot, and pull away from it just slightly. Find the place where you can breathe into the pose in comfort and ease, as all yoga masters teach. You will find that if you stay and breath here that you will gradually increase your edge. If you push it, however, you will often find pain and even injury as a result. Thus, less is more.

The entire yoga practice teaches this concept. Simplicity, refinement and mindfulness are all taught in yoga. There are no sutras that mention purchasing the newest yoga mats each year for better performance or owning 47 pairs of leggings (oops)...and yet...

Last month I began a process of going through many levels of things and determining that it was time to purge and release in a bigger way. This epiphany came after a realization that I simply had too much "stuff." This stuff - these things - are not only possessions, but behavior patterns as well as excess weight and inflammation in my body. If everything is energy, then every little thing that you hold on to, attaches and creates issues. These accumulated attachments therefore create chronic pains and problems that continue to manifest into more energy and it can seem endless. I realized the only way to truly begin to heal all of the layers of "stuff" is to begin to let it go. And then in the end, less is more.

I came across this powerful manifesto that I invite you to invoke with me for February:
In Love & Light,
Tracey L. Ulshafer, Founder, One Yoga & Wellness Center LLC, Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher 500 hours (E-RYT500), RYS, CMT, Energy Worker, 11:11True One.

Friday, January 19, 2018

The Power of Being Authentic & Embracing Yourself

I've been pondering the nature of being authentic and embracing my true nature a lot lately. We live in a world today where every minute detail of our lives are played out on social media in front of everyone we know and often judged and misinterpreted. So we may learn to play certain aspects of our lives up...and other ones deemed negative or inappropriate by others, down.

Can you relate? I can.

A few years ago I entered one of my self published books into a writing competition. One of the professional criticisms that I received back was that I write very straight-forward, something that he often sees from people who live in New Jersey. I grew up with the impression that this was actually a good thing. Suddenly this very successful publisher was telling me the opposite.

When I am criticized - by anyone - I always take a step back and assess it. I think about what the person is saying and if there is validity to it. I really try to go deep and figure out if there is some way I can learn and grow from what is being said or if the comments are just this other person's "stuff." I dove deeply into this for a long time and in the process, I lost myself. I admit it. I have been holding back - a lot. This holding back, unintentionally or not, created a pattern of me holding on to excess weight and pain in my body. One part of me knew this, but another part of me was still questioning how much I should be who I authentically was and how much I should shut it off so that I was more appealing to others who had criticized me - the least of which was this publisher.

Over the years people have come to me to tell me what other people have said about me. Sometimes these are from people who I know have a personal vendetta against me due to their own jealousies and other "stuff." yet I always listened to the feedback. At first I didn't think that this was affecting me. But in hindsight, I can see how the collected data has. I started to hold back my energy, my light - my power. I started to listen to other people more, in general. And I started critiquing myself based on what other people had to say about how a good yoga teacher should be or should not be too. I started to believe the judgements. And in this process, I stopped being me.

A little tip: you are never going to please all the people all of the time. Someone said that. I have to google it. Point is, you cannot please everyone and - not every one is right either.

About a week ago I moved the yoga studio around. I actually put it the way I wanted to set it up two years ago. These other people's voices that got into my head and had me misjudging myself and my intuition really messed with me. I stopped listening to my gut and started trying to do things I thought other people would like. When I finally course corrected the studio, I felt like my old self. I can only explain it to say that I felt lighter and better than I have in at least the last two years. Moving the studio from East Windsor to Hightstown was a good idea, I knew that. But, I have been complaining how challenging the work has been in reinventing myself. Why? Why did I get the feeling I had to reinvent myself? The question was, what was wrong with me to begin with? Not one of my favorite movies, but there is a line in Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts says, "people put you down enough, you start to believe it." Powerful stuff...

I don't know where I get the strength sometimes to pull myself out of things, but I can say that I was raised by a very strong woman and two very strong Grandmothers so I believe that they rubbed off on me in just the right way. I am thankful for all the supportive people that I do have in my life, but at the end of the day, I know that it is only me who can get myself up and going again. I had to pull myself out of whatever self-loathing habit that I had gotten into when I allowed myself to listen to other people's critiques of me. And I had to find myself again. I believe that I have. And I am feeling great.

I will still continue to be mindful of my thoughts and actions. I will speak with truth and integrity, but not when to do so might hurt another person. I will be a better me than I was before because of this. But hey, I'm a Jersey girl. So, really, if you don't like it, head out...turn the page...stop listening. But when you need an honest person to have your back, you'll look for someone like me, won't you?

So, that's me. I'm back, baby...and ready or not, here I come!

In Love...

- T

Monday, January 1, 2018

January's Theme: COMPASSION

January 2018's Theme: 

COMPASSION is one of the highest vibrational qualities that a person can possess. To be compassionate, we must be able to be there for another with a full and open heart as well as for ourself. To be compassionate there is no judgement. To be compassionate there is no end game or interest in receiving anything back. To be compassionate, you just need to be loving and willing.

Creator of the Indigo Angel cards, Doreen Virtue says, "The answer to your question involves treating those around you in the same way you wish to be treated. This card reminds you that how you act affects everything and everyone in your life. This is a time to show the higher part of yourself. To move forward, you must exude higher energy, because what you give out is what you receive. So check in with yourself and take inventory to ensure that you are treating others with fairness and compassion." 

In our haste to get on with the day, we can sometimes cut off our loved ones. We can be consumed by work, social media, or issues that we may be having in our own life and not allow ourselves to connect in a true way with those around us. We can also be very judgmental. Ask yourself if you snap to an opinion about something or someone without really knowing them or understanding the entirety of the issue? There is a quote, "Don't judge a man until you've walked a mile in his shoes." How else can we know, really? It has been said that everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. So let's assume that anyone who cuts you off, talks over you, or is rude or ignorant, is having a problem and needs a little love and compassion sent their way. It may not always be easy, but in the end it will be carry you to higher places than you can imagine. 

Through cultivation of friendliness, compassion, joy and indifference to pleasure and pain, virtue and vice respectively, the conciseness becomes favorably disposed, serene and benevolent. - Patanjali's Yoga Sutra 1.33

For the month of January, consider how you can construct a life filled with compassion. Here are some helpful yogic tools:

OM MANI PADME HUM. This Tibetan chant is associated with the bodhisattva of compassion. It translates roughly to "the jewel in the lotus flower." 

Mudra: Lotus. Bring your hands in front of your heart and touch the base of the palms together, thumbs touching and pinkie fingers touching. Soften the fingers and allow them to fold open like lotus petals. 

Postures: Those that open your heart-center like yoga mudra, Hare, Eagle-arms, Cow-Face, Camel, Bow, and even the Warrior II series where the arms are reaching out.

Alter: Add a statue or picture of the goddess Kuan Yin or Mother Mary, both of whom help invoke energy of compassion for all beings to your alter this month. Make offerings of fresh roses flowers or rose scented incense or oils.


If you want to explore some of these helpful tools for opening to compassion in a particular class this month, just let us know!

In Love, Service & Wisdom, Tracey and the One Yoga Center Teachers!

* * * * * * *

Special Message from Tracey for January 2018

Its 2018 and another opportunity to begin anew. January always feels like an energetic, hopeful month for me. I usually take some time to evaluate my past year prior to the Winter Solstice so that I am clear what I am bringing in with the new year. 

There were many good things that came with 2017. I love to travel and had the opportunity to co-lead a yoga retreat to Bali, Indonesia in March. In April I took a bucket-list trip to to one of the most remote and misunderstood places on the planet: Easter Island. I was blessed to travel with one of my very closest friends and we couldn't have had a better, more magical, spiritual trip. And then in October I also hit another bucket travel list: I stepped onto the continent of Africa when I took a trip for myself to Morocco! Personally, I was able to spend more time with family and some friends that I hadn't seen in a while as I found myself drawn to reconnecting with many people in my life. And professionally I was blessed to be able to finally work with some of my favorite people on this planet: the athletes of Special Olympics NJ. I am donating my time to working with these athletes and their caregivers in a unified program with SONJ and have been asked to develop a larger program for them too. I am finishing up a new book that has a yogic bend to it and cannot wait to publish it this year. And let's not forget my work with Gwen R. and Yoga4Sobriety, where I get to share my knowledge of yoga for those in and for teachers and therapists who are helping those in ongoing recovery. Wow! Looking back, I am overwhelmed by the amount of positive energy and abundance that I had in my life for 2017!

Of course, where there is light, there is also dark. 2017 started off a little rough for me with my accident. I learned that a head trauma is no joke. And this issue hung around with me throughout the year, providing me with humbling opportunities in which to learn the value of slowing down, simplicity and what is truly important in life. I also had a few other health scares - the least of which is not my latest bought of salmonella poisoning that my body worked through without any medications. Health in 2017 was certainly not the best. But, I look at this all as a sort of cleansing and purification process preparing for 2018.

The biggest challenges for me this past year came from a spiritual conundrum of sorts. As a small business owner, I work a lot of hours that people do not see on the computer, with billing and marketing, answering phone calls, emails and texts from students and more. Taking time off for my health, having a slow summer at the yoga studio and having to cancel events ushered in an anxiety that I never had before. When revenue slows down, I have to figure out new ways to generate income...and this usually means working more. But the universe put things in place to slow me down and put me out of commission. I often found my ego and spirit in an intense game of tug-of-war! I love what I do and I do what I love. So I'm still figuring out how to balance it all: to nurture myself and take care of my health while still owning thriving businesses that help change lives for the better.

There are no surprises in life. January's card is COMPASSION. I find that I have so much compassion for others and helping people find their purpose and work through their journey, but I have little compassion for myself or taking time to work through my own things. This energy goes deep for me - this is past life stuff, karmic stuff, and archetypal stuff. These are some of my deep-seeded spiritual issues, and it is, of course, with perfect timing that the universe has me working through it now.

Ah, but there is hope! 2018 has sprung and a new year has begun. Hard work does pay off. But I have a feeling that what the future holds is not always going to be "business as usual." And this is goes for many of us. I find some key words for me for 2018 are mentoring and ministering. I still plan on teaching yoga and offering trainings and workshops at One Yoga Center - as long as you show up for them! So if you have been "meaning to" get back to your practice - now is the time! 

I'll end by offering you some questions in which to ponder for this year:
What energy does your spirit want for you for 2018? An how can you bring more compassion into your life? 

With Love & Compassion,
Tracey L. Ulshafer, Founder, One Yoga & Wellness Center LLC, Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher 500 hours (E-RYT500), RYS, CMT, Energy Worker, 11:11 True One.

PS If you want to learn some "key words" for yourself for 2018, schedule an 11:11 card reading with me today! It's a great way to start the year with perfectly clear intentions.

Friday, December 1, 2017

December's Theme: MANIFEST

December's 2017 Theme: 

The art of MANIFESTING is not, in theory, that difficult. It first requires one to be in alignment (body, mind & soul) with his or her dharma, or truth. Then, to properly MANIFEST, one needs to believe and then to align all thoughts, words, and actions to the "goal." See, that's it!

So why do we have such difficulty manifesting our dreams?

One reason is that human beings tend to dwell on what is not working in their life or what is wrong, in stead of their full potential. Another is that there tends to be a lot of thinking...and a lot less action in the direction of the goal. And then there is the fact that many people do not really understand just what it means to MANIFEST. 

Creator of the Indigo Angel cards, Doreen Virtue says, "The act of MANIFESTATION is more than just dreaming about what you desire in life - it's deciding that your dreams have already come to fruition on the spirit level and trusting that with Divine timing they will appear in material form. This card asks you to be aware of how much your energy affects the reality around you and to realize the importance of believing in yourself. When you're using your natural manifestation power, you feel complete and trust and know that every new day is preparing you for the next chapter of your life." 

Divine Timing...hmm...that's an interesting factor too! Yes, sometimes we need to hold the faith, keep up the work, and just hang in there until the time is right for it to all come to be. Are you patient enough?

We realize that it is difficult understanding just how to MANIFEST your dreams. Sometimes having guidance and tools are the first steps in successfully MANIFESTING. So, here you have it - some MANIFESTING EVENTS here at ONE YOGA!

VISION BOARDING - Sunday, Dec. 3rd, 11 am - 12:30 pm. Join Tracey for a Vision Boarding event for 2018. Manifest the year you desire by creating a Vision Board that you can look at and create a daily ritual around. Tracey will guide you through a grounding meditation and visualization. Then we will cut & paste particular things onto our board, creating a visual piece of art as well as a perfect manifesting tool! Investment $35 (includes board, glue stick & some cut outs as well as the guidance). Please bring magazines or cutouts and scissors.

6th CHAKRA IMMERSION - Sunday Dec. 3rd, 11 am - 5:30 pm.
Yes, that's right...same day! The Vision Boarding is a part of this full day Immersion to the 6th Chakra, the center responsible for visualizing and seeing the truth. Perhaps yours is blocked! Maybe you cannot clearly see the patterns in your life that are creating continual problems for you and prohibiting your ability to create and manifest your dreams! If this speaks to you, stay with us the whole day for $75 and Tracey will lead you through many things to help you manifest!

We begin with a ritual cleansing and creating of sacred space. Then, Tracey will guide you through a Shamanic meditation to discover your current Power Animal, a totem that can help you navigate your current life situations with strength, hope and grace.
Wear comfortable clothing, bring a journal, and get ready for special Sacred Journey right at home! Investment: $30.

108 PRANAMS - Sunday Dec. 18th, 11:15 am - 12:30 pm
Pranams are similar to Sun Salutations, but considered "bowing." This incredibly spiritual practice will help you to clear out the spiritual clutter within and open up to that ability to understand the importance of divine timing and the universe's role in our life's unfolding. Investment: $30.

We hope that you will join us for some of this incredible offerings to help you MANIFEST the life you are meant to live!
In Love, Service & Wisdom, One Yoga Center Teachers!

* * * * * * * * * * *

Special Message from Tracey for December

The holidays are fast approaching whether we like it or not. And while many people are busy running around buying gifts and preparing for the festivities, this time of year I always step back and assess the past year, and begin planning for the coming one. I got a jump on things and created a new vision board for myself about a month ago because I knew that I needed to refocus my manifesting energies. But to me, that is what this time of year is really all about: manifesting. So when I was shuffling the cards and this one fell out of the deck (as the one card I pick tends to do frequently), I was not surprised.

I realized that I do a lot of manifesting. But I also recently realized how unfocused and kind of scattered my energy has been. This has created a little blip in my manifesting. I could blame this lack of focus on my concussion and many other things, but when I get right down to it, this past year (2017) has been largely about me learning how to slow down, get focused, and realign with what I am truly meant to be doing...and in the process, stop spreading myself so thin and trying to do too much.

I remember when I first graduated massage school, in what feels like a whole other lifetime ago, and I began learning about different techniques, holistic healing tools, and other interesting things. I wanted to do it all and learn it all. I started doing that, but soon realized that I had to focus on something and master that - instead of being that jack of all trades, but master of none. So, I focused on yoga for the majority of the past 17 years. I've amassed thousands of hours of teaching my own regular classes, not to mention thousands of more hours training people to teach yoga. Don't even get me started on my own hours on the mat...countless by now. I am in no way saying that I know everything that there is about yoga, but I know a lot. And I've seen a lot. Now, yoga is such a part of who I am that you can barely imagine who I am without the practice. This is something that I am very proud of and yet, quite humbled by. My hope is to continue to teach others for many more thousands of hours. And although you might think that this should be easy, it is something that I still have to work on manifesting - all the time. The popularity of yoga has changed this saturated market, and although I have been in business for a really long time, and have a lot to share, the options for people with yoga are so vast now. So, I continue to manifest for the studio and for myself this year, just as every year before. I am also just finishing up writing a book with a yoga theme that I am quite excited to share with you all in the beginning of 2018. I want to work on manifesting a lot with that! In addition, there is my newest venture of yoga retreats with a spiritual bend: Sacred Journeys. The inaugural trip to Greece is still booking for June 2018 and I am also currently working on dates for Peru & Thailand in 2019.

As you can see, I have a lot to manifest! And, I want to help you manifest too. I have several events listed above to help you with just that. But, I am also available to help you find your focus, dharma, and purpose one-on-one. If you would like to schedule a personal spiritual counseling with me or with using the 11:11 cards, contact me. These are incredible transformational cards that can help you realign with your true self and clear the energetic clutter in your life. I love using them myself and know that you will love them too! Email me at to or call (609) 918-0963 to schedule today.

Let's create the 2018 that speaks to our soul and makes our spirit sour!

In Love & Light.
Tracey L. Ulshafer, Founder, One Yoga & Wellness Center LLC, Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher 500 hours (E-RYT500), RYS, CMT, Energy Worker, 11:11True One.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

November's Theme:

November 2017 Theme: 

Often times when we are in the midst of something and are too close to the subject, we cannot see the truth clearly. Without proper insight, we might make a rash or impulsive decision that is not best for us, personally, or the good of all. This month's Indigo Angel card prompts us to "Think About It" a little more.

Virtue says, "step back from your current path or thought process and review the situation you're asking about. There's an unseen aspect, and the angels guide you to slow down so you can move forward with the whole picture in sight. This card can also be cautionary, if you were about to make a radical change impulsively. While it may still be the best path, this card asks you to look into the alternatives first."

Haven't you ever noticed that there are times when you are plugging away at something and it just isn't flowing? When you take a moment to move away from it, and come back refreshed, you can think more clearly and often find the best options - which can often be ways that we were not using at all in the first place. 

If there is something that you are needing to think more about, try this: 

Come into a comfortable position with your spine straight. Close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths into your belly, expanding it with each inhalation. Once you feel relaxed and centered, invoke Archangel Raziel, who's name means "the Secrets of God." It is said that Raziel sits so close to God that he hears and writes down everything that God says, and so, has universal wisdom. 

Repeat, "Dear Archangel Raziel, help guide me in my spiritual understanding and to a place of knowingness and wisdom," three times. Continue breathing deeply while focusing on what you need to think about. Be highly aware of any images, thoughts, ideas or words that come to you during this time.

This may not be an immediate or quick fix. You can use this meditation daily if you are working through a big life question. But one thing is for sure, once you know, you know.

* * * * * * * 

Special Message from Tracey for November

How you doin? I just wanted to say that. I'm feeling humorous! It has nothing to do with anything else I am going to least I don't think so!

THINK ABOUT IT! This is not something the Universe needs to tell a Gemini. If anything, we need to hear the opposite because our wheels are always spinning! But, alas, there it is. So, I thought about it! And yes, sometimes in my earnest to do the right and best thing, I often miss it completely. How does this happen? Usually because I am in my head and not in my center. This is an ongoing issue of mine. I constantly work through it. I am wired to think and do and create spontaneously. It is a complete challenge to slow down, be and know. 

After my test to slowing down the earlier part of this year, I felt myself recently going Mach 5 again. Yes, skip Mach 1, I went right to 5. I needed to get away and clear my head and do something off the charts different. So...I went to Morocco. I did not tell many people what I was doing because, frankly, I didn't want to. I needed to just do it for me. I needed it for many reasons. The pluses of going: I got to step onto another continent: Africa! I rode a camel on the beach at sunset. I met some amazing people from all over and made friendships and connections that I believe I will always have. And then, there was clarity. I went with no real expectations. I returned enlightened about a bunch of stuff and re-aligned with my true self again, something that sometimes takes us getting away and seeing things from a different perspective to get back in our groove.  

So, now that I am refreshed, how can I help you? How can I be of service to you? As your yoga teacher and travel guide of Sacred Journeys, how can I help you to reach your own truth? I don't have to think about it anymore. This is it. It's all about being there for others, helping to guide and lift each other up so that you too can find your path to your true self. So, seriously, think about it this month. How can I be of service to you? Contact me for private mentoring or spiritual guidance at or 609-918-0963

In Love & Light.
Tracey L. Ulshafer, Founder, One Yoga & Wellness Center LLC, E-RYT500, RYS, CMT, Energy Worker, 11:11 True One.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Marrakech Migraine

I went to Morocco with no expectations other than to do something different and get away, to clear my head, and to put things into perspective again. I decided that I would be a big shot, drive myself to JFK, park long term parking, travel alone, and return in the same manner. I would not be alone while in Morocco, but I was going on an adventure to Africa!

* * *

A staff member whipped a garbage bag open and it sounded like dynamite going off in my head. My teary eyes squinted to see what was happening, but the lights were too intense and I quickly pulled my hood over my head and face again. I took a deep breath. There were too many voices for my brain to interpret. Each person that spoke sounded like they were doing so through a bullhorn. My husband, checking his phone for football scores, clicks on a video of a sportscaster and I jump up, grab my head and move to another seat. There is laughing, sobbing, registration clerks typing and asking for information, family members squabbling over what to do, a security officer telling someone to step further back, and then there is the door...the door slamming over and over again as another nurse walks into a back room after screaming out a patient's name.

* * *

I am back in Marrakech, Morocco. We are at a lively dinner show. As the tajine arrives, belly dancers begin to roam the room, followed by snake charmer's flutes and drumming. Our group laughs and talks amongst ourselves - there are 10 of us at dinner and the conversations go from what we ordered for dinner to what is happening around us. A woman with a stacked candle display on her head danced by. The trumpeters begin their music. My head begins to throb, and I turn to a fellow traveler, a neurologist. She advises me to take advil and stave off any headaches. I do so, which means no wine for me for dinner...tonight. I snap some pictures in the restaurant and try to listen across the table to some of the conversations there. My friends yell to me as the bellydancer climbs on the table. We all clap and yell loudly, provoking her to dance more wildly for her dollars. And then the hookah is ordered and slowly passed around the table. More laughing, more dancing, more loud instruments, and yes, more food.

Because in Marrakech, it just keeps coming!

* * *

I am taken to the room with the loud slamming door for bloodwork and urine sample. It is a little quieter back here, but she cannot find my vein. She tries three times and finally gets it. I nearly pass out when I stand up to walk back to the noisy waiting room. My head is still throbbing and I haven't eaten much in two days since arriving home from Morocco. I drove myself home from JFK after a long flight with heavy turbulence. I'd been taking advil for every subsequent day since the infamous restaurant dinner. The next day we traveled to the Atlas mountains and climbed up to nearly 3000 km. I had a difficult time with the altitude and stayed back at the restaurant on the hilltop while some others hiked further. I was feeling off and not myself. I was tired, possibly dehydrated, and the late nights in Morocco were a challenge for my current schedule. Let's face it, I live a more zen lifestyle, I go to bed early, and I don't do loud noises and crazy energy.

Haha, Marrakech is laughing at me!

Driving home from JFK was rough. I hit rush hour traffic in Brooklyn. And finally when I got 2 miles from my exit (over two hours of driving later), I found myself in stand still traffic due to roadwork. It took me another half hour to drive those final two miles, get off my exit and head home. When I got home, I crashed. I hadn't eaten more than some bread and yogurt on the flight. It had been hot and Royal Air Maroc was stingy with the water and beverages. Did I mention the turbulence? It was pretty bad. Our pilot finally went of course to go around it, but I was invoking Archangels Michael and Raphael to wrap white light of protection around our plane...while trying to ignore it by watching a movie.

After sleeping in the next day, I could hardly move. Forget my head pounding, I had a full blown migraine. Unfortunately, I knew these well due to my concussion last December, but hadn't experienced one symptom since April. I thought I was out of the woods, but Marrakech had other ideas.

As I write this, it is 5 days since I arrived home and I am still not well. Today I haven't taken any advil for the first time, and I have a slight head throb. But my gut still isn't right. I'm not sure what exactly happened because we left the hospital after 5 hours of not being cared for. I'd never experienced such neglect and lack of care in an emergency room before. But I couldn't take the noise one more minute, and since we hadn't even seen a doctor on the floor in the entire time we had been waiting in the back room, I could hardly wait any longer for one to show up and decide that I could have something. I told the little girl who was supposed to be caring for me that I could go home and at least take advil. Her response, "you don't have to check out, you are free to go any time."

Bye bye. Home it was.

I stopped at CVS and got myself coconut water and electrolytes. The one thing I found out in the ER was that I was NOT dehydrated. But, maybe I needed electrolytes. Maybe it would help. My head was feeling better, and I went home to rest, and slept until 11 am the next morning. I was feeling better, but not great. My detective archetype believes that the migraine was triggered in Marrakech due to several things, exasperated by the turbulent, hot flight home and stressful drive...oh, and most likely a travelers bug in there too.

* * *

I went to Morocco with no expectations.
I landed in the continent of Africa.
I rode a camel on the beach.
I met some fabulous people.
I ate wonderful, heavy food.
I stayed out late...
                          danced a tad...
                                              drank a little...
and I shopped and haggled in the famous souks.

Oh, I may have pissed off some snake charmers.

Morocco is no joke.
I came home with an experience of a lifetime, some clarity, a travel bug and a migraine...

...a Marrakech Migraine!
Yea, they aren't happy...

Sunday, October 1, 2017

October's Theme: TIME TO CREATE!

OCTOBER 2017 Theme: 

Is there a creative project that you have been too busy to get to? Do you have a burning desire to share something with the world? Autumn is a perfect time to get working on just that, because the energy of the sun is waning, and we are slowly moving towards the dark winter period of moving inward. Fall Festivals aside, this time of year is perfect for moving forward with creative projects that have either been brewing in your mind, that were put on the back-burner and partly completed, or that you have been busy working on. Why? Well, simply. the last of the crops are being harvested, and we are reaping what we have sowed. Some plants will continue to grow for the next couple of months until the weather turns too cold, so yes, let's not waste time...let's get to creating and work with the natural energies around us!

A few months ago, Tracey offered a 4-week series called "Unlocking and Awakening your Creative Potential." The attendees all were able to move energy and begin creating or finishing projects. If you missed this series, but would like to take part in another one, email us at, and let us know. 

If you would like to take part in a Holiday Crafters Fair/Expo at One Yoga Center,we are looking to book people for Sunday December 10th, to give our community great ideas for holiday gifts! We want our community to be a part of creating this amazing Fair/Expo, so please write to us at with what your craft/medium is and what you would like to contribute! As you know, there is limited space at the studio, but we want everyone to be involved with sharing their creative expression with the greater community - whether it is for sale or just to get yourself out there into the world!

So, get to creating this October! The energy is in the air. And we will provide inspiration for you on the mat during all of your regular yoga classes this month.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Special Message from Tracey for October

"Time to Create" is especially meaningful to me, as a writer. After I pulled this card from the Indigo Angel deck, I went to the Life Purpose deck and pulled "Author." It says, "We all have a book inside that wishes to be expressed. Make the time to write." Well, lucky me, I have been writing all summer. In fact, my book is just finishing the second edit from an editor, and then I will put the finishing touches on it before going to print. It is a very exciting time!

This book I am more excited about than the others that I have written because I feel that it will have a broad appeal and it is yoga-related. Many years ago, a good friend of mine told me I should be writing what I know. Well, Dave, I am finally getting to it! I am not only working on the inside of the book, but I am also working on the design cover myself, and, with positive vibes behind me, it will be ready for purchase just around the holidays. So, fingers crossed! Seriously, everyone, please cross your fingers and send out an intention with me! 

Once the book is "out there," I hope to run more creative workshops and take it on the road to other locations as well as in One Yoga Center, my favorite and very special home base. But, I have big hopes for this book, and I am doing what I can to get the Universe behind me. And, I have two other books and a co-authoring book in the works as well. So, yes, Author certainly fits for me. Now, what about you?

What have you dreamt of creating? What do you have a desire to learn or create? Music? Art? A poem or novel? Knitting? A new business line? Let the magic of autumn nights inspire you to bring forth what is already inside you waiting to come out. 

In Love, Service & Wisdom.
Tracey L. Ulshafer, Founder, One Yoga & Wellness Center LLC, E-RYT500, RYS, CMT, Energy Worker, 11:11 True One.