Monday, October 1, 2018

October Theme: Energy Flows Where Attention Goes!

Energy Goes Where Attention Flows
Everything is energy. Thoughts, actions, words - EVERYTHING - is tied together. If you focus on loss, lack and fear - you get more of that. When you focus on abundance, thriving and love - you receive that.

What do your daily thoughts consist of?

What energy do you start your day with?

What is it time to let go of?

Let's focus on generating a positive flow in a direction that you desire by bringing all of your thoughts, words and actions into harmony with your highest self! Come up with a mantra to serve this highest good and repeat it daily. Wear a personal mala bracelet or necklace to remind you of the mantra throughout the day and when you catch yourself in self-doubt or negative patterns, bring yourself mindfully back to your new mantra and energize your attention to the positive! Try this for your mantra:

"I am love. I am in perfect alignment with the Universe. I AM"
or -

Align your energy and flow, flow, flow...AHO!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Special Message from Tracey for October...
Truth me told, I had about 3 different themes ready to go for October. All of them good ones, but ultimately when "Energy Goes Where Attention Flows" hit me, I said, "YES!" That's it! Perhaps it is a little bit of a self-serving theme for the month, since my own energy is a little bit all over the place these days. Between marketing my book, "The Accidental Yogini," working to create new workshops and programs for the studio as well as run the day-to-day operations, and securing fabulous retreat destinations, my energy is flowing just about everywhere, yet lacking some focus. I realized that in my mind that I had been considering these three different businesses, when in reality, they all integrate very well together into the same one. Why hadn't I seen that? 

So the past month or so has been about integrating and focusing my attention to my one business: ONE YOGA. "The Accidental Yogini" is our story - the collective story of all of my students over the years and myself as well. We are all the accidental yogi or yogini, aren't we? My retreat business is not its own entity either - it is a branch of the studio where I can take what I teach on the road to visit other places, give back, and help students see and explore the world as ONE. 

When I began 2018 I made a beautiful vision board. A huge tree with various branches is in the middle and each branch holds another avenue of something I was focusing on this year. I loved it. Now I see that I was focusing on the branches being separate and not a part of the whole. I've decided to use a different image for 2019 and I will be sharing that with you soon. 

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes...ah, this is so tricky. Even when we think that we are focusing our energy on something positive, we can still fine-tune that and direct it just a little bit more. I remember a great example of this when considering positive intentions. Let's say that you want to lose weight. Well, if you say, "I will lose weight!", which sounds positive enough, the Universe actually only hears you talking about weight. The real intention is "I am healthy" or something to that affect. Focus the attention on very specific energy to achieve the results you desire. This goes from your thoughts to your words to your actions - they are all one too. 

For October I hope that you will consider this theme and how it impacts your life. And if you need help, please contact me for a private mentor consultation! 
In Love & Light,

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Reviewing Six Months of Book Marketing

The past six months have been nothing but a lot of hard work and effort. I am not complaining because I wouldn't have done it any other way. But, I managed to somehow accomplish the work of several people by taking on promoting my new novel, The Accidental Yogini, in addition to running my full-time business. As I look back on the past six months, I am proud of what I have accomplished and so grateful for the tireless support of my friends, family and students. Let me tell you more about it...

My marketing plan began with promoting to the people I know in March. By April I had applied to several writing competitions and booked tons of  promotional events. May through September I put myself everyone - yoga studios, festivals and other book singing events - all in an effort to get myself out as a professional writer. The culmination of all of this hard work would be two major festival: Lovelight Yoga & Arts in Maryland and the Autumn Goddess Festival in Valley Forge. I remember thinking that September was going to be a very big month for me. I just knew it - that my book was going to get out there to hundreds of people and that it would be a big success.

Well, the huge event, Lovelight Festival in Maryland, was a ton of work and quite a bit of money and resources for me to spend. The event was okay. I met some fantastic people, but the weekend was wrought with some challenges - namely that headliner Krisha Das had come down with strep throat and would not be there the main evening, and then the cold and the rain moved in. Tons of people left early and the venue did not provide what it had anticipated. At the end of the weekend my back was shot from standing all weekend on my feet trying to sell my books - I sold two in three days...and a couple of T-Shirts.

I drove home from Maryland feeling a little defeated. I had poured so much of myself into that event to come out feeling crappy both physically and mentally. I had focused so much on selling my 50 books that they told me to bring, I kind of missed some of the great things that happened. Well, I didn't miss them, but I certainly was not focusing on them.

Some time mid-week I realized that I needed to shift my focus to what had gone well and what had been good at Lovelight. Two of my best friends had drove all the way down to come to my class and support me and hang out. Lots of people stopped to congratulate me on the book - several who said they had even heard of it but didn't know from where. The community marketplace tent that I was put in randomly was outfitted by several other folks from New Jersey and we had a blast ringing the imaginary bell every time someone else said they were form the home state. We definitely bonded and had many laughs. I learned a lot about festivals, what people are looking for in their classes, and what to expect. I gained insight and wisdom and a whole lot of people saw my book - even if they didn't purchase it. Exposure is good. So, it was a good weekend.

This past Saturday I was to be at another festival in Valley Forge called the Autumn Goddess Festival. I knew that I couldn't go into it the same way that I had Lovelight. I decided to change my perspective to go with the flow. I dressed down in comfy jeans and my Dr. Martin's and didn't even prepare or review my class. I also had two students of mine who I'd become good friends with, help and support me. So I would also not be alone. I decided to go with less expectations and just enjoy the day...and I did.

The event was lovely. There were not as many people there as at Lovelight. But I got to talk to so many amazing people. Every single person was happy and nice. I greeted everyone with a smile and light-hearted banter, without often bringing up my book. It was sitting in front of me anyway, so if the conversation led to that, great. If not, I just said, "enjoy the rest of your day!" People went crazy about the T-shirts for the book. I sold more of them than books, but I also sold more books than at Lovelight...not a lot more, but more.

My class also felt effortless. I hadn't really planned. When I taught at Lovelight it was difficult. It felt forced and I felt the disconnect with the students. But at the Goddess Festival I felt like we were grooving all together and enjoying each moment.

In all, the three festivals that I spent time and effort doing this year to promote my book did not really sell that many copies. But, I got it out there. I got myself as an author out there. I talked to so many people and so many more at least saw me and the book. And I feel good about that.

Now, as the festivals end and I get ready to head back to my studio and normal schedule, I realize that   when I was forcing things and holding on so tightly to outcomes, that things just didn't gel as well. And when I loosened up and went with the flow and just enjoyed myself - it felt much better. Normally I live organically in a flow, but promoting myself as an author was so outside of my comfort zone that I kind of got lost and away from that part of myself.

The book came out March 1st. Tomorrow is October 1st. That is a full six months of hard-core book promoting. Most of the events at other yoga studios were canceled or little attended. The festivals didn't reap what I initially expected. And now I am done with all of the marketing that I planned at other locations. I'm exhausted, and I still have a ton of books to sell. But I sure did learn a lot!

I remember a mug I saw a long time ago that said, "Sometimes right back where you started from is exactly where you need to be."

I am no sure where all the promotions and hard work will take me. But tomorrow I go back to my studio and to my students and teach like I always have. Well, maybe not like I always have. Maybe more relaxed and, dare I say, "present" again! I'm sure that everyone will appreciate that. But I want to say that I am so grateful for everyone in my life that has supported this effort and me. I really know some amazing people in both my personal life and my professional world. My students are so amazing. I am not just saying that, either. I look forward to spending some time with them and at my studio in October, sharing yoga, healing and other mystical things.

And, as for the book, well, if anyone knows Oprah or Ellen or anyone in television, publishing or movies, please tell them about it! And if you have any ideas, I am all ears! I still have hope, but I am surrendering to the divine flow of the universal pulse of energy and riding that wave with trust.

Peace, love and light...

# of books sold on Amazon to date: 102
# of books sold personally (approximate): 40

Saturday, September 1, 2018

September 2018 Theme; Blessings!

September 2018's Theme: BLESSINGS!

"Count your blessings," "God bless you," "Bless your heart." There are many blessing phrases that we have heard our entire lives. We wondered how many take the time to consider what their blessings actually are...

According to the trusty old dictionary, the noun form of the word blessing means God's favor and protection. But what does it mean to you to be blessed? Have you thought about that in some time? And if you have, how have you expressed that feeling? And how does being blessed feel in your body?

Humans have a tendency to complain more than express appreciation. We tend to worry instead of trust that the Divine is, in fact, looking out for us. Most people feel that miracles are something that rarely happen instead of known that they are normal and fundamental daily occurrences. 

Even though things may go wrong, we can choose to look at the situation as a lesson. Learn what we need to, let go of pain and anger, and choose to view it as a blessing (we like to refer to them as "blessings in disguise" don't we?). 

Start your day with a blessing journal or jar and express what you are feeling grateful for and blessed for every day and make it your new habit! 

This month, we invite you to incorporate these methods into your life:
ChantOM AY HUM - Buddhist Mantra of Blessing

Postures: True some Warrior variations such as "Humbled Warrior," which you take from Warrior I or II, bring your hands around the back, and lower your head to the floor at the instep of your foot, then closing your eyes. Or, "Exalted Warrior," coming from Warrior II, bringing the back arm down to the thigh and front arm up above the head, gazing skyward.

Meditation/Breathing: Give the Breath of Joy a try. Tracey's Breath of Joy!

Alter: Find a gold cloth for your alter and place in the center a white candle and just behind that a statue or picture of Jesus Christ. Add any other items that represent some of the people, places or things that you feel blessed to have or have had in your life. Chant your mantra using mala beads to count the blessings in your life. 

In Love & Light, Tracey and the One Yoga Center Teachers.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Special Message from Tracey for September

Earlier this year I started a gratitude journal. Every morning I would sit down with my hot tea and write what I was grateful for. I enjoyed the process and it really got my energy channeling in a positive direction right at the beginning of the day. Then I got "busy" and put my journal in my office and off the kitchen counter and kind of forgot it. I'm embarrassed to share this because I truly feel that every day is a gift and a blessing. I'm now making a more concerted effort to bring my daily journaling back. 

That's the thing with blessings - when everything is going good we kind of forget to count them sometimes. A true spiritual practice is one that reflects this energy all the time. We can't just ask God for help when we need it. We have to put effort into expressing the gratitude too and recognizing how blessed we are - all the time. 

This got to me the other day after a fundraising dinner that I host at my house every August for a charity that is dear to my heart: Stu and the Kids. My friend, Stu, is a chef who left his pretty cushy job in Hollywood behind and moved to Thailand to not get paid to teach English to a wat (temple) that houses 650 orphaned and hill-tribe children. I have been to the wat a couple of times and it is truly heartbreaking to see how these kids live. Mind you, they are happy because they have a roof over their head and rice in their bellies. But it is touching and you realize just how blessed you are to have the comforts that we take for granted back home. Stu's organization helps these kids go to secondary school so that they can learn a valuable trade - something not many Thai children are afforded in the north. This year we raised about $2000 for Stu and the Kids, which he said is probably a quarter of a tuition for a kid. When I take my retreat to Thailand in January we will visit the wat and bring the kids a special lunch. 

So what got me was, I began to think about my "kids" here at home - my Special Olympics athletes that I get to work with and teach yoga to twice a month. There I was cleaning up from the fundraising dinner and I began thinking of my SONJ peeps. What a true blessing I have been given to be able to help so many people. It hadn't hit me how lucky I am to be able to continue to do this work. And I need to thank all of you reading this, because if you are a student of mine at One Yoga, then you coming in and taking classes is what allows me the advantage to help others. You probably are aware that our studio is helping you, but I want you to understand how you just coming in helps me help even more people and just how freakin' blessed that makes me feel! I may not be expressing myself so clearly, because when you truly feel it in your heart, sometimes all you can do is put your hand on the heart-center and smile in appreciation...I hope you can visualize me doing just that.

To learn more about Stu and the Kids, check out their website, and please feel free to donate if you feel inspired to do so. Or, to really see what it's all about, join me in Thailand this January on our Living in Joy retreat. We will be visiting the wat and bringing the kids a very special lunch and learning about the organization right from Stu!
StuandtheKids Website ( in case the link doesn't work).

In Love & Light.

Tracey L. Ulshafer, Founder, One Yoga & Wellness Center LLC, Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher 500 hours (E-RYT500), RYS, CMT, Energy Worker, 11:11 True One.

If you would like to meet for private yoga, spiritual counseling or mentoring, contact Tracey at (609) 918-0963 or

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Transforming Through the Dark Night

When one is on a spiritual path or journey it is not an easy walk. Immersing into the psychology and energies of spiritual traditions is meant to bring the seeker to a higher plane of existence. But first, he or she must go through what is often referred to as the "dark night of the soul" in order to reach it.

Three years ago this September I embarked on such a trip - albeit unknowingly, at first. My grandmother, to whom I was always very close with, had suddenly died, and I was heading to Peru and Bolivia on a Shamanic trip. I knew for some reason that I needed to cleanse and purge before I left. I'd spent the last twenty years amassing "things" and collecting energy and I felt heavy and a deep need inside of me to purge. I began with a box of journals, recordings of my life up to that point and picked up more old files, manuscripts and other documents. I brought them outside to a bonfire and as my husband tended to the sacred fire I burned them all - one at a time. This sacrificial burning was the beginning of a deep cleansing and recasting of energies.

I went on my trip as happy as always to board a plane and head off on another adventure. It was thrilling and I welcomed the magic and mystical journey ahead of me. A mere few days into the trip I had an experience that I will never forget and something that changed me forever. I wrote about this experience in detail in another blog so I will save the details for that. Let me just say that an energy transference occurred for me that day that literally threw me to the ground, unable to move or do anything. This very physical experience lasted long enough to be only mildly problematic for our group and eventually I was able to go about my day visiting sacred sites. But this was only the beginning for me. I had begun a process that I could not undo, and for the next three years I dove deeper into my own darkness than I ever had before.

John of the Cross wrote of this experience as la note oscura or dark night and thought of it as a spiritual purging and an illumination. I know how it started but I cannot say how it all continued to manifest until I was deep into a very difficult period where I questioned everything - including what I was doing and why. I went through hysterical moments of deep sorrow and absolute lack of faith. I cried almost daily and I wondered how I was ever going to move forward in life the way in which I was. I knew deep within me that something had to change, but I didn't understand what it was. The only thing I knew that I had to do was continue to purge.

I began going through my possessions - donating them to organizations and individuals. My friends were scared and didn't know what to do. I was not talking in my usual positive framework. In fact, the things that I usually enjoyed doing I could hardly handle any more and made myself scarce with family and friends. I went to work, but there was no joy in my work. I suffered endlessly wondering if I needed to close the yoga studio and go back to working for someone else or to recreate myself again, but as what?

Angels began speaking to me and I held them close as they felt like the only thing that was keeping me going. I wrote a fictional book about a transformational journey (The Accidental Yogini) and was able to connect to the deep well of negativity that the main character felt in the beginning of the book all too perfectly. But as she changed and transformed in the book, I almost despised my own character's ability to find purpose in her life, feeling that I had somehow missed mine.

To many this may seem like a bunch of "poor-Tracey, itty-poo-poo" crap. I understand. It kind of was. Every time I tried to explain my pit of despair it seemed to fall on deaf ears. Well, either that or nobody knew what to say to me since I was usually the voice of reason.

So I dug deeper and went through a period of unrest in my soul. Who was I? What do I believe in? Why was I doing what I was doing? Was I a good person or a bad one? Did I really resonate with what I taught? Was I missing the point of a spiritual life? Questions kept coming and I then threw myself into a daily gratitude and blessing journal to focus my energy on the wonderful things in my life. Some days I had to force myself to come up with something. Other days I could find a thing. Over time it became easier and felt less fraudulent too.

Somewhere along this journey of endless questioning I realized something very important: I had already figured all of these things out a really long time ago. I knew who I was and what I was doing. I just started listening to everyone else on the planet instead of myself! I teach people not to look outside of him or herself for validation, and yet, there I was doing just that. I was trying to be like other yoga studios, other mentors, other wives, other people - and I was totally miserable. I had spent so much time questioning and looking outside that I forgot to drop back inside to me.

As I write this blog today I feel that I have finally come full circle - three turns of the wheel of the year later. Well, I believe that all spiritual paths come in threes, so why not!? I feel more myself than I have in a very long time, actually. I feel refocused and realigned with a sense of humbleness and purpose in my being that I did not have before. I had to go through some very tough times in order to get here though. I had to leave some of me behind in the process, burning away the impurities of my ego. I am now ready to serve and help others again through the work that I do. And I feel that this time I will be able to tackle that with more wisdom, patience and understanding than before.

Some may not see me as very much different than before. I'm not particularly concerned with how people see me anymore. I try to be the best that I can in any moment and I strive to be a better person all the time. I'm constantly challenged and sometimes I realize I could have handled things better, but at least I am consciously trying. But the reason I write this blog is for anyone who is feeling that same despondency in their being. I understand and I want you to know that you are not alone. You are not the first person to go through the dark night, and you will not be the last. But you will be different one you pass through it. That is for sure.

In Love & Light.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Why We ALL Need Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is widely misunderstood as "doing nothing" by many students. This couldn't be further from the truth. For, in this practice you are actually "doing" more than you realize!
Tracey performing Reiki during a Restorative Yoga posture

Fort hose of you that do not know what Restorative Yoga is, basically yoga postures are performed using props. Bolsters, blocks, straps, blankets and more are brought and tucked under the body in various places (knees, belly, etc.) in order to hold the student, comfortably, in the posture. The ideas it to breathe deeply and allow your body to completely relax, and thusly, restore.

The challenge of this type of practices are many:

1. The mind clearly has a lot of room to move about when we are still. We have to focus deeply in order to bring the mind to the breath and the moment. It is a constant struggle, but we keep at it, watching and allowing thoughts, then letting them go.

2. We are tense people, so laying "comfortably" in postures is not easy! This is where we find our deep held tensions in the tissues. By breathing and focusing, we continue to release. At first, this can be quite uncomfortable. Thus the many props we keep sticking here or there in order to allow the body to release. Certain postures are going to be quite challenging to find that area in which to release into for deeper letting go. It can take sometimes up to five minutes to find that comfort zone. And then once you start breathing and releasing, you may find that you need to remove some props too!

3.  There is no comparison, judgements or competition allowed because you simply cannot do what your neighbor is doing in these asanas. Every body is different so the props and how they are used will change for each person. It forces us to go within, and to deal with the many inner workings of our own being.

Much research has been and continues to be done on the benefits of restorative yoga. Amongst the many benefits that have been concluded are:
Improvement in mood, depression, anxiety and sleep.

According to Breast Restorative yoga poses are especially beneficial during times of feeling depleted and fatigued – support offered by props relieves the musculoskeletal system and as the breath moves slowly and smoothly, the nervous system shifts to a quieter mode. Since props are mobile and adjustable, and poses themselves can be modified, restorative yoga is well-suited to accommodate those at risk for lymphedema. If you are recovering from surgery, restorative poses can provide gentle, passive stretching to help release muscles and reduce tissue adhesions.

The Spinal Research Foundation notes two benefits for back pain and chronic pain in general: Yoga helps to build postural stability by both strengthening and lengthening the muscles that support the spine. By developing strength and flexibility, you can put yourself in a better position to avoid back pain. The second benefit comes from the physical and mental relaxation practiced during restorative yoga. When you learn to calm your mind and relax your body, there is an almost immediate response from the nervous system and that promotes the body’s own healing and repair. Will it reverse all your chronic pain? Unfortunately it’s not magic, but your day to day discomfort may be significantly reduced.

And there are so many more studies and benefits of this particular practice.

Yogis who practice vinyasa or strong hatha based types of yoga, which are more yang or solar/masculine energies, can benefit from Restorative because it is the yin/feminine quality. Those who do not have a yoga practice or suffer from injury will find Restorative quite helpful in coming into the body and integrating it back to wholeness.

But everyone can benefit from this practice in today's world. We are all constantly plugged in. Whether it is addiction to your cell phones or being overworked or over scheduled, we are constantly "on" in some way in our lives. Few people take the time to unplug and go off into nature or relax and unwind on a daily basis, away from the constant stimuli of our world. Many people think of relaxation as sitting in front of the TV for a few hours at night. But, again, we are not giving our brain  that necessary reboot time.

No, everyone can benefit from a Restorative Yoga practice in these days where energy is accelerated and we seem to be cramming more and more into our days.

Give yourself the gift of RESTORING your body, mind and soul with a lovely, relaxing practice.

Join us for a one-hour Restorative with Reiki (energy work to enhance your overall vitality) on Tuesdays at 6pm and Thursdays at 4:30 pm.
Check our ongoing schedule at to confirm times/days.

August 2018 Theme: DIVINE TIMING

August's 2018's Theme: DIVINE TIMING

Divine Timing refers to the notion that everything happens when it is supposed to, as opposed to when we want it to. Yikes! This poses a few problems for those of us who have been manifesting the heck out of ourselves, yet still awaiting this to show up, doesn't it?

Yes, you can be on the right track, living a good life and plugging away and still be waiting for the tide to turn. Because ultimately, everything happens in its own timing. Roses open when they are ready to - you cannot force them open. You cannot force the river to flow, as Prana Yoga teacher Shiva Rea says, you have to learn to ride the wave. But what if you are struggling? What if you really need things to change? What if you don't know how much more you can take? The Universe asks you to have faith. Keep working and keep putting your best foot forward because when the energy does shift, you will be more than ready...perhaps even a little more humble and appreciative too.

August is usually a dry, hot month for us. In the northeast we are being asked to slow down, relax our pushing, and just be. Unfortunately for us, we also have about 5 planets in retrograde motion now...meaning that they appear to be moving in the opposite direction in the night sky. When this phenomena happens, the energy that a particular planet in retrograde motion represents, is unavailable to us. Currently Marsis in retrograde motion until August 27th when it goes direct. Saturn goes direct September 6Neptune goes direct 25 of NovemberPluto October 1, and our good old friend Mercury, well, she's currently retrograde until August 19th. And then we will have our sixth planet retrograde soon as Uranus transits retrograde August 7 an doesn't go direct until January 7th. Maybe this doesn't mean much to you. But like it or not: AS ABOVE - SO BELOW. 

So what energies are not present for us at this time? Well we know that Mercury represents all communications. So computers, phones, travel, electronics, documents, etc...guess what? Don't sign any important papers! Don't send that knee-jerk response text either. Mars rules energy, passion, action and initiation. Feeling depleted and unable to launch new projects? Jupiter rules freedom, wisdom, travel, abundance and good luck. Dear lord! Saturn is the planet of karma and dispenser of justice. This guy is asking us to not take any short-cuts right now, but to go slowly and do things right the first time. Neptune values higher states of insight and Uranus is about out of the box thinking. And good old Pluto brings transformation. 

OK, that's a lot of information. So what can we do right now? Do some deep soul searching during this time and assess what you need to do to prepare for when these planets go direct. Because when they do, things are going to accelerate quite fast and we need to be ready for everything we have been working on to come to fruition - in its own Divine Timing.

This month, we invite you to incorporate these methods into your life:
ChantSo Ham Translation: "I AM THAT."

Postures: Restorative Yoga postures where props such as bolsters, blankets and blocks support you into the poses, promoting deep relaxation (Join Tracey for two Restorative with Reiki classes on our regular schedule: Tuesdays at 6pm and Thursdays at 4:30 pm).

Meditation/Breathing: Stillness with relaxed, effortless breathing or natural breath. Simply sit, lay down or stand in a quiet space (phones turned off) and watch your breath. You can also do a guided scan of the body, naming each part and then relaxing that place.

Altar: Find a yellow cloth for your alter. Place a wheat inspired floral arrangement on the alter with a white candle. Quartz crystals that represent Universal Life Energy should be present. If you own any special type of Quartz or Citrine, those are good too. Something to represent the circle of life, such as a spiral, Tree of Life, or another symbol or deity can also be present as you worship this inward period and the constant energetic changes around us. 

In Love, Service & Wisdom, Tracey and the One Yoga Center Teachers.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Special Message from Tracey for August

OK, you guys know me pretty good by now. I come from a good stock of hard workers and business owners. I wake up being guided to what I need to work on, and I plug away at it all day long. I feel like I am running three businesses right now: One Yoga Center and all that comes with that, The Accidental Yogini and promoting the book, and Sacred Journeys, the retreats I am running. And things are moving, but slowly. I am averaging 1.5 people per book signing event. The fall yoga teacher trainings feel a little stalled at the moment and I am waiting for people to sign on so that I know they will happen. And the yoga retreats? Well, I have lots of things spinning with those and interest is surely coming in, but I still have so much work to do to get it really off the ground.

When you work so hard for things and they trickle in, it can be a little nerve wracking. I've had to really focus on my intentions and allow myself to go with the flow of energy sometimes. Instead of focusing on what is not working out, I focus on what is and what I need to do to work with it. Some days this is effortless, while other days I have a little breakdown. 

Divine Timing is an important concept to grasp because all of our longing and "grasping" only creates suffering. We know this from our spiritual teachers. Trust, let go, have faith, just be, breathe - these are all great powerful and useful tools that we need to understand and accept. It does not mean that I stop working. It doesn't not mean that I give up. It does not mean that I don't wake up every day guided by what I need to do - regardless if I accomplish it or not. I do it. And along the way, I stop and breathe and I let go and I trust that if my energy is in the right light and for the greater good, then I will be supported. 

So make those vision boards and "to do" lists and do the work. But respect that the Universe has its own plan for us...and that God does have a sense of humor.

The other day I received a text from a student and friend of mine who is having a challenging time. She asked me what she could do. I told her to dance. Dance it off. Dance in all that energy and release the stuff you are holding on to. Shakti is the energy of creation and she is all around you. Keep on Keepin' On and eventually you all will be well.

Tracey L. Ulshafer, Founder, One Yoga & Wellness Center LLC, Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher 500 hours (E-RYT500), RYS, CMT, Energy Worker, 11:11True One.

If you would like to meet for private yoga, spiritual counseling or mentoring, contact Tracey at (609) 918-0963 or

Sunday, July 1, 2018


Special Message from Tracey for July

For me, this July is all about getting the message of my book, The Accidental Yogini, out there. I continue to receive great feedback from family and friends about the book and I am forever grateful that many of you are connecting to the book. But I do want to reach a larger audience, and so I've put together these Yogini Immersion workshops to go along with book signings. July I will be all around NJ on both Saturdays and Sundays, and the dates area all listed above. I would LOVE to see some friendly faces in the classes - not only for support but also because I think that you are going to really like these workshops. 

For most of my adult life I have honored sacred feminine traditions and earth based spirituality. I do not like to label myself anything because that has always felt limited to me. Instead, I prefer to go by the name "True One," as I am a seeker of all spiritual traditions. But since my book speaks of the Yogini, the goddesses, the embodiment of divine feminine and creative force (Shakti) I am diving into workshops, classes and seminars so that others may also invoke their inner goddess! Don't worry guys, we all have the divine feminine within us, just as we all have the divine masculine qualities. These classes help you to explore the stories and legends behind the words as well as the energetic embodiment of them. Basically, it's gonna be rad!

July I am putting myself out there as a Yogini, a powerful mother force! And I invite you to awaken your inner yogini and explore some of these classes with me to allow your own inner Yogini to emerge!
July's 2018's Theme: THE YOGINI EMERGES!

The term yogini is used today to describe a female practitioner of yoga. But its true origin refers to the sixty-four female deities in the Tantratradition, who are regarded as the embodiment of Shakti, or universal creative energy.

The mahavidya (term for the 64 goddesses) are all aspects of the great goddess and take on her different forms. She is sometimes fierce, often beautiful and always powerful. 

The goddesses embodiment of Shakti is equaled to that of the divine masculine's Shiva, and without both, there is no balance. Each person has an opportunity to connect with this sacred divine feminine aspect, but women in particular, will find it almost a necessity.

For July, embrace your inner Yogini. Awaken your creative force. 

This month in addition to our Yogini inspired yoga classes, we invite you to incorporate these methods into your life:
Chant: The Durga Mantra:
Translation: "Salutations to the feminine energy that protects from all negative influences."

Postures: Goddess Pose! (Utkata Konasana). There are many variations, but check out Tracey's version above in the Yogini photo. Incorporate this posture into your daily practice to invoke the inner goddess.

Meditation/Breathing: Stand or Sit comfortably with the spine erect. Focus on the alignment of the spine and the upward and downward currents of energy running through it. See if you can focus on the inhale moving up the spine from the base to the crown of the head and the exhalation moving from the crown back down to the base of the spine. Take deep breaths as you coordinate this visualization of the Shiva/Shakti dance within. Shakti is the divine feminine energy located at the base of the spine that we often refer to as Kundalini. She rides upward through the chakra energy centers to meet with Shiva, who's seat is the crown of the head. When the two merge, sweet nectar drips downward again through the chakras, awakening them into full potential. Think of this breathing as the upward inhale bringing Shakti up to meet Shiva and the exhalation as bringing Shiva to Shakti. This merging of energies creates a balance within, but even more so, unlocks our creative potential! 

Alter: Replace your alter cloth with a new one and find a beautiful goddess picture or statue to admire while you meditate or create sacred space. 

In Love, Service & Wisdom, Tracey and the One Yoga Center Teachers.

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