Sunday, June 13, 2010

Growth & Expansion!

Growth & Expansion!
Early summer marks a period of growth and expansion as the sun continues to reign over our area longer each day, producing amazing fresh fruits and vegetables. As yoga is an earth-based practice, we are meant to work with the energy that is available to us. This is a time to work on your own personal growth and expanding any business or personal practice or interest that you have been wanting to put more time and energy towards - as the earth is quite literally giving us more daylight and energy to support these tasks.

I, for one, am certainly taking advantage of this energy.
As you now know, I have been working to bring a second location of One Yoga & Wellness Center in Ewing, NJ. There is a lot of work and coordination of efforts involved in getting the new location up and running, but I feel this extra burst of energy supporting me through the tasks at hand. The class schedule is just about set for Ewing, grand opening and open house dates are planned, paint and carpet colors have been picked out, and I have moved on to the task of advertising and marketing.

This is a very exciting time for One Yoga, but I want to also ensure our current students that I am giving the same level of commitment to my current classes and teacher trainings that I ever have. It is important to me that I continue to assist all my students in a way that supports your own growth, while I am also supporting my own. I've always had an "open-door" policy to my students and want you to know that I still welcome any comments or questions that you may have about One Yoga & Wellness Center, its teachers or classes. While you may not always see me at the center, I am always available via email at and do check this account daily.

In addition to working on Ewing, I am working on some new workshops and classes to bring to both East Windsor & Ewing. The Yoga Dance class in August will be a really fun, energizing class. If you like to dance and you like yoga, then you will LOVE Yoga Dance! Additionally I am working on bringing some Elemental Classes & Workshops, based on working with the five major elements: earth, water, fire, air & ether and the very different energies and movements that they provide as offering another interesting way to explore your own body-mind and create balance where there may be imbalance. CEU's are going to be available for all of these classes for the many yoga teachers that have gone through our trainings.
Finally, I am also working on writing a non-fiction book tentatively titled The Accidental Yogini, about my own personal journey to yoga and how yoga has helped my body, mind and spirit. My hope in writing this personal story is to also incorporate the various teachings of yoga so that the reader may also apply them to his/her own life issues.

So, as you can see, I am definitely tapping into the sun's energy these days and creating more fun and interesting classes, locations and teachings for you, my dedicated students, to enhance your own well-being. So, I would ask you, what is it that you would like to grow or expand in your life? Once you know what it is, start the efforts now and tap into the extra energy that the longer days and the sun are giving to you.
Tracey L. Ulshafer, Director/Owner