Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winter: A Time to Reflect & Connect

Winter: Time to Reflection, Connection &
Deepening your Yoga Practice
Another snow storm headed our way? I feel your pain. Quite literally, I feel it in my low back and arms from shoveling the heavy, wet snow from the last storm off of my driveway, walks and my poor trees and shrubs. The biggest casualty of this last storm: my husband's greenhouse collapsed from the weight of the heavy snow and bent the entire frame. Ah, Mother Nature reminding us of her strength. Your yoga practice should remind you to live in the moment and breathe, but I know that's challenging when you are working to get what you can done before the storm and are faced with non-yogis fighting for position on Rt. 130 and in line at Shop-Rite. Or wait, maybe that's you!

One of the biggest problems I find myself having is when I compete with the natural energies around me. When I try to "force" a situation or outcome when the earth is openly telling me it's not going to work out that way. I do believe in goals and positive thought, of course, but knowing how and when to use them is a whole other story. This is the basic learning premise of my ongoing Winter Yoga Sadhana group that I meet with regularly. Maybe you missed meeting with this group, but that's why I put so many workshops and special classes on our menu for the winter time - so that you may work with these energies of moving inward, reflecting and reconnecting with your body and your true self. Winter is a perfect time to enhance or deepen your knowledge or practice of yoga.

All of our workshops listed below are geared towards helping you aspiring yogis realign. And there is no better time to do this than now, when you are probably feeling less aligned than say, in the Spring! Remember that on our website's calendar you can click on a workshop and view the detailed information about that program. We also have some workshop information on our website under the yoga tab.