Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Planting the Seeds of New Beginnings for Spring

Springtime - the Energy is Rising! 
Well, January may have been a tough, cold month, but February predicted an early Spring. We are, in fact, moving quickly towards the Spring Equinox on March 20th so our enegy is on the rise!
Soon we will start seeing buds on the trees and new life awakening all around us.  Of course, this also means that this is an opportunity to embrace our own awakenings. I say "embrace" because not everyone is connected to this awakened energy. Some of you may still be feeling a bit stagnated, sluggish or disconnected. This is why I have created the Sadhana group that meets regularly to learn how to work with the current energies around us, bring a sense of connection and progression on our spiritual life-journey. The Spring Sadhana Group's first meeting will be on Saturday March 19, 6pm, and pre-registration is required. The cost of this group is $108 and includes several meeting dates as well as ongoing assignments, meditations, information and interactions with me and the rest of the group. It has truly been inspiring to watch our Winter Sadhana group work and learn!
But let's say that you cannot commit to our group. Here's a little meditaion that you can all do to honor the Spring and to awaken to its energies:
Planting the Seeds Meditation
What you will need:
1. small planter    2. fresh potting soil    3. new seeds    4. clear plastic wrap
Fill your planter with the fresh potting soil. Create a sacred space (maybe outside in nature) where you can sit to do this Meditation. Face the East, the direction of the rising sun, holding your fresh seeds in the palm of your hand. Take some deep breaths to focus and concentrate on being present. Follow your breath. Ask your heart what intention you would like to plant for yourself this Spring. This can be anything from cultivating patience, being more compassionate or non-judgemental, to beginning or finishing a specific project. Focus on this intention for several minutes, seeing it come into being. When you have that visualization steady in your mind, plant the seeds in your planter, using your finger to poke small holes, then covering up the dirt. When you are finished planting, hold the planter in your hands next to your heart center. Smile, envisioning the plant growing. When you are finished, water the plant and place the clear plastic wrap on top. You will need to tend to the plant regularly while it germinates - just as you would need to tend to any new intention that you are looking to create. Keep the plant in a warm place and make sure the soil stays moist until your plant sprouts to about an inch high. Then you may plant it outside or keep it in your planter (read the directions on the seed packet for where to place the plant for proper growth). Every day as you tend to your plant, it will be a reminder to tend to your heart's intention. Be patient and watch the energy happen. Happy Spring!