Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy Harvest & Halloween

Happy Harvest & Halloween.
I love October. I love the change in weather, the colors of the trees, and the energy permeating throughout. The autumn equinox just passed, signifying the last harvest. My crop-share just handed out our last batch of goodies this week, but I'm loving making my butternut squash soup and eggplant casserole in acorn squash! I didn't get any canning done this year even though I had purchased all the supplies, but that gives me time to get ready for next season. 
Of course Halloween looms right around the corner. Another holiday I love. My family has always enjoyed dressing up, cutting loose and having fun. In our politically correct society it seems the only allowable time to be ridiculous. October 31 is actually the eve of an important pagan holiday, Samhain (pronounced "Sowan"). This is the Celtic New Year, celebrating the last harvest, and the beginning of the dark half of the year. It is also associated to the Catholic All Saint's Day, commemorating the departed saints, both known & unknown. At this time of year, it is said that the veil between the two worlds is the thinnest, and connections can be more easily made to those who have passed through. As the day continues to approach, I've been having more dreams about friends who have passed away, and am seeing the time "11:11" more and more frequently (11 is said to be a master number associated with balance, spiritual energy and awakened psyched atunement). This significant time of year can be transformative for moving energy, letting go of past attachments, and clearing the way for the inward current of energy and nurturance. 

How can I use this time of Year to Prepare for the dark Winter?

Lots of people suffer from seasonal disorders. When we lack sunlight and hybernate inside without creating positive energy around us, we can suffer unnecessarily. Prepare yourself now, and get ready for a rewarding winter!
  • Spend time outside, getting in vital sunlight and enjoying the many harvest festivals around.
  • Winter can be a very creative time. Prepare for creative projects by purchasing supplies and doing any research necessary.
  • Buy a new journal and start recording your thoughts, dreams, meditations and experiences.
  • Use the harvest foods to nourish your body, freezing items for the winter.
  • Fall can be just as effective as spring for cleansing - what in your life needs a good cleanse? Your body? Your house? Your job? Your relationships?
  • Winter festivals are often about family gatherings. Plan a party, work on lifting any rifts between loved-ones, and put out loving energy for any events.
  • Fire pit rituals are perfect for this time of year. Burn away anything from the past year that you need to clear by literally throwing it in the fire. 
  • Commit to your yoga practice. It will help keep you balanced during this shifting time of energy, and will be incredibly important as we move into the dark half of the year.
Wishing you a warm and happy autumn.