Wednesday, December 31, 2014

AWAKENING (New Year's Eve 2014/2015)

It is New Year's Eve, 2014.

Or is it?

I sit in my self-proclaimed "Buddha Room" writing this blog.

Or do I?

No, I am not on a peyote binge. I am not awakening from a New Age comma either. I guess the only way to explain it is to say that today I "got it."

15 years ago the "I" that "I" associate as being "myself" began to awaken. I was further than I could ever think of being from understanding the concept of "Oneness." It was New Year's Eve 1999/2000. Remember that year? The year that all the computers were supposed to crash and we were to begin an era of chaos and miscommunication. Well, the computers never crashed as anticipated, and most would agree that our era of chaos and miscommunication began long before that time anyway. My point is, this was a pivotal marker in our world and for "myself" too. From that night on, things began to change in my realm because of one thing: I knew deep inside that something was not "right" - that something was off and needed to change. And from that night on things began to change for me quite quickly, in the grand scheme of my understanding of time, that is.

Since then I have read, studied, immersed and taught many holistic, yogic, and quantum physics spiritualities and ideologies (or "my" limited understanding of them, anyway). I truly believe them and know that they are right. But they were then still just ideas or thoughts. Just like that night 15 years ago when I knew that something was "wrong," all these years of thoughts and ideas continued to be just that - ideas of what was "right."

Have you ever had an "A-HA" moment that transcended everything? If so then you understand the challenge in explaining it to anyone else. How do we communicate something so vast that our human form has limited capability of truly understanding it? Well, I guess you have to try and put it into a context or form that beings like us would understand. So here goes…

"What if this…what if all of this, isn't real?" That was a quote from the TV series LOST that the character John Locke had said. I wrote it down because it struck a chord with me when I heard it. But let's turn it on it's side: "What if this…what if ALL, IS REAL?"

I've read and been told that the Universe wants us to be happy. I've heard the famous words of God from Exodus, when Moses asked for his name: "I am," and I've recently been drawn to listening to Seal's haunting song of the same name, "I Am" off of the CD Yoga Revolution (lyrics: "I am who I am that is that. I am who you are looking back. You are who I am, can you imagine that? There is ONE God and that's a fact"). But I also do believe that there is a counter-force in the Universe, a darkness, one that exists to teach us lessons about ourselves. I have always believed that we cannot ignore the darkness, because without it, there is no understanding of the Light.

And this brings me to today's "A-HA" moment. When we are moving in harmony with Oneness or Universal Consciousness, which is us - connected - there is flow. The absences of flow is stagnation. When our lives are in alignment, there is flow. When are lives are out of alignment, there is stagnation - or opposition. But what if it is us, the harmonious One-Consciousness that is navigating this and creating the opposition as well as the flow? What if this stagnation and/or opposition is nothing more than our Illuminated Consciousness or our own "self" trying to give us a sign - pushing us - to STOP and LISTEN and then Understand how to redirect our course?

We (humans) tend to look at things as being outside of us:
   "He did that to me."
   "She said this about me."
   "You hurt me."
I call bullshit. I say, it is I who did this to me, it is I who put out the red flag, it is I who decided that my life needed a course correction, and it is I that needs to wake up and take the responsibility for changing my own course. And when I do - "awaken" - to this Understanding, that I am directing my own ship, then I can decide where it should go.

Yes, the Universe wants us to be happy. Because we ARE that Universe and we ARE happiness. We ARE flow and Universal Light. But in this form, we are also human, and because of that we will make mistakes - over and over again.

Our job - our assignment - is to wake up and look for the signs to course correct our own life, and therefore elevate ALL other life. As more beings awaken, we elevate the individual and collective consciousness closer to the Universal. Why? Because we are beings of Light, in the end. When we die in this body, our energy will continue. And when all the bodies die, the Light will continue. So our own little woes and troubles are really insignificant, in the end, aren't they? But since they are a part of who we are in this life, we should acknowledge and learn from them too.

Stop blaming others - because they are merely us pushing back.

See opposition as our own consciousness speaking to us.

Live in the Light and allow your soul to awaken to the unlimited possibilities of this remarkable life that we have been given. See past the barriers of time and space, this or that, me or mine. Basically, stop thinking, and just BE. (And if all of this is just too much, then at least go see Interstellar. Maybe Christopher Nolan can explain it to you better than I can, in visual brilliance and three dimensional form).

What we do tomorrow - January 1, 2015 - and from that day forward, is of our own design -


Let's Awaken and become the architect of our life and flow together, as ONE, with grace. And at the very least, when we find stagnation and/or opposition, STOP, LISTEN & BE. And by the Divine Light that IS, then course correct!

Blessings to Awakening in 2015!