Sunday, April 10, 2016

Decoding 11:11

Have you seen it?

It doesn't matter where you are - in your car, turning on your cell phone, or gazing up at a digital clock at home or work - but there it is....


Saw it just today!

You notice it and may not think much about it. But then the next day or two days later you see it again and you remember that you just saw it not that long ago. You think, "interesting coincidence." And then you go about your business...until 4 or 5 days later, or a week or two later you see it again. In fact, maybe that day you see it twice. At first maybe it gives you an uneasy feeling. Or perhaps it intrigues you to look deeper within the "meaning" of this phenomenon.

So you start to make note of what you are doing, who you are talking to or where you are at these moments when you see 11:11. And you start to realize that these are significant moments. You start to realize that you were thinking about a loved one that passed away or pondering a question of great significance to your life, or maybe picked up the phone to call a good friend. Either way you slice it, this 11:11 thing is starting to pop up a lot more and you find yourself recording it. Maybe you take a snapshot off the screen of your phone, or you log it down in your journal. Because now it is important to you...somehow.

If this sounds familiar than know that you are in good - really good - company!

I can't remember exactly when I stared seeing 11:11. But I see it at least 10 times a week these days. Some weeks or days are more significant than others, but it's always present with me. And the more I see it, the happier I get.

I remember when we were nearing November 11, 2011. I knew that this was a significant thing. I didn't know how, but, come on, how could it NOT be!?!? I decided to host a meditation and discussion at the yoga studio with a meditation commencing right at 11:11 am. I didn't know what the heck I was talking about, but I knew deep within me that it was some sort of cosmic connection or realignment. With the impending end of the Mayan calendar to follow the next year, I looked at this as a precursor to the resetting of that cycle (and not as the apocalypse as some dooms-dayers were preaching). So a nice group of folks came together and talked about this cosmic occurrence. We talked about some possible theories that were "out there" on the internet. Many people make reference to making a wish when you see 11:11, or that it means a loved one from the spirit realm is trying to communicate with you. We gathered to ponder these ideas and hold some sacred space during this auspicious time. I had no idea how important that work was when I set out to do it back then. But the significance has opened to me in a great way since.

Flash forward to some time in early 2014 with my new and fancy iPhone. The visions of 11:11 were getting greater and I started to take screen shots with my phone. Since I am a Generation X-er, I of course miss many opportunities pushing the wrong buttons for the camera and miss more shots than I actually get. But the volume starts to collect - all being stored on my phone and the wondrous "cloud."

While in Bali last month 11's where showing up
every time I looked. I didn't know until just before
heading to Bali that the entire island is one of the
11:11 gates that were anchored into the earth by Solara.

Then in September 2015 my friend and partner, Victoria, and I journeyed to Peru with the intention on putting together a yoga retreat to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley. Victoria knew someone who had traveled with a well-known shaman and recommended that if we were going to go to Peru that we should be guided through the Incan ceremonies with a reputable guide. And as it is important to us to work authentically with different cultures and especially the spirituality of the region, we set out to do just that. The problem was that this particular guide was very busy. So for the time that we could visit Peru, we had to go with another group that was visiting and traveling with him from Australia. It all sounded good to us and off we went. Peru was of course, magical and mystical all on its own, but what happened there for me was particularly meaningful.

You see, on one morning as we headed into our tour bus to head off to some more sacred sites in the greater Cusco area, the woman leading the Australian group had a surprise announcement for us: we were going to first be meeting a woman named Solara who was the person who initiated the conversation about 11:11 and facilitated the anchoring of this energy into our planet.

I didn't even know what that meant, but I immediately felt overwhelmed with emotion. We had the privilege to tour her land and learn about the work that she was doing to help others move through this ascension phase. She calls her land the "Heart of AN." Solara describes AN as representing "a unique state of consciousness that is so Sublime and Real that it must be experienced to be fully understood." This consciousness or state of being is what we often refer to as "Oneness," and it is certainly no mistake that I named my yoga studio "ONE Yoga."

My emotions were raw while visiting the Heart of AN. Before leaving I told Solara that having the opportunity to meet her was profoundly emotional for me and I was not sure why. Of course I could not put it all together at once. I speak in great detail about this experience in a previous blog about my "Peruvian" experience, and what happened to me directly after this visit was completely transformational, so I recommend reading it. Just down the road from the Heart of AN our bus pulled over to witness a perfect rainbow around the sun. I didn't even know that was possible. Then when we arrived at our first sacred site I started to feel nauseous. An empath that had joined our group that morning said I needed to get grounded, quick, and Victoria tried to facilitate that energy for me right away. But the bus was leaving and heading to another site. My nausea deepened and I could feel some shift occurring. I can only describe it as the melting of the matrix. The wall of reality no longer had any meaning and I had trouble focusing or even walking. A complete shift of energy traveled through my body and literally anchored into Peru at that second sacred site. And then the entire next day I was sick - a cleansing. The old was breaking away to make room for the new.
At some point I realized that something I was writing
was exactly at 111 words...on page 1 of 1...

When I got home from Peru nothing felt right. The old stuff - my yoga studio location that I had for the past ten years, ways of thinking and being, certain relationships - so many things were off. Some changes happened quickly. I knew the moment I walked into my yoga studio during the ride home from the airport that I had to move. Other changes were slower to take hold, but that matrix continued to unfold. My vision literally would shift at certain moments and all of realty would melt and flow, a door would open and I would feel this enormous connection to Oneness like I never knew before. Sometimes this would happen while walking in the woods and other times when sitting in my living room. I never know when it is going to happen. The tingling of my crown chakra started around the same time and increased waves of energy in my hands from the Reiki attunements that I had had years ago began to awaken. This was not the Tracey that I knew. And had I not known any better I would have thought that it was stemming from some major malfunction of the brain! 

While in Peru at the Heart of AN, I purchased a set of tarot like cards from Solara, which she said would help navigate through the waters of this new consciousness for people. With my own set of changes occurring, it took me some time to begin working with the cards, but I found that as soon as I did I felt an immediate connection with them. I struggle reading most tarot card decks. But these are different. These are aligned with the eleven 11:11 gates that were anchored into the earth and the 11/11/11 reset that occurred on November 11, 2011 that I unknowingly helped facilitated with thousands of others around the planet!

11:11even found a way into my
Fantasy Football team this year!
(Check out my Peruvian name!)

Every day I see someone else post a picture of 11:11 on Facebook. Many of my friends and students are finding themselves at a crossroads - or juncture - where they feel extreme unhappiness with their current situation, and either feel stuck and unsure and unable of how to proceed or are finding themselves in the midst of major and radical changes in their lives. 

Make no mistake, ascension is happening. 

We are just not completely capable of understanding exactly what it is or how to move through it. But deep within us there is a calling of this truth that we cannot deny. And even though it may not make real sense to make some of the necessary changes that we need to, we are finding ourselves doing it or in the position where the Universe is moving things into position and doing it for us. I told a student of mine last week, "The train is moving. You can either get on for the ride, or you can resist it and create drama and problems in your life." 

Recently I've had so much success reading the Cards of AN that I have decided to offer them at the yoga studio by appointment and by donation. Who might want to receive a reading:

1. Anyone who is seeing 11:11
2. Anyone at a crossroads or pivotal juncture in their life
3. Anyone who feels somewhere within their being that something is not aligned
4. Anyone struggling with life on a daily basis
5. Anyone on the path of enlightenment through yoga, meditation or other means
6.   A
7.   N
8.   Y
9.   O
10. N
11. E

This is powerful stuff. The next stage of our development of consciousness as a species is presenting itself and we have powerful work to do to move through it. A few weeks ago my father told me he is seeing 11:11 and just tonight my husband said he just looked it up on line yesterday because he is too. And guess what? He was reading about Solara! Haha, I said, "I KNOW HER!!!" And since we have another yoga retreat to Peru happening in September, guess who is coming with me? Yup, the hubs.

If this blog speaks to you, check out the following:

Solara's website "anvisible"

Public Group on Facebook: The Heart of AN

One Bliss Yoga Retreats - next trip to Peru & other Sacred Sites

And if you are interested in receiving a reading of the Cards of AN, contact me at (609) 918-0963 or

In Love and Light,

This year I saw both 9:11 and 11:11
on 9/11...that felt pretty
significant to me.

Friday, April 1, 2016

April's Theme: REBIRTH

"Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn."

Just a few weeks ago, while sitting in Bali, Indonesia, working on our next yoga retreat with One Bliss, I came upon a reminder that it had been one year since my Grandmother had gone into a nursing home. As most of you know, my Grandmother left her body August 2nd of 2015, so her term at the nursing home was a short, albeit emotional one. And now we approach what most of us refer to as "Tax Day," April 15th, which would have been my Grandmother's next birthday (coincidentally she shared this birthday with my husband), I am again reminder of her. But, truth is that I think of my Grandmother often, and what I learned from her. And as the buds and rebirthing of the Spring pops all around us, I wonder where her Spirit will choose to manifest next. With every passing butterfly, cardinal; or, as in Bali; the dragonflies, I look for recognition of her spirit coming to say hello and let me know that she is still "around." 

With the cycles of life - death - rebirth, I am reminded that we all have this capability of rebirthing our own spirits every Spring. It is not just a time to clean out the clutter of the closets, but also a time to clear out old, negative thought patterns and behaviors. It is a time to make the positive changes that you may want to make for your life and for the "greater good." 

I truly believe that we are all in a transitionary phase of our existence here on earth. Maybe you feel it too. I know that many of my students have been doing some "rebirthing" of their own and I want to continue to foster a place where you can continue to grow, release what does not serve your spirit, and grow into your next phase. OYC will continue to host gatherings, trainings and other events throughout the year to help facilitate this idea of rebirthing. And if you have any ideas of your own, please feel free to email me or let's plan to sit and chat about what you've got cooking! Hey, maybe you're on to something that can help others in the community too...

In Love & Light

OYC Founder, Tracey L. Ulshafer 

Closing Comments...

Life is a cycle: life, death, rebirth. The earth moves through this cycle every year. So fear not, because you too will cycle through many rebirths in your own lifetime. Trust and just breathe and be in the flow with the Universe. This is when you will truly find peace and happiness.