Friday, March 9, 2018

The Yogini Emerges - Are YOU an Accidental Yogini too?

Sat Nam.

The Accidental Yogini is out and available for purchase on

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The book follows the life of a girl named Kristin, who unexpectedly finds a yoga practice and through it transforms her life to one filled with purpose and full of love. The book jacket reads:

"Kristin is living the life that she never imagined. Her career has taken a wonderful turn, she has found a true love, and her day care full of mindfulness and purpose through a yoga practice. But it wasn't always this way. There was a time when Kristin's life was defined by painful issues in her tissues, poor eating habits, and negative thought patterns. She seemed stuck in a loop of bad luck and low-level energy vibrations. When her family and friends suggested that they all go to a yoga class together, Kristin was more than hesitant. After all, nothing else had helped her so far, so why would yoga be any different? Soon Kristin found herself on an unexpected journey of understanding and accepting the past, finding happiness in the present, regaining trust in the universe, and transforming into a person that hardly resembles her former self. Kristin, not unlike many others, is The Accidental Yogini."

The Final chapter of the book is titled "The Yogini Emerges." Well, here she is! And isn't she beautiful!?

The journey of this book is one that many people who practice yoga can relate to. Everyone who rolls out the yoga mat first did so for some reason or another. Maybe a doctor recommended it to help combat high blood pressure or anxiety. Perhaps you had an injury and someone you know suggested that yoga would help you recover. Or, maybe you just bought a Groupon to check it out on a whim. Either way, you came to yoga knowing very little about the practice, and honestly, may still only know a little about the depth of this amazing self-development practice.

Fun Fact: The yoga postures are not what defines yoga. Yoga is self-realization through the unifying of body, mind and soul. One of the tools in which to get in touch with the true self is through moving the body and dislodging misalignments and blocks in the physical self that may have resulted from negative experiences or traumas. So, what brings you to the yoga mat, is not the end all - be all - of yoga! And yet, here we all are, downward dogging the day away!

So now that the book is out, I want to hear about your journey to yoga. Are you An ACCIDENTAL YOGINI too? I bet that you are! And I want to hear your story. Here's how you can:

1. Post a comments on this blog
2. Email me at with permission to share your story.
3. Join the Facebook Page for The Accidental Yogini BY CLICKING HERE NOW
Once you've joined the page, you can contribute your story right here to share with others on how you are also The Accidental Yogini!

I'm putting together a fabulous contest and will pick a winning story. Stay tuned for details and dates! In the meantime, share your story of how yoga has helped to transform your life in the most positive and unexpected ways!


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