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Tracey's Countdown to 50 - Life Lessons I've Learned So Far...

Countdown to 50 - 11 days:
Life lessons I’ve learned so far: 

The only constant in the universe is change. Life. Death. Rebirth. That momentary high will fade. That extreme low will not persist. What goes up, eventually drops down - including your boobs. This is why attachment to anything causes suffering, because eventually it won’t be there. And nor will you. So rejoice when you feel happy. Feel the sadness but the next time it will feel different. Chose to live a life in the present moment and to the fullest and best way. Why not? What do you have to lose...except everything?

Countdown to 50 - 10 days:
Life lessons I’ve learned so far: “F” FEAR."
I used to be filled with fear. I was afraid to speak in public, afraid to let people know the real me, afraid of heights, afraid of being alone, afraid of bugs, afraid of everything. One by one I continue to let go of fear because if I didn’t I would not be living. I wouldn’t be a yoga teacher. I wouldn’t have traveled the world and met amazing people. I wouldn’t have zip-lined in the jungle in Costa Rica or stood on a cliff in Easter Island (see picture). I wouldn’t have gotten married. There is no place for fear. Marianne Williamson says “fear is the absence of love.” So I have no time for fear because I want to live in love. Not in some phoney-new agey type of way by in an authenticity that resonates with all life. I’m ready for my next big adventure and I step into it with an open heart - F fear...I ain’t got no time for that! 

Countdown to 50 - 9 days:
Life lessons I’ve learned so far: “TRUE FRIENDS STAND THE TEST OF TIME” Friends come and go. Some people are only meant to stay in your life for a short period of time because you both have something to learn together. But true friends, they stand the test of time. True friends don’t judge but will tell you when you’re being an asshole. True friends will drop anything else in their life to be there for you when you need them. True friends aren’t afraid to look and be silly. True friends are your family. I’ve been blessed to have some of the best friends in the world. Some have passed on - way too early. Some I only see every so many years. And others you just carve out that time for...somehow. Either way, when you meet again with a true friend, you pick up right where you left off as if no time has transpired. They know your biggest secrets, your deep heart’s longings, and all your favorite things. True friends - may we all be blessed with these special people in our lives!

Countdown to 50 - 8 days:
Life lessons I’ve learned so far: “MODERATION IN ALL THINGS - a.k.a. EAT THE CUPCAKE!” 

In this journey through life we have so many choices to make. When not living mindfully, we choose from desire and ego. When living a balanced life, we realize that joy is there for a reason, yet too much of anything has disastrous results. My grandmom was fond of saying, “anything in moderation.” When I found out this was a teaching of many spiritual masters I was relieved. Temptations are everywhere, but for me, as long as I allow myself that little indulgence - the cute pair of shoes, the cupcake - then I won’t go overboard. Of course those who live with addiction have a much different cross to bear. I don’t advocate taking just one drink to them just as I wouldn’t advise a diabetic to eat a cupcake. But for those living without disease, moderation is the key. So the cupcake or whatever else, then maybe grass for dinner! 

Countdown to 50 - 7 days:
Life lessons I’ve learned so far:


Somewhere along the line many people have forgotten how to laugh - laugh at themselves, the world, or anything else. When did everything become so hard and difficult that there was no time for humor? I’m pretty sure when the mongols were invading a couple thousand years ago (history buffs, relax) that one soldier farted and the guy next to him laughed. Life has always been difficult. My life - your life - guess what, people have had it harder than us. Stop taking every little thing so serious and freakin’ laugh a little. First of all, it’s better for your appearance and energy. It’s also easier on the muscles and has been known to get you out of speeding tickets...or so I’ve heard...

Countdown to 50 - 6 days:
Life lessons I’ve learned so far:

KNOW THAT YOU KNOW NOTHING” - the vastness of the universe dictates that there are many things that we do not know and cannot know. Understanding that we are a tiny little piece of the big whole and that we cannot fathom the depths of the universe is ok. It’s actually a good thing to humbly bow down and admit that we don’t know it all. If you believe that there is a power bigger than you out there than you get this. If you’re still functioning under the wrong influence that the sun revolves around you, good luck. When I first heard Socrates quote “the only true wisdom is knowing that you know nothing,” it hit me like a brick house! It doesn’t mean that we are stupid. It just puts things into perspective. There is power in humility, grace in accepting our own limitations. And it sure does relieve some pressure, doesn’t it? Let’s all know nothing together, and in that, find real insight! (No I’m not in a black light listening to Pink Floyd, but now I kinda want to listen to Dark Side of the Moon) -

Countdown to 50 - 5 days:
Life lessons I’ve so far: 

While you’re alive there’s time. If there’s something that you haven’t done that you’ve always wanted to do / do it! It’s never to late to start something new if it’s in your heart. Don’t let anyone else or your own brain talk you out of doing what you should be doing. You’ve probably known what it is your entire life. Listen to Little Tracey or Little Nikki or Little Troy - and be who you were meant to be. Don’t settle for what you became this far. Reach for the stars and you just might land on the moon.

Countdown to 50 - 4 days:
Life lessons I’ve learned so far: 

ITS OK TO BE SOFT & VULNERABLE” - as a woman in a corporate world I was often challenged. People would want to talk to the manager and I was a petite young woman. I had to somehow appear stronger and capable. When one of my best friends died unexpectedly, I spun out of control. When the second very good friend passed away unexpectedly around a year’s time, I took it personally. I told my other friends to keep a distance and I built up a wall...and it was a good, strong wall too. It’s taken me a little time to start tearing it town and believing again in the universe and other people. It’s ok to feel, says the yoga teacher to herself. It’s ok to be open to all of that life has to offer. After all, my soul chose this journey because it wanted to grow and ultimately expand. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable is scary. But the softening of the heart ultimately allows one to understand the bigger picture.

Countdown to 50 - 3 days:
Life lessons I’ve learned so far:
NEVER ASSUME” - Remember that phrase when we were younger, “when you assume you make an ass out of u and me?” Now we have the “Four Agreements” to remind us the same thing. It’s interesting because many people today and especially in certain circuits like to say that their 3rd eye is open or they know things because their intuition is spot on. Perhaps, but really, most of the time you’re making an assumption...and most of the time that assumption is wrong. In a oneness way, yes, we do know and have all the answers, but most people walk around with blocks in their energy system that prohibit them from seeing and knowing truth. It’s a tricky thing. I’m a problem solver so I can tend to make assumptions. I have to remind myself that my theories are only one possibility. So basically, don’t be an ass...

Countdown to 50 - 2 days:
Life lessons I’ve learned so far: 

BE OF SERVICE.” There is no better energy that one can put out into the world than that of service. To give your time and energy to another unselfishly and for the assistance and betterment of some way is so important. Donating to causes can be quite helpful especially when these causes rely on the funds that they collect. But getting involved, making the time in your busy schedule, donating your personal energy and presence - that is what creates lasting energetic shifts for us all. I’ve allowed the business of yoga to get my energy down for a while. I reminded myself that I need to move my thinking back to that of service. What I offer is just that - service. And for that service we have to pay for the roof over our heads, electric, etc. so yes, money is exchanged. I have a ritual blessing before any hands on massage or healing work that I perform - “may I be of service” and the work that I have done with many organizations over the years, and now the Special Olympics, is some of the most rewarding work I do, because it is service. Maybe your service is to your family, an ailing member or aging parent - that is true service. Or perhaps you’ve been wanting to get involved with something. As Nike’s slogan says, “just do it.” Get involved and be of service. It’s good for your soul.

Countdown to 50 - 1 day:
Life lessons I’ve learned so far: “SPEND TIME ALONE.” Being alone is different than being lonely. I didn’t understand that when I was younger. But I have always enjoyed time by myself. Everyone needs quiet contemplation/meditation time. The busyness of our days clouds our ability to connect with our source and we wind up going from thing to thing without a depth or purpose to our day. The constant chatter of other people can often distract us from our primary purpose or dharma. This confusion can be endless unless we make the time to be with ourselves. Don’t like the silence in those moments? Stop running from them and figure out why. Find a quiet spot in nature and relax. We all need it. You’ll feel replenished and recharged after. 

Countdown to 50 - Today’s the day!
Life lessons I’ve learned so far: “THERE’S ONLY ONE YOU - BE AUTHENTIC - BE TRuE.” I had this thing I used to say back in college in regards to why I didn’t join a sorority and it was something about not conforming to group standards. I don’t know where it came from but I felt quite strongly about it then and I still do today. There’s only one you. Never let a person, a group or culture dictate what you should be, wear or do. Only you know you. If you’re a dude and want to wear eyeliner- wear it. I’ve always thought that was hot anyway. Want to wear those funky baggy pants from Thailand with the low crotch or shoes with toes in Shop-Rite? Do it. You cannot offend someone else by being yourself. If someone reacts poorly to you, that’s their stuff. Be confident in who you are and your beliefs and nobody can hurt you. I personally would rather know a bunch of quirky misfits than a bunch of Stepford people who all look and act perfectly boring...although I respect those folks too. Be proud and show your colors. Be kind to one another and support personal freedom. Each one of us is special on our own way - why wouldn’t we want to sparkle and hi-light that? I know that inner strength doesn’t come overnight for all people. So stand up for those who don’t have it. Lead by example in your uniqueness. Weird is the new normal. Represent! #yogini #50yearwisdom #youdontgetolderyougetwiser

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