Sunday, July 1, 2018


Special Message from Tracey for July

For me, this July is all about getting the message of my book, The Accidental Yogini, out there. I continue to receive great feedback from family and friends about the book and I am forever grateful that many of you are connecting to the book. But I do want to reach a larger audience, and so I've put together these Yogini Immersion workshops to go along with book signings. July I will be all around NJ on both Saturdays and Sundays, and the dates area all listed above. I would LOVE to see some friendly faces in the classes - not only for support but also because I think that you are going to really like these workshops. 

For most of my adult life I have honored sacred feminine traditions and earth based spirituality. I do not like to label myself anything because that has always felt limited to me. Instead, I prefer to go by the name "True One," as I am a seeker of all spiritual traditions. But since my book speaks of the Yogini, the goddesses, the embodiment of divine feminine and creative force (Shakti) I am diving into workshops, classes and seminars so that others may also invoke their inner goddess! Don't worry guys, we all have the divine feminine within us, just as we all have the divine masculine qualities. These classes help you to explore the stories and legends behind the words as well as the energetic embodiment of them. Basically, it's gonna be rad!

July I am putting myself out there as a Yogini, a powerful mother force! And I invite you to awaken your inner yogini and explore some of these classes with me to allow your own inner Yogini to emerge!
July's 2018's Theme: THE YOGINI EMERGES!

The term yogini is used today to describe a female practitioner of yoga. But its true origin refers to the sixty-four female deities in the Tantratradition, who are regarded as the embodiment of Shakti, or universal creative energy.

The mahavidya (term for the 64 goddesses) are all aspects of the great goddess and take on her different forms. She is sometimes fierce, often beautiful and always powerful. 

The goddesses embodiment of Shakti is equaled to that of the divine masculine's Shiva, and without both, there is no balance. Each person has an opportunity to connect with this sacred divine feminine aspect, but women in particular, will find it almost a necessity.

For July, embrace your inner Yogini. Awaken your creative force. 

This month in addition to our Yogini inspired yoga classes, we invite you to incorporate these methods into your life:
Chant: The Durga Mantra:
Translation: "Salutations to the feminine energy that protects from all negative influences."

Postures: Goddess Pose! (Utkata Konasana). There are many variations, but check out Tracey's version above in the Yogini photo. Incorporate this posture into your daily practice to invoke the inner goddess.

Meditation/Breathing: Stand or Sit comfortably with the spine erect. Focus on the alignment of the spine and the upward and downward currents of energy running through it. See if you can focus on the inhale moving up the spine from the base to the crown of the head and the exhalation moving from the crown back down to the base of the spine. Take deep breaths as you coordinate this visualization of the Shiva/Shakti dance within. Shakti is the divine feminine energy located at the base of the spine that we often refer to as Kundalini. She rides upward through the chakra energy centers to meet with Shiva, who's seat is the crown of the head. When the two merge, sweet nectar drips downward again through the chakras, awakening them into full potential. Think of this breathing as the upward inhale bringing Shakti up to meet Shiva and the exhalation as bringing Shiva to Shakti. This merging of energies creates a balance within, but even more so, unlocks our creative potential! 

Alter: Replace your alter cloth with a new one and find a beautiful goddess picture or statue to admire while you meditate or create sacred space. 

In Love, Service & Wisdom, Tracey and the One Yoga Center Teachers.

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