Wednesday, May 1, 2019

May's Studio Theme: I Speak/I Hear

* Mother's Day* 
* Memorial Day * 5th Chakra*
May's Studio Theme:
The 5th Chakra dictates how we speak and hear. Are we speaking kindly? Are we speaking truthfully? And, are we allowing others time to also speak their truth, while offering a mindful ear?

The 5th chakra is the second creative center - connected with the 2nd chakra, where we birth ideas. Now, in the 5th chakra, we bring them to life! We celebrate creativity in many different ways, and MUST have a creative outlet that we regularly attend to in order to ensure that this chakra is in proper working order.

Do you like to write? Paint? Draw? Create Music? Chant? Dance? What is the way that you create and when was the last time you got to it?

5th Chakra Basics:
Name: Vissudha = meaning purification
Location: Throat/Neck
Color: Blue
Element: Sound
Issues: Communication, Creativity, Speaking and Hearing, Resonance
Mantra: HAM
Physical Issues: Throat, Voice, Neck, Tightness of Jaw, Toxicity

Questions to Ask to see if this Chakra is in balance:
  1. Do I have a resonant voice?
  2. Can I communicate clearly? Do people often ask me to repeat myself, speak up or seem to misunderstand me?
  3. Do I tend to gossip or listen to gossip?
  4. Do I interrupt people often before they finish speaking?
  5. Do I like to sing? Am I embarrassed to sing out loud?
  6. Do I have any issues with my neck, throat or jaw?
  7. Do I enjoy listening to music?
  8. Do I enjoy silence?
  9. Do I have a creative outlet that I attend to regularly?

Some things to do this month to work with this Chakra:
  1. Sing
  2. Learn yoga mantras and chant or attend yoga Kirtan events
  3. Creative writing, drawing, painting, etc.
  4. Practice silence for a day
  5. Letter writing - the old fashioned way!
  6. Purify or detox the system
  7. Journaling
  8. Non-goal oriented creative exercise - just to have fun

So what type of things should you practice for this Chakra?

Asanas - 6-movements of the neck, neck rolls, Shoulderstand, Plow, Deaf Man's Pose, Fish pose.

Sequence - Allow yourself to move creatively, with no "goal" of your practice. It is not even important to "do" the same thing on each side! Just move with your breath and be guided with your creative center.

Breathing - Ujjayi breathing - Ocean Sounding Breath

Mantra - HAM 

Meditation - Mantra Meditation - repeat the sound of your favorite yoga chant! 

Any of the yoga classes at One Yoga Center will help you to connect or reconnect with your Chakras. Many of our classes this month will focus on this Chakra and just being present. Dive on in!

Love & Light, Tracey & the Teachers at One Yoga & Wellness Center!
Stone of the Month: Turquoise
Known as the oldest good luck stone in the world, turquoise is a beautiful stone that can have different degrees of blue or green with interesting and creative designs throughout, just like the 5th Chakra wants! Bust out your old Native American jewelry or pick up a piece of turquoise this month!
pecial Message from Tracey for May...
Maybe you feel as I do, that these days and these times, nobody listens to anyone anymore. It seems that most people are quite interested in getting their own point across, but fairly incapable of allowing others to do so. This has to change if we are to ever find middle ground and survive together in peace.

Most new yogi/yoginis I have known (self included) also seem to focus on the "I Speak" part of the mantra. "I need to speak my truth!" Yes, I hear you. And you should speak your truth. And if for some reason you did not or felt you could not in the past, I certainly want to hear what you have to say now. But, I also expect that you give equal time to any opposing sides or differentiating opinions - regardless of your judgements about them. That is how the energy works here, guys. We cannot just push it all out, and not make time to listen.

I understand how challenging that is. I have made a career out of listening to people tell me their stories. I know some intimate details about many people, and honestly, that is how it stays - just between us! I must also apologize, I have heard so much that sometimes I get people confused or forget the stories. I am sorry, but its true. I try my best. When we ask at the beginning of class how you are doing and you say, "the usual," trust me, I may not remember what that is and would not mind a refresher about you from time to time. 

In my own journey I remember being a young girl and not feeling as if I had a right to speak. I am not sure where that came from, but I was very shy. I felt as though I could not defy my parents and even to inquire about something that went against the rules. This led to me leaving my parents notes about staying up late to watch shows I wanted to see, and other things. I never wanted to be yelled at either. This was not fun for me. So, I tried to be a good girl. Most of my friends picked on me for that (some still do). To this day, I despise arguing. I used to go a long time before I said something when I had an issue. I have learned to speak up sooner, and am working on doing so without a biting tongue. This is something that I learned from my father. He has a way of putting things - it is a true gift - one that I wish he had when I was younger (haha, had to, Dad!). 

Perhaps for May you want to take a look at how you communicate and listen. Perhaps your method of communication can be improved. These days with so much texting, we hardly understand how to really communicate with each other and, this chakra, is getting blocked in a big way! Keep the energy flowing, remember that toxicity is also a part of the 5th charka, and words can be quite toxic. We want to use the old Buddhist saying, "Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?" before we exchange any words with another being. Give it a try! And put down the phone, look me in the eye, and let's have an old-fashioned face-to-face conversation this month! Not just me...with everyone! Do it. Try it. Get the kiddos to try it! It will be good. Trust me.
In Love & Light,