Friday, August 30, 2019

New Moon - New Phase - New Stage of Life

August 30th - New Moon - we settled and sold our home of nearly 17 years. So much work and preparation had gone into the sale that when the day came, I walked the empty house on the verge of tears. My entire martial life had been in that home, the one that we built, picked out the colors for, and built a life in. But that life was wrought with stress and overindulgences, and we are on a strong path to simplification and freedom. Yet there is still so much work to do.

As I think about the magnitude of this day, it hit me the perfect timing of the New Moon! Wow, I could not have planned it better. New Moons represent new phases and stages, and, here we are, embarking upon a new stage of our life today - in perfect, divine timing.

I have thought long and hard about what will be new with this stage. It starts with making everything as simple as possible. It adds more time to my day and ability to offer more with my career. But, really, what is it all about?

Let's back up...

About three months ago, I had been going to doctors about several "medical" issues. This time also corresponded to my yearly checkups. Now, ever since I have been getting mammograms, I have been told that I have the densest breast tissue, and ALWAYS have to go get additional screenings done. After the first time this happened, which sent me into a dramatic tailspin of worry, I realized that this was the agenda all the time and that I had to go through the process - or skip the mammo entirely. I tried to skip it, but the backlash from everyone around me was too much to deal with. So, five years later, I went back again. Yes, same thing...same grueling and torturous rigamarole only to find out, alas, just dense breast tissue. This year I decided I was not going to do it it all - ever again. And then something happened: my boobs dropped! I swear, I woke up one morning and they were sagging.

WTF! Is this what they mean when women talk about menopause? (I still have not apparently reached it, by the way, but come on!). Just prior to this realization I was crying about the intense stress I was under trying to sell my home and worrying about my future. I could not wrap my head around everything and was spiraling downward fast. I knew that I had to take back my power by releasing, and I did. Through rigorous prayer, ritual, and meditation, I was finally able to get into a good place, mentally, about the move. Once this happened, I literally felt my heart open, and then things started to fall into place.

But let's back up a little more...

For the past ten years, if I am being totally honest, my heart was quite shut down. After my best friend died suddenly - and then another close friend died suddenly - I went through a period of not trusting that the Universe wasn't going to take everyone that was close to me. So, I shut it off - maybe not entirely, but enough to keep myself "protected." Try to understand that when I reveal this I am not saying that I was cold or unloving, nor did I purposely set out to close down my heart-center. When one is processing intense grief, this sort of thing happens, unknowingly. If I poured love into anything, it was my unconditional loving pets. But the rest of my relationships definitely suffered. When I allowed myself to do this deep devotional work recently, I opened up some old wounds, and worked through them. It was grueling, but the healing process usually is...and if it is not, then I dare say, you most likely haven't moved through it yet!

So, here I am one day, I wake up suddenly feeling at peace with my decision and my future, and my boobs literally drop - the shield of dense tissue released. I started to see my husband, my work, my life - through the glass of love. And then I go into my yearly mammogram - one time, get the thumbs up that all is well, and move on. That simple. No more torture.

As we move into this new phase of our life, I am happy to say that this new phase, for me at least, is one of deeper love and appreciation, reconnections to those who mean the most to me, and having quality time with those that I love so that I can appreciate them for as long as I can.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

August's Theme: "I LIBERATE"

* Dog Days of Summer * 
* Lughnasadh/Lammas * 8th Chakra*
August's Studio Theme:
Have you been waiting for this? Moving into unchartered waters of the upper chakras. Most of us are fairly familiar with the first seven, known very well to the Yogis of yore, but what are these "new" chakras all about? First of all, they may be new to us, but some of them have been around for a very long time, just not called "chakras." Many energy healers today claim to have developed these on their own, and that may be somewhat true. Some say that we did not have the blueprints for these chakras until we moved into this new age a few years ago. Who knows about that for sure? What we do know is that many people, all over the globe, around the same time, started to experience deeper dimensions of our existence - some that transcend time and space and others that take our understanding of the self much deeper than previously known.

These five additional chakras are still lesser known than the first seven. We are still in a fantastic age of discovery. I have done much research the last several years and have found many different 12 and even 13 chakra models. I am suggesting the next five to us based on an overwhelming idea of these, but do understand that these are not the end all-be all and that you can come across many other versions of these chakras - as well as other chakras. The fact that we are still developing our understanding of higher dimensions of consciousness means that we will constantly be discovering and learning more. It is most certainly an exciting time to be a yogi/yogini, energy healer, sensitive person, intuitive, etc. in the world! (And, P.S., that is all of us).

8th Chakra Basics:
Name(s): Viyapini, Soul Star Chakra
Location: Above the Head - just above the 7th chakra
Color: Silver or Ultraviolet
Issues: Karma/Karmic, Life Purpose, Universal Links, Time Transcendence, Akashic Records
Physical Connection: Thymus, Central Nervous System, Thalamus, Right Eye

Things to Ponder about the 8th Chakra:
  1. Do I have a strong connection to Spirit?
  2. Do I see or somehow communicate with angels or other spirit guides?
  3. Have I had an experience of "no time" where I seem to have either lost time or suspended time?
  4. Have I determined what my life purpose is in this body?
  5. What karma do I still need to work out?
  6. Am I an energy worker/healer?
  7. Have I journeyed to parallel universes? 
  8. Do you remember your past lives?
  9. Do I have any nervous system or brain related issues?

Some things to do this month to work with the 8th Chakra:
  1. Meditate
  2. Chant
  3. Pray, connect to Spirit
  4. Connect to Nature
  5. Learn or practice Reiki or other forms of energy healing
  6. Do a Past Life Regression Session
  7. Slow down and "feel" more
  8. Journal about karma in your life
  9. Clear old patterns
  10. Yoga Practice

So what type of things should you practice for your 8th Chakra?

Asanas - Headstand and other Inversions, Corpse and Extended Savasana, Legs up the Wall, and any posture for meditation.

Sequence Moving meditation, slow and steady or stillness.

Breathing - Breath retention exercises such as 4,4,8/Khumbuka.

Meditation - Stillness, Silence, Self-Reiki, Astral projection. 

What will we be doing in classes this month? Well, a little of this - and a little of that, and of course we will be inverting a bit more and offering some meditations. Join us and see!

Want to dive deeper into some of the practices? Join Cindy O'Connor for a weekend Introduction to Shamanic Practices August 10-11th!

Love & Light, Tracey & the Teachers at One Yoga & Wellness Center!
Stone of the Month: Smoky Quartz
Helps relieve tension, stress and anxiety. Helps ward off negative thinking and eliminate worry and doubt. Absorbs misfortune, sorrow or seemingly impossible obstacles. Is cleansing and protective to block electromagnetic smog and geopathic stress.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Special Message from Tracey for August...
The times that we are living in are surely different than ever before. Not everyone understands what is happening on the planet, but even if you do not have the knowledge, you can feel that things have changed.

The undeniable acceleration of time and energy is one thing. Where did the day/week/month/year go already? How did an entire day pass by and I've done two little things? Is there even a sense of time anymore? It all seems so irrelevant...and yet, we still plug into old systems that sometimes require us to still focus on these linear, antiquated methods. It gets difficult. 

Let's talk about how our children are being born more and more sensitive to energy. How they have trouble communicating and living in old paradigms. Do we continue to try and push them into our old molds, or do we break those molds and shift our way of thinking to allow for their true gifts to be recognized? (Look up: Indigo Children, Starseeds and Crystal Children).

Have your attentions turned, in recent years, to more emphasis on life purpose and understanding karmic lessons and releasing old patterns? Do you find yourself more aware and in tune with the "bigger picture" in things than ever before? Do you feel as if you are "awakening?"

Oh, dear ones, these are new and fabulously different times. If we are still trying to get things done in old ways, we are learning that they are no longer working, aren't we? But when are we going to learn the new ways? Energy has and is shifting on our planet. This is not just a select group of individuals it is happening to - it is everyone and everything. Vibrations enhance, accelerate, and improve...and we are here just trying to do what we do...and, for many of us, it ain't working anymore. 

If this speaks to you, and you want to continue to learn more about navigating these energies, I want to offer a monthly group. We will meet at the yoga studio to circle, meditate, and work together to help harmonize our own frequencies. This new group, "ONE Circle of Light" will meet on Saturday, August 3, 5 pm. There is a closed Facebook group under the One Yoga Center page that you can request to join our group here as well. I hope that you will join me as we continue to navigate these changing times and our ongoing commitment to healing the world through our own inner journey - and opening up to these truly amazing higher vibrations of the upper chakras! 

If this resonates with you, please consider joining me in Peru, September 2020 - it may be just what you need.
In Love & Light,