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February 2020 - Liberation during the new phase of 2020

February's Theme: Liberation

What does "Liberation" mean to you?

For some, liberation is creating room and space. For others, liberation is freeing oneself from the trappings that hold us in lower vibratory energies. Lower energies make us feel stuck, sick, or just "off." Sometimes we don't even realize that we are stuck in these lower vibrations and other times we know that we are, but we don't know what to "do" about it. We rarely consider that doing less or the act of "being" instead of "doing" is the key.

Consider all of the parts of the pie that make up the whole of who you are. 

First, on the most gross-level we have the physical body. We are a set of bones, layered with muscles and other tissues, organs and other fluids, and body systems that link they all together. Most people do not have a clue what the totality of our physical body constitutes, and yet, this is the part of us that most people understand the most!

How do you find liberation in the physical body? Are you sick or have you need through a series of medical issues? Do you just feel stuck or tight in your body, but consistently? Do you have an old injury that flares up when stressors like barometric changes and lunar actives occur? In the days where we live now, with higher light energy, we can move through the stressors of our physical body, once we are ready to take responsibility for them, and clear and release them. How do we do this? Yoga helps. Energy work can assist. Sometimes a combination of other things like meditation, prayer, counseling, and other supportive programs help move the energy out too. What about doing a cleanse or a detox? Cleaning your body from the inside or eating more whole and healthy can definitely help clear the toxicity that is probably built up just from living our lives. Start here, think of how you can liberate your physical body more.

The next piece of the pie is our energy body. How can you find more liberation for your energy body? This is subtler than the physical body. So perhaps you should figure some of that out first! Once you are making headway there, you can start to learn about the subtle body through chakra work. Last year we did a whole 12 months of chakra work at One Yoga Center. Check out the previous blogs for each month. Or, talk to me about taking a workshop on the Chakras at ONE. You can look into energy healing or Acupuncture to clear energy. You can clear energy on yourself and around you with daily meditations, smudging with white sage, and cleansing your own auras with Reiki sweeps. Don't understand what I'm talking about but interested? Ask me for more info!

The piece of the pie that comes next is the mental part of you. How can you find more liberation in your mind? Does your mind go non-stop? Do you have difficulty slowing down the mind-stuff? Do you suffer from anxiety? Yoga breathing is the key to calming the mind. Focus on the breathing lessons that you learn in classes. Your homework should be practicing those breaths every day, even just for five minutes. I'm hoping to have another breath workshop soon, so contact me if you are interested. Meditation is also a very helpful thing in slowing down the mind, creating more space, and feeling more freedom. I am offering monthly online meditations from the comfort of your own home. February's is the 5th at 7:30 pm. Register today! Or, see if we are conducting any other meditation classes or workshop at the studio. There are many types of meditation, so don't think you can't do it! Did you know that knitting, gardening and skiing are types of meditation? Try Frank's Tai Chi class on Thursday nights for a moving meditation if you think that will work better for you. Basically, try something! Liberating your mind starts with each mindful thought. You increase this with daily practice, and certainly problem-causing habits will eventually cease too. You can find liberation here just by learning to slow down, and do less.

What about your spirit? Has your spirit found liberation? Probably not if you are still working through the other pieces of the pie we talked about. But, you could consider what brings your spirit down. Are you happy and contented in your life? If not, what areas need addressing? Journaling, counseling, and meditation are all helpful tools with figuring out where you need help in liberating your spirit.

A Hindu and Buddhist concept of libration is known as Moksha - being liberated from the cycles of life and death. This requires great work and effort, however, you can get to it now by starting with what we discussed so far. The true you knows that you are a part of the vast Oneness. But the ego you makes you feel like something separate. This feeling of being separated from the whole is where our whole discontentedness in life comes from. When we get down to it, are we really discontented with our work or our relationships? Or, is there a deeper issue? Do we long to reconnect to that feeling of Oneness? And once we do, can we begin the process of liberation?

You'll know when your spirit is liberated because every day becomes effortless and blissful. This is where we want to live, so why not start to work on liberating yourself in some way now? Your entire being will thank you!

* * * * * * * * * * *

Liberation is an interesting and important idea. As you probably know already from previous blogs of mine, I recently downsized and moved. Some of you remember the large studio I had four years ago, which I also down-sized from when moving into Hightstown. I've been on a simplification program for the past several years because my life had become too full and too stressful. Liberation was something that I had no concept of. I often felt trapped and stuck, but it was of my own doing.

Once I started to simplify and remove things from my life, I started to find space again. I am still tied down to many things, but I continue to liberate myself more and more all the time.

For example, I've thought about working for someone else again, and find the idea of clocking in quite restrictive. I would definitely not feel liberated at a 9-5 job. Am I attached to working for myself? No, I think that if I had to, that I would work for a company again. I actually find more liberation in the choice to create the work and hours I desire to work rather than being confined to someone else's terms. Does this work for you? I don't know. Maybe you feel more liberated to clock in and out of a job, let it go, and do what you want evenings and weekends. Maybe that situation liberates you in some way.

But if you are reading this and thinking that your job is restrictive and an unpleasant experience, then allow yourself to imagine a perfectly different reality in which you feel completely liberated. Daydream, visualize, and clearly see this alternate reality. And do not let it go. Maybe put it on your vision board? Maybe explore working for yourself somehow. See what you can do to liberate the feeling of being "stuck" at a mundane job that does not bring you joy and peace.

You can use this example anywhere else in your life: relationships, hobbies, etc. If liberation is what you seek, you can find it. Never give up. But, definitely start somewhere!

This month we offer two specific workshops to help move you from stuck energy to find more liberation:
Feb 8 Healing Stuck Emotions with Rosie Stars of Super7 Healers
Feb 9 High-Light Resonance Clearing and Attunement with me
*The High-Light attunement for February is SOLD OUT. March 29 is the next date, or contact me for a private clearing. 

To register for these or any other workshops or special events, you need only email us at

* * * * * * * * * * *  

If you feel that I can help you in any way, please reach out.
Let's see if we can liberate our body, mind and spirit more in February!

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In Love and Light,
Rev. Tracey L. Ulshafer, Founder ONE Yoga and Wellness Center

Yoga for February

February 2020 Yoga - for LIBERATION

Posture: Utthita Hasta Padasana or 5-Pointed Star

Description: From a standing posture, open the legs wide and arms wide to the sides. Concentrate on the energy of your core-center exploding out in all directions! Feel the expansiveness in your being that brings you from your center, outward. The feet press against the floor for grounding, the arms reach out or up while plugging the shoulders into their sockets. You stretch out as far as you can while hugging towards your midline. 

Drishti: Internal/ eyes closed or Straight Ahead, just passed tip of nose

Variations/ Modifications:
  • Arms open at sides or up to the sky
  • Free-form movement where you flow like water in any direction, reaching, searching, opening and liberating your body and mind in an organic way

  • Perform 5-Pointed Star every day & notice what changes or when you feel more liberated than others
  • Practice variations to see how they change your experience 
  • Notice the thoughts and emotions that arise when in 5-Pointed Star
  • If you practice at different times of the day, notice how that changes the nature of the pose
  • Journal daily
Mudra: Abaya Mudra

Abha inet.jpg
Abhaya is translated from Sanskrit as fearlessness. The Abhaya mudra is made with the open palm of the right hand extending outwards at the chest level or slightly higher.
This is the gesture of protection and reassurance. By this mudra, Shridevi says with affection- “My devotee! Fearnot. I am here to protect you!”. Protection from what? Any fear. But most important fear is that of birth and death cycle of our Individual Self. We should be very afraid to be in this infinite vicious cycle. Abhaya mudra suggests that Shridevi gives us the liberation(moksha) from birth and death cycle. She offers her eternal abode as final refuge by this gesture. So, abhaya mudra bestows liberation(moksha). It indirectly implies the supreme power and invincibility of Shridevi to dissolve all difficulties in the path of liberation.

Benefits: Quiets the mind, relieves feelings of fear, allows prana to flow. 

  • Perform Abaya mudra daily, but also when fear arises in your life. Notice how performing this mudra helps relieve those feelings.
  • It is advised to hold mudras for at least 15 minutes, but up to 45 for desired affect. Try it.
  • Use with meditation.
Breath: Dirgha Pranayama or Yogic "Complete" Breath

On the inhalations inflate the abdomen outward, then the ribcage, then the chest. This long inhalation allows expansion of all areas of the diaphragm and lungs. On the exhalation begin relaxing from shoulders and chest, then feel the ribcage slowly move inward and at the end, contract the abdomen in towards the spine, squeezing out all the last bits of air. Pause before inhalations. 

Meditation: Liberating Free Flow Moving Meditation

Follow the steps with the 5-pointed star to free flowing and organic movement. Allow the moving meditation to have no goal, but instead allow yourself to be in the moment and feel your body, mind and soul releasing more and allow yourself to be liberated from your thoughts and even your physical limitations. Work to be the flow.


It is said that this 12 syllable mantra liberates one from the illusion of separateness.
  • Om – the primordial and sacred sound vibration of the universe
  • Namo – a word used as a salutation that represents spiritual surrender
  • Bhagavate – refers to one who is divine or blessed
  • Vasudevay – can mean Krishna, the god (devaya) of light (vasu), or the infinite and formless Brahman
  • Chant three times daily
  • Work up to 108 times daily
  • Chant whenever you think of it or feel the need to move into more liberation
Remember to journal about your experience daily. Notice what changes throughout the month. And ask your yoga teacher for guidance with any of these practices before or after regular yoga classes. To book a private lesson, contact ONE Yoga at or 609-918-0963.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

January 2020 - New Decade of Higher Vibrational Energy!

Welcome 2020!
A Year of Higher Vibrational Energy!

What a beautiful energy we have flowing into our lives right now. Can you feel it? Have you been open to new energy coming in? Have you, yet still not feeling it? Do not despair. There is still time to attune!

2020 is a magical angel number. Angel numbers are repeated numerical energies that are symbolic of higher vibrational energy. 2020 combines the angel numbers of 2, 0, 20, and 202. Angel number 2 is a symbol of duality and communication, letting you know that you should trust your connection to angels, ascended masters and spirit guides. If you are not feeling connected to new and positive energy, perhaps you want to open up more to the upper realms and invite them in on a daily basis?

The number 0 represents eternity and divine energy. 20 is a symbol of hope and confidence in life. And lastly, 202 symbolizes self-awareness and passion. So, your angels want you to know that if you are concentrating on your Highest Self, to not give up hope. If you are not, you need to reconnect again to that Highest Self. But if you are in that alignment, then have the confidence to continue to move forward. You may not be able to see how it is going to manifest, but you can trust that it will.

2020 is a really great number! This is a number of love and compassion. Make sure to have love as the basis of your energy, and you will really thrive!

[some information from]

* * * * * * *

The last few years we have been moving through some difficult energies. There is much talk about ascension, higher light energy, and moving out of duality and into love. Many people are awakening to this, but are struggling to find their way. Why? Because all of our old ways of thinking and being no longer work! The things that used to make us feel good, usually do not anymore. We used to "need" certain things in our life when energy was dense and thick. But now that energy is lighter, we no longer need the comforts that we used to. This is difficult for many people, and being told to trust or believe can sometimes feel like empty words. 

I've come through, like so many others, a really dark period. But I needed to. Many of us needed to dive deep into ourselves, and to ask the difficult questions. We needed to shine a light on our secrets, and our shadow self. We needed, like the snake in the lower world, to shed the skin of the old in order to make room for the new. At least this is what we were supposed to have been up to the last few years. For many, this is not the case. Many are still "stuck." Maybe this feels like where you are. Or perhaps you don't know where to begin. Or even still, you may be very afraid to even think about it.

This is what the old 3D energy does. It created the ego to survive. The ego leads us down the path of fear, which is the exact opposite direction of the path of love. When we sit in a place of love, we move into 5D - 6D reality. We become true creators! But that other, older way, well, it can stink of fear, stagnation, and illness.

* * * * * * * * * * *

I kept hearing "I AM AN ALCHEMIST" over and over. I didn't really understand what it meant. I understood what an alchemist was by definition, but not in a deeper sense. I found myself drawn to many mystery schools and ancient lineages and paths. I visited power places on the planet and I dove into esoteric thinking. I kept hearing "SIMPLIFY" and so I sold my home, gave away 1/4 or 1/3 of my possessions and felt better. Yet I still heard the call to simplify. But then it also came with "I AM AN ALCHEMIST." I kept digging trying to understand the meaning. I read more books, traveled to more places, bought more crystals, and questioned everything that I ever believed! And you know what I figured out? Finally?


The only thing we need in life is to understand that we ARE magic. We ARE high light vibrational energy. We are what we seek. If we want to change something, we need to make it so! If we are sick and tired of being sick and tired, we need to stop thinking "sick and tired" and start thinking "healthy and vibrant!" Our thoughts drive our actions and our actions define who we are. This, we know, but do not always understand. But there is obviously more to it. We need to shed the past. We need to let go of all of the things that we defined as needing for our security. We need to really release the blocks in our lower chakras' energy fields so that higher light CAN move in. We may have begun the work, but we didn't finish it. I know because I did the same thing.

* * * * * * * * * * *

So it is a new decade. New energy is coming in, but at a level of LOVE. At a level of TRUE LOVE. At a level of HIGHER LIGHT. We now have access to all of this and more. We did not before, and the reason we needed to work through all the tough stuff was to get to this point, where we were lighter and able to access the energy.

But not everyone is there.

Many people on the planet continue to struggle. This is true. I have always believed that one of the reasons I am here on this earth is to help others heal their own lives. I have done this for twenty years - another 20 - and I feel ready to help others move into that as well. As a yoga teacher, this traditionally meant moving into the physical body. And many people still need this so much! So, I continue to offer yoga classes. But I want to assist those who are ready to move further. As an Interfaith Minister and Shamanic Practitioner, I can perform different ceremonies, healings and rituals for people. And as a Channeler, I can offer you mentoring that comes from a higher realm to help guide you on the next steps of your path to true happiness.

For 2020 I hope to continue to regularly offer:
* Ongoing Yoga Classes
* Private Healing Sessions
* Angel Card & 11:11 Card Readings
* One-on-One Yoga
* Yoga Teacher Training
* On-Line Meditations
* Mentoring - in person and online

My newest offering for 2020 is the Mentoring sessions. These 2-hour sessions can be held either in person or electronically, to work with people who need assistance. The sessions are $202 and booking now on a first-come basis. Appointments must be scheduled by January 31, 2020.

In these sessions we will discuss and clear old energy. You will be given assignments for home to continue to clear this energy in the lower vibrational field. For those who work with me in person, you will also be given a Higher Light Attunement that I have developed through my angels and guides, healing sessions, and the masters of the power places that I have visited. These are unique healing experiences for each person, channeled for each soul's purpose. 

For those who cannot do the private mentoring sessions, I suggest trying to attend one of the upcoming special events or other offerings. Or, reach out to me to discuss something that may work for you.

I also hope to offer monthly online meditations via ZOOM meetings. These will be pre-paid sessions and you will receive the link 12-hours prior to the event. This way, if you live at a distance, you can still work with me, regularly to bring in the new energies of 2020. These meditations will be $12 each, and emails and Facebook events will designate the upcoming times. 

* * * * * * * * * * *  

Think of 2020 as a time where you are able to CREATE the TRUE life that you were MEANT to be living. A life of JOY and ABUNDANCE. A life of HEALTH and VITALITY. A life that is in HARMONY with the planet and all sentient beings. A life that UPLIFTS all other life. 


Are you?

In Love and Light,
Tracey L. Ulshafer
Alchemist, Starseed, True One.

Yoga for January 2020

Part of the energy shift occurring in our world is a movement towards the Inner Guru, or the teacher within. Traditionally, the yoga practice was taught by a teacher, a wise person named Guru, to a single disciple. The disciple often practiced one or two postures, a set of breathing techniques, and meditation tools, until he mastered them. Then, the teacher may give the student more. This process of learning took years, and even when the disciple was given permission to then teach the practice, he often did not feel worthy of following in the Guru's shoes.

Flash to 2020. Today anyone with an Instagram account is a yoga master. Not really, obviously, but you understand the dilemma. This is part of the movement away from the Guru, however. The Inner Guru, the teacher within, is the master you seek. However, if you did not do your work, spiritually bypassed it, or are just getting on the yoga board, then you are not there yet. This is why we continue to offer classes and strategies for you.

But I want to keep it simple this year. Let's focus on one pose, one breath, one mudra, one mantra each month. Let's simplify our lives by going back to deeper discovery. I will give you the basics - and you grab a journal and write about your discovery as you dig into these practices deeply each day. I say each day, because only by repetitively coming back to things will you peel away the layers. And only when you practice longer, will the practice become steadier and stronger.

Iyengar was fond of saying that the yoga pose begins the moment that you want to come out of it. Some people groan from the mere name of the pose itself. Doesn't matter. Practice, Practice, Practice...and all is coming - Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

January 2020 Yoga

Posture: Balasasna - Child's Pose

Does it seem simple? Let's review:

Description: Come to a seated position bringing knees together, toes flat and hinge at the hip creases. Bring forehead to floor and arms at the sides of the body, palms up. Let shoulders spill forward towards floor. Relax hips back towards heels. This is Traditional Child's Pose.

Drishti: Internal/ eyes closed

Variations/ Modifications:

  • Extended Child’s Pose (legs wide, toes touching, and arms stretching forward, fingers spread & pressing down and forward into mat)
  • Various Arm positions (on fingertips, Prayer behind head, etc.)
  • Use pillows for either under knees, under head, or under buttocks if needed 
  • Roll small towel or bolster under ankles if needed
  • Can rock from side to side into hips
  • Perform Child's Pose every day, at the same time of the day, whenever possible.
  • Notice what changes each day.
  • Practice variations to see how they change your experience of the pose.
  • Notice the thoughts and emotions that arise when in Child's Pose.
  • If you practice at different times of the day, notice how that changes the nature of the pose.
  • Journal daily.

Mudra: Atmanjali Mudra

Description: Different than Prayer, in this mudra, the palms touch and are brought down in front of the breast bone so that the wrists are in alignment with the elbows. There is space between the fingers, space for you to contemplate, where the mind is not so full of what the ego believes it already understands. Fingertips gently touch. Often the head is bowed in reverence.

Benefits: Creates harmony and balance, repose and peace. It harmonizes coordination of left and right brain. It can support meditation or when you have a request for the Divine. It is with this gesture that you express reverence and gratitude. Many cultures like India and Thailand bring the hands to Atmanjali mudra and bowing when greeting someone. 

  • Perform Atmanjali every day while in Child's Pose, but also when greeting someone and note the response and energy that it generates.
  • It is advised to hold mudras for at least 15 minutes, but up to 45 for desired affect. Try this!
  • Use with meditation.
Breath: Normal

Here we watch our normal breath, but with a deep understanding of the flow. We feel the inhalation (puraka) of cool breath coming in through the nostrils and we notice the exhalation (rechaka) of warm breath leaving the nostrils. In between notice the retention of breath (kumbhaka). Do not try to change anything. Simply become the observer of your breath. This is what breathes you every day. This is the natural occurring phenomenon that keeps you alive. Give reverence to the breath by placing the hands in Atmanjali mudra. 

Meditation: Breathing

See above - the breath is the meditation. Stay here for 5-15 minutes or more. Immerse yourself into the breath and dissolve the ego. Just be. 

Mantra: OM

Is there anything more divine than the simplest mantra of all: OM?
Are you still a little shy about chanting out loud in class? Here is your chance to practice. OM has three parts: AH - OH - MM. It is said to use all of the sounds available to us, and is actually the vibratory sound that makes up all that ever was, is or will be in the Universe. Chanting OM is said to bring us home. You will find that OM usually begins many longer mantras, so practice and open up the energy now, so that you can move into bigger mantras as the year progresses. 

  • Practice chanting each part separately, and then put them all together
  • Chant three times daily
  • Work up to 108 times daily
  • Chant OM whenever you think of it!

Remember to journal about your experience daily. Notice what changes throughout the month. And ask your yoga teacher for guidance with any of these practices before or after regular yoga classes. To book a private lesson, contact ONE Yoga at or 609-918-0963.