Sunday, March 8, 2020

Focusing on Good Health and Healing

It seems appropriate that as the spiritual director of our community that I touch upon the current panic and hysteria occurring regarding the current virus outbreak from China. I am not a health official nor do I have the lofty titles appropriated to such people. I also do not have any political agendas or links to big pharma, Purell and other companies currently benefitting from what is happening. So, there's that. What I do have is 51 years of living with germs, fighting off bacterias with my own immunity, and over twenty years working with Holistic Healing energies. That has to count for something.

What I want to focus on is GOOD HEALTH. HEALING. HIGHER LIGHT ENERGY. And, of course, LOVE.

We know through our yoga practice that our mind is our own worst enemy. When we obsess over any topic, we find ourselves in a negative loop that accelerates dis-ease and disharmony. When we begin to release the mental activity and slow down the thoughts, we begin to tune into a harmonious nature with our Highest Self and the potential to create, sustain good health, and thrive.

P.S. This is for all the time - not just now. We know this, we have studied this, we have lived and breathed this. This is our yoga "to go" stuff. It has applied for thousand of years and it continues to be relevant today. Give these holistic healing practices a try:

1. 4,4,8 breathing. Inhale to a slow count of four, hold your breath for a slow count of four, and then exhale to a slow count of 8. Sustain for 3-10 minutes and repeat as needed. Notice how you feel in your body. This changes the brainwaves and helps relieve anxiety and stress.

2. Walk in Nature. Go outside to a park or into an area with trees. Turn off the Television, Cell Phone, and any other means of external communication. Take a nice, long walk in nature. Feel each step on the earth. Breathe deeply as you walk. Relax into your body. Breathe in the fresh air and oxygen. This helps to keep us grounded and connected to the inter web of Oneness of the planet and overall healing and well-being.

3. Inhale "I AM" and Exhale "HEALTHY" - repeat. If you need a boost, try to Inhale "MY IMMUNE SYSTEM" and Exhale "IS STRONG". This helps bring in the energy that you are looking to build upon.

4. Add lemon to your water each day. Drink warm or cold and keep hydrated. Lemons are full of vitamins and help detoxify the body. The water helps flush the toxins out.

5. Thymus Tapping. Find your Thymus gland, approximately 2 inches below the notch in between your collarbones. With index and middle finger, tap sternly to feel vibration through you. Do 20 seconds to several minutes. The Thymus is the primary lymphoid organ in the body. Stimulating the gland helps boost your immune system.

6. OM. Chant the Mantra OM over and over and over until you feel the vibrations resonating deeply throughout your entire being. OM harmonizes our inner and outer being to an energy of higher light vibration, which expedites healing and well-being.

7. Thieves Oil. Young Living Essential Oils makes medical grade Thieves Oil. The story goes that during the Bubonic Plague, marauders lathered in this blend of oils to ward off illness...and it worked.

In light of recent events, I invite you to take positive intention and holistic health to the next level. Do not panic because that does not help anyone or contribute to healing of the planet in any way. Instead, try the above aforementioned items and see if they do not work for you in some way.  

Remember that we can heal anything and we can manifest GOOD HEALTH, HEALING, and THRIVING ENERGY by intention and focused concentration.

Be well, everyone.
In Love & Light,

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