Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The Energy of Covid-19

Everything is energy. Everything that ever was, is or will be - it is all energy. Quantum physics revealed that energy is always in a state of flux. It never retires completely, but simply changes form. And, it is all inter-connected. As a student and teacher of vital energy for twenty years, I tend to look at everything from an energetic perspective. Here is my take on Covid-19...

Covid-19, the current global pandemic, is a virus affecting the respiratory system. The respiratory system spans two chakras, or psycho-spiritual centers, in the human body: the 5th and 4th chakras. But there is actually even more to it.

For those who are new to the term Chakra, this is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or disk. The human body contains seven main chakras that align through the center of the body. Each have different attributes and connect to organs, glands and bodily processes as well as contain qualities of the personality. Sanskrit is the language of the ancient yogis, who contemplated on the nature of reality through processes like yoga, meditation and internal cleansing. These practices, although thousands of years old, are widely known today. And with the addition of technological advances, the chakra system can now be seen through aura photography. The whole reason for understanding the chakra system is to understand the person - who we are and who and what we were meant to be. The psychology of this system has been vastly studied and deserves our attention.

There is much that we do not know about Covid-19. What we do know is that it is transmitted person-to-person through respiratory droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes. The lungs and bronchial tubes are situated in the 4th chakra, Anahata, at the center of the chest or cardiac plexus. This chakra is known to be equated with our ability to love, unconditionally. The organ of the heart (which also resides in this chakra) aside, love and the heart are inextricably connected. It is said that all healing can occur when we focus on the energy of love - whether that is internal healing on a personal level or global healing on an external level. Many studies have proven that love heals and many yoga teachers prefer to work with this chakra in classes to provide students with the ability to tap into this unlimited healing energy.

The lungs and the heart are vital organs. They are protected by the ribcage but if dis-ease decides to descend into one of these organs, it can be fatal. Love is a vital quality. Without the ability to give and receive love, unconditionally, we unintentionally invite in dis-ease because we block out the healing life force energy by closing down our receptivity to oxygen, circulation, and vital nutrients. The organ of the heart is actually the largest transmitter of energy - both electrical and spiritual. A Yale study by cardiologist Dean Ornish actually proved that people who felt loved and supported had fewer blockages in their heart arteries. There are many more proven connections between the energy of love, the heart organ and the 4th chakra.

The 5th chakra is located in the throat or pharyngeal plexus. This energy center is quite small in relation to the 4th chakra. the name is Vissuhda, which means purification. While many people focus on the qualities of communication, which undoubtably relate to this chakra center since the mouth and throat are involved, we also cannot discount the discussion on toxic energy.

The obvious connection to the mouth and throat with Covid-19 need not be discussed in length here - you get it, we cough and droplets leave our mouth. So what of this purification? The 5th chakra is the area of the body that filters energy. When someone speaks through their 5th chakra, we receive the information through our 5th chakra with our ears. Speaking and hearing are both equal parts of this system. Over-focusing on speaking without listening is only a part of what this chakra relates to. So when you receive distorted, incorrect, false or discordant energy through your ears, you begin to filter this energy. Those who are pretty clear and "pure" will realize the toxic energy quickly and immediately move to avoid it. Those who are not so cleaned up in this area will continue to allow this energy in, which in turn, promotes more dis-ease. Prolonged periods of taking in toxicity allows actual disease to manifest in the body.

Now, toxic energy comes in through the ears, but also through the mouth with the foods that we eat. How pure are you eating? Or, have you created an overly toxic environment to enter into you through that intake system? And remember that the filter works both ways. So, are you spreading toxic energy through hateful speech, rumors, lies and other wrong words? If your words have love behind them you can never go wrong. If they do not, you have to consider if they are toxic.

Now that we understand these chakras, I want to introduce the 12th chakra. Not defined by the ancient yogis as precisely as the first seven, many current day healers and teachers are discussing this energy center now. The 12th chakra relates to the auric body or egg around the human being which links to 32 other secondary points in the body. For our purposes here we should understand that the throat and lungs are included in this extensive list. The purpose of the 12th chakra is our connection to nature and natural/spiritual forces and the body. This is how unseen energy connects to us and where we allow energy in or restrict energy and keep it out. Think of this as a master filtering process of unseen forces.

Okay, so how does this all link with Cover-19?

Well, first remember that everything is energy. This virus is toxic, unwanted, lower vibrational energy. There is nothing loving about it. It is said to attack those with lower immune systems and pre-existing conditions the worst. People with low immunity have a weakened energy in the 4th chakra. Those with respiratory issues also have lowered energy in the 4th and 5th chakras. We can also assume that the 12th chakra egg is allowing for this lower vibrational energy to enter as well. The virus moves through the air (sometimes attaching to surfaces) and our weakened energy system allows it in. Most of us are walking around with weakened energy systems somewhere, by the way. Regardless of the work that you may have done so far on your energy system, most people are still working through the issues that we incarnated here to work on, and thus that 12th chakra has openings and cracks in it. Once the lower vibrational energy enters our auric field, it can move into the internal chakras. Once it is there, and with prolonged periods of dis-ease and disharmonious rhythms, it will manifest into physical realities.

What can we do on an energetic level to combat Covid-19?

First, we can boost our immunity. Eat as many whole, organic foods as you can. Tap the thymus gland. Stretch open the chest muscles and connect to deep breaths.

Next, pour tons of love into yourself and out into the world. "Love begets love," said Shakespeare. Love helps fight dis-ease and raises our vibratory field. Work on loving thoughts (not fear-based ones), speak loving words, and perform loving actions.

Last but certainly not least, detoxify. Get rid of the lower stuff that does not serve your spirit. The time is now to release your energy system of the things that you have been "meaning to" deal with. Your Highest Self understands what is right and what is not. You have probably known that eating a certain way, speaking a certain way, thinking a certain way, or behaving a certain way is not good for your body, mind, soul. And yet, we allow things. We've all had trauma. We've all had problems in our lives. We've all suffered. Suffering from this point forward is optional.

Regardless of a cure or a vaccination that may come soon, we must work urgently on our energy systems. Periods of quarantine are prime for this. Work on the inner self in every way possible. Stay healthy in your body and your mind. Think positively that we can heal, globally, and be an active participant in the global healing. Consider your place in this world, and how you can be a part of making the word a better place.

If we all do this now, we can get to those cracks and leaks in the auric field, and begin to firm them up for the future.

Everything is energy, my friends. This virus is no different. We can change its energy, but we have to get to it individually.

In Love, Service & Wisdom

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