Sunday, April 26, 2020


You know the phrase:
April showers bring May flowers.
For years this didn't exactly work out as the earth was in flux and some years we skipped spring and moved right to summer and found ourselves in hot and humid May months too quickly for plants to mature at their natural pace. Other years it felt like Winter would never end and the plants that did come out, quickly froze and died overnight.
Now with the slowdown of the world, the earth is healing by cleaning the air, the water, and the land is thriving again. It feels as though the natural cycles are returning and the rhythms of the planet are back on track.
I try to keep this in mind when I get restless about being at home or worried about the future. I keep trusting in a grander plan, and this is my proof.
The term "Stop and Smell the Roses" seems quite timely to me for May. Of course we have all slowed down, but life has also marched on. Some people are busy taking online courses, reorganizing their home or applying for new jobs. Many people are finding that they are busier now than before! Whether your workload has doubled or you've found yourself absorbed in something new, make sure that you continue to find time to STOP, and smell those roses...because boy, are they particularly aromatic this year!
Of course this theme also reminds us to focus on the simple things in life and the beauty in the world. There is a lot of low/negative energy all riled up out there. How do we keep from allowing that into our energy field and get lost on the hamster wheels in our heads?
Well, of course yoga and meditation techniques can assist. In fact, I really think its important to be doing at least five minutes of yoga breathing, daily. For physical practice, at least 2-3 times a week right now. Meditation can be implemented daily as well. It doesn't take much time, but it does require you to be consistent for optimum benefits.
As a wise man from my time once said, "Life moves pretty fast...if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it!"
Let's not miss out on this beautiful opportunity to stop and smell the roses this month. But hey, you can't smell much from this beautiful picture - you gotta get your butt outside in the fresh air to smell it!
Happy May, everyone!
In Love, Service and Wisdom