Sunday, August 2, 2020

August Newsletter 2020

Hello Everyone!

I am usually ahead of the game for writing the monthly newsletters, yet here I find myself on July 28th just sitting down to write. I can hardly believe that another month is about to conclude for 2020. Time has accelerated and so much is happening. My hope is that you find yourself in a good place as you read this - happy, healthy and finding purpose in the world. 

Our state began to open and people are heading out more to enjoy the beautiful weather. We are still moving about mindfully and that continues at the studio. I implemented in-studio classes last month to a minimum of 6 total people, spaced out more than 6 feet. Students enter through the front door, leaving shoes outside, and wear a mask while moving about the studio. As we know and understand, breathing is a key to the yoga practice and to life. We must perform yoga breathing practices daily to keep our respiratory system in optimum health and to allow for valued pranic energy to expand within our being, giving us a feeling of vitality and health. I cannot, in good conscious, promote wearing a mask during yoga practice, however I do honor your right to do so. This is another reason for the increased spacing at the studio as well as inviting you to continue practicing with us on Zoom Classroom.

Zoom, or some other version of online learning, will be with us indefinitely. Many students have commented on their increased level of practice due to the convenience of this format. I have been teaching for a month to rooms with a few students as well as Zoom students, and it is surely interesting. It is challenging for me as a teacher to connect to both sets of people at the same time, but I am sincerely doing my best to do so. I feel that I can also speak for Elina in this context as she is also joining me with her Monday evening class being offered in-studio as well as online. 

Moving into August we will continue the same way. I am adding an additional all level Hatha class on Thursday evenings at 5:30 pm. I have also spoken to Barbara Gallucci and she and I will be sharing a Sunday morning yoga class beginning in September, and will offer one Sunday pop-up class for August so check out that schedule. As you can see, I am slowly bringing a few classes back. But I am also erring on the side of caution and not overextending things. My intuition tells me to keep things lighter and simpler than in the past and to refine the offerings at the studio. I am still in the process of determining just what this all means. 

I have had some people reach out to me about our lovely community classes. We used to offer two classes a week for a $5 drop-in to those on a budget in the community. We used a rotation of teachers to do this and it was very much liked by the few that attended regularly. In all transparency, I do not foresee these classes least any time in the near future. In-studio limitations as well as fee collection issues and lack of teachers for rotation make this a real challenge. Remember that we do offer Senior rates for those over 65, and that is simply the best that I can do at this time. The bills at the studio, remember, never stopped when everyone went into Quarantine. My landlords, although nice people, still wanted full rent. Utilities and other monthly expenses continued. I put my full self into teaching all the classes for our community, plus several others for corporate and non-profit clients that I have in order to keep revenue flowing into the studio, and that is the only reason why we survive today with an intact studio, while so many others have closed. 

Remember that if you are interested in joining in-class you must email me 24-hours prior to the class to determine if there is space, and await confirmation back from me before you come over. Please do not drop-in, text or contact me same day of classes as I simply cannot keep up. 

In addition to the yoga classes, I have expanded in offering crystals and hosting crystal sales on facebook once a month. Crystals, in addition to looking pretty, hold metaphysical properties, and their healing properties have been used by many cultures over the millenia. Many of us are awakening to the power of crystals, and even more are understanding the value of having them to harness their healing powers. If this speaks to you, watch for the next live crystal sale on my facebook page or ask to stop in for a private shopping experience at the One Spirit Metaphysical Shop.

On a closing note, my Doctoral certificate arrived this week and I am officially a Reverend Doctor in Interfaith Ministries. I offer a variety of custom wedding, baptism or baby naming, commitment ceremony, end of life, spiritual counseling and other services. They are listed on the website under "Ministries" and I would LOVE to hear from you if you have an important event coming up. 

I'm continuing to hold protective space and healing space at the studio and for our community. If you feel that I can help you in any way, please reach out. I'll continue to create new offerings as I feel that they may benefit our community and look forward to seeing you all soon - virtually or in person.

In Love, SERVICE and Wisdom,


The hot, dry summer is in full swing. Are you on vacation or at least chilling out a bit? You should be! Be careful not to drain yourself by overdoing it right now or you may end up with a summer cold or draining your immune system. We need plenty of sleep, rest and fluids right now. Take care of yourself because Fall is coming, and Harvest Season is here!

The bounty from our home and local gardens is thriving at this time. Eat as many natural and local produce available. Can or jar and prepare for winter so that you can continue to enjoy these foods for months to come. 

August 1st is the celebration Lammas, the first Harvest festival for wheat. Have you tried making homemade bread of pasta? And if so, why haven't you called me for dinner? Seriously, wheat may be my downfall, but I say to bring it on in August. Corn is also celebrated with the Native American Corn Festivals in late summer. Both of these festivals include dancing and eating. But also there are many fasting and cleansing rituals done at this time of year, so listen to your own body's callings and adjust as you need to this time of year. 

As for your yoga practice, it should not be a strenuous one. Restorative and Gentle Yoga are the real appropriate practices for August. I'm hoping to offer a Restorative practice soon, so keep looking out. Until then, Gentle Yoga offerings are Tuesdays 4:30 pm, Thursdays 11 am and the two Sunday pop-ups in August listed above. You will also see many Hatha classes adjusted for these needs. 

Happy Birthday to our Leo & Virgo friends celebrating this month. When in class, let us know it is on or around your birthday and we will be happy to offer your favorite yoga pose to celebrate you!

Love to all. Peace to all. Light to all.

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