Sunday, August 2, 2020

The World of 2020

I believe when this year began we all had high hopes for white light, good vibes and peace on earth. What we didn't or couldn't foresee was the method behind the madness...please, stay with me...

I think that we can all agree that our world is a mess. War, poverty, abuse, misuse - the list goes on. In the name of progress we have harmed our planet and our relationships with each other. In the vein of "higher" education we have moved away from communing with the earth's natural energies for technology. In our rush to understand the world, we forgot that transformation comes with great upheaval and challenges. And thus, here we are.

The ancient yogis who developed the practices that we perform today to cleanse our body and mind and connect to our spiritual selves, also realized that there were cycles that the earth went through. These stages or "Yugas" spanned hundreds or even thousands of years at a clip. Kali Yuga is the current stage that our planet is in. It is defined as a difficult time period of war and strife - an age of darkness, corruption, greed and low vibrational energy. It is controlled by the masculine energy of the planet in the age of iron. It is a tough time but one that is necessary in order to move into the next stage. 

The prediction is that Lord Shiva, the destroyer, will come to dismantle everything as we know it, so that Lord Brahma, the Creator, can begin a new here and the Universe and humanity will once again know and live in Truth, harmony and well-being. This time will thus be known as the Satya Yuga. 

Where exactly we are in this cycle is clouded in mystery. Many believe Kali Yuga is in its final days. Some say we ended Kali Yuga and are already in the process of moving into Satya Yuga. With eons and eons of Yugas begin sometimes thousands and even millions of years at a clip, there seems to be no consensus of the actual timeline in the present, although everyone agrees that we are definitely seeing final days playing out. 

What this means for us is that we are seeing the untruths come to light. We are seeing a massive war between dark and light, duality and Oneness, and fear and love in the news and in our world every single day. So, we must ask ourselves what is the truth instead of blindly accepting what we are told or what even what we see. We must get true and real with ourselves and accept our place in holding space for the light and the higher vibrational energies on the planet. There is simply no other alternative. 

2020 is certainly a strange year! The C-virus alone and all that it created in its wake is insane. We look back at the year that began with devastating wildfires in Australia and continually moved to more preposterous energies such as African desert dust clouds and murder hornets. Some of us are asking what is next...others are waiting for the Aliens to show up. Whether you believe that this entire year is a massive conspiracy agenda, Armageddon is upon us, or that this is an astounding time of worldwide Ascension to higher energy, we can all agree on one thing: we are living in total and utter confusion on a daily basis. 

I choose to believe that we are in a stage of Ascension. I believe that the ancient yogis understood this - just like they understood so many other things that continue to be validated by modern science. I choose to see this as a massive AWAKENING on a global level, and that we can find peace on earth at the end of this...but I also do believe that we have a lot more work to do...because clearly, not everyone is on this same page...

I ask you one question: what do you have to lose by changing your mindset to a positive outlook and agreeing that all the absurdity of 2020 is a collective awakening and ascension process? That we are looking at the completion of Kali Yuga? It is said that once enough of us awaken and move into this higher energy that we can push it forth to be. I need your help in achieving this reality. 

I keep saying that if you are waiting for the world to get "back to normal" you are missing the point. If you are living in the past, you are going to be severely let down. This is a time to create a new and great world. 

Ask yourself:

How you can contribute to the global world? 
How can you connect to natural energy? 
How can you be of service?
How can you stand up for injustice?
How can you be an active participant in creating the world we all want to live in?

And then everyday, DO SOMETHING towards that goal.

I work tirelessly to help teach people a methodology that I believe can truly create positive transformation: Yoga. I believe that my purpose on earth is to teach people how to calm the mind and tune into the body, nature and the energies of the planet in finding one's own purpose and Highest Self. 

If you are lost, reach out. I believe that if you are living in this current time that there is a plan for you and I want to help you to see it too.

Let's continue to move through this crazy, fluid year with love, patience, kindness and in support of Oneness. 

In Love, SERVICE and Wisdom,

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