Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Traveling - Oh How I Miss Thee...

I am a world traveler. I have been to many countries and continents and had a dream that I would actually not just visit, but make friends - real friends - in each country on the planet. Now I understand that the reality of this may be challenging, however, it is on my internal vision board. And I went about this for many years with good results. I was amping things up and really moving into more travel for 2020 and beyond - that was all on my actual vision board.

Also on that vision board? Words like "HOME" "HOME STUDIO" "RELAX"...etc...

My yoga retreat company: Sacred Journeys by One Yoga Center, began to really take off last year. This year with trips to Italy, Peru and Bali in the books and cooking up more, I was primed to be traveling around the country and the world at least two solid months of the year. This excited me because I love to travel and see the world and I was considering amping up this business to be traveling even more in 2021.

Also on my vision board: "LIFE IN BALANCE."

The Universe, in her INFINITE WISDOM, decided that I needed to be grounded this year. Of course I am not alone in this. I came back from Thailand March 4th. I am writing this five months later and my aching to travel is welling within me to a boiling point. I feel suffocated and irritable and I need to get away.

As a Yogini, I must ponder the thoughts about being home. Am I satisfied in my home life? Do I travel in order to avoid being home? Etc. I sit with this daily, especially when the feelings of suffocation arise.

No, I am not living in an ideal setting. Having sold our dream home a year ago and renting a nice, but not "dream" home now, I must consider my displacement a factor in my discontentment. Being forced to stay in (quarantine) goes against everything that I believe in...and the Rebel in one of my Archetype houses finds it therefore, a challenge, as if I were smacked in the face with fencing gloves.

What does travel look like in our new world? I do believe that we have been irrevocably changed by the current world dynamics. And although I hold incredible light and space for the ability to travel the world again, freely, I also feel an overwhelming energetic pull slowing that down. Where will we be in a year? Who knows where we will be by the end of this week, so how can we even dream to answer that?

As a traveler to other countries, I am familiar with the mandatory vaccination process. I had to get them for Bolivia - Yellow Fever, in fact. That vaccination didn't sit well in my body. I developed a nasty site rash that modern medicine could not remedy. In one year I had been vaccinated for Yellow Fever, Hepatitis, Typhoid...and I feel like I am missing something else...who could keep track! And while I willingly took those vaccinations in order to travel, I also noticed a year of very poor health, something quite unusual for me. I do believe that my body took in too much to process that year and told myself that I would practice more discernment in the future when traveling. And now we are at a precipice of mandatory vaccinations for a fast-tracked vaccination on C-19, with world-wide repercussions, including, potentially, micro-chipping.

Full transparency...not sure I like all that.

Should mandatory methods become the means in which one can travel, this will be huge determining factor in my ability to move about the world again. So, I think, there must be another way.

I am still holding a lot of space for world healing. In my healing of the world I see all of that previous paragraph nonexistent. For now, I am choosing to live in that container instead of freak out about the other potential. I simply must.

In the meantime, I sit with my feelings in the here and now. No, I am not contented (santosha in sanskrit) with where I live. Yes, I would like my own home in which to CREATE and make my own again. Yes, I would like to work less and carve out more down time for myself to pursue other things without the stressors I put myself under in order to cram things in to my already busy schedule. And yes, I am more than ready to put retreats and travel plans together for this great country of ours, because there is much beauty, ancient worlds and thriving panic energetic vortexes right here that require less stress to visit.

I am putting intention out to travel in the Fall or early Winter. Although still on the fence about grabbing get air tickets, I am hopeful that things will come. Long story short, I miss you, crowded airports, busy trams and hotel shuttle services. I miss getting lost in a new city and finding that special little place that was meant just for me. I miss it all. And I know that things will be different moving forward, but the different I am looking for is one that makes things easier and even more convenient. Yes, definitely holding space for that.

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