Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Reclaiming Your Sovereignty

A few months ago my husband mentioned the word "Sovereignty" in a conversation that we were having. Of course I was familiar with the word, but  I hesitated, looked at him, and said, "What does that really mean? I don't think I really understand that word." His attempt to define it only confused me more...he had a limited understanding, himself. Since then that word has blown up all around me. I keep seeing it in almost every energy healer, light worker or intuitive's posts. It is coming up in respect to current world events as well as in metaphysical realms. So, I thought, this must be an important word to Understand...

Sovereignty means independence and supreme power. Government and world order aside, to reclaim our Sovereignty means to step into our HIGHEST SELF and RECLAIM OUR POWER as CREATORS and CREATRIX of our lives. We do this as we step into the flow of ONENESS, the supreme and ultimate energy of LOVE, the only TRUTH that exists.

This may sound heavy...a little "out there" or over the top to some. Of course EVERYTHING IS ENERGY. Energy is constantly changing form - rising, falling, and showing up in ways that are often unexpected and transformative. When we reclaim our Sovereignty we see and feel fully this ebb and flow of energy and know that our place is a part of a greater whole, and that when we are moving in that truth we are gliding effortless as ONE BEING.

Duality and our archaic world has created an illusion. We feel separate. We feel defeated. We feel lonely. We feel abandoned. All of this could not be farther from the truth. We just need to take off our blinders to see the WHOLE TRUTH and reclaim our rights in this world - literally creating heaven on earth - right here - right now.

Every major religious order in the world talks about a utopian world. Ancient Civilizations lived this REALITY, that's how we know it is true. The stories that we grew up with are more than mere tales - they are energetic imprints of what is to come when we all reclaim our sovereignty and move into this HIGHER LIGHT ENERGY.

We can begin to move into this light by disavowing the antiquated dualistic energies that we have been living in our entire life. So, therein lies the rub! We feel a certain way because we have been conditioned and taught to feel a certain way, see a certain way, think a certain way, be a certain way. But what if - just for a moment - we saw a tear in the veil of this illusionary world? What if - just for a millisecond - we allowed ourselves to DREAM? To BELIEVE? To CREATE?

I grew up very aligned to the dark energy around me. It did not scare me and I welcomed it. I wrote about the darkness, I felt it all around me, and I spent most of my earlier years honoring and appreciating it. Through a series of fortunate events, energy began to shift, as it usually does, just when the time was right and I was ripe to understand the light.

Once I began to see the light, I could no longer avoid it. Everywhere I looked, I saw light. Over the years, the light began to grow stronger and stronger. It scared me! My own light scared me! As Marianne Williamson said, "Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?" But you know what she also said? She said, "Who are you NOT to be? You are a child of God."And here is the most important part:

"Your playing small does not serve the world."

I realized that it was I who kept myself small. Nobody else did it. Of course the systems in place liked to think that they had kept me small. But it was my own self who drove that vehicle. Once I invited HIGHER LIGHT DIVINE ENERGY into my life, my ego stepped back and I allowed that to begin to drive my energy. And then MAGIC happened. And I began to see that HIGHER LIGHT, HIGHER SELF, DIVINE ENERGY was all ONE IN THE SAME. It is all me - and at the same not me.

* * * AS ABOVE - SO BELOW * * *

So I ask you as we move into the Autumn months and energy begins to cool and continue to recalibrate to optimize our availability to connect to our Highest Self:



Repeat Daily. Often.

Invoke Spirit - Universal Light - God/Goddess

Light a white candle and Meditate

With energy ripe for this work, the time is now. I'm happy to meet you for Spiritual Guidance - or check out some of my upcoming events on the website of Facebook page for One Yoga to see if anything resonates with you.

All is Coming.

In Love, Service and Wisdom,
Rev. Dr. Tracey