Monday, December 28, 2020

"Recalibration" - the word of 2020

What were you doing January 1, 2020? Were you nursing a hangover? Putting together a fabulous vision board? Traveling the world? Putting away your holiday decorations? Preparing for a long winter's nap? While I do not recall what I was actually doing January 1, I do remember that January was a busy month full of workshops, trainings, energy healings and more. After selling our home and moving closer to the yoga studio, I dove into my work with more committed fierceness. I knew that 2020 was going to be a shift of energy, but I couldn't see in what way or how. In fact, I do not think that even the most intuitive psychics saw what happened this year, coming.

2020 was to be an epic travel year, with trips planned to Thailand, Peru, Mexico and Italy, to name a few. People were locking in the international retreats and I was beginning to shift my energy towards running more retreats and less trainings. My love of travel and hosting were coming together nicely and I was more than excited to see where it would go.

Nearing the beginning of the trip to Thailand, worldwide panic began to rise about some virus out of China. I had traveled through China and to Thailand so many times and witnessed many people of Asian decent walking around with masks on a normal day, so the growing mass hysteria over my pending travel and purchase of appropriate mask attire, did not affect me much. Since my friend, Stu, mentioned the difficult air quality in Chiang Mai I did wind up purchasing masks for us, but never wound up using them. By March 3rd when we boarded our plane home from Phuket, the world was already in a different place. Friends and family were in a full-panic about my traveling home, with messages of being safe coming from everywhere. I sat next to a Chinese man who wore his mask the entire flight, except to eat and drink. I was literally coughed on by a Thai steward who turned his head away from a fellow employee in order to throw his internal air in the opposite direction - mine. Packed in JFK going through customs, nere an employee wore a mask, and very few travelers too. The energy felt chaotic, at best. Something sinister felt at hand. I remember feeling that I just wanted to get home.

And then, just like my usual, I landed on US soil, running. Between picking up my dogs and preparing for my yoga classes the very next day, I knew that the energy I gained from the rest and relaxation of being in paradise for about three weeks would get me through several busy months at work, and I was ready to go. I was pumped and excited about the rest of 2020. And off I went, downplaying any rising global threat to my reality.

Less than 10 days later, the US would close its borders and a global pandemic would rock our world, the likes of which most of us have never experienced before. 

The second half of March through May felt like a traumatic shockwave, sending rippling currents of confusion and disbelief through our world. Everything closed down. People were out of work. Toilet Paper became the most highly coveted item on earth. We did not know whether to laugh of cry at the information coming at us, let alone understand who to believe. An energy of fear slowly wafted over the earth like a slow moving fog, covering any sense of reality and normalcy. 

And then, the dolphins came back to Venice. The Tibetan mountains were seen in India for the first in a very long time. Families started spending more time and even eating dinner together again. In the midst of this horrendous situation, glimmers of hope began to shine through the fog, like sunlight. Here in the northeast the weather started to warm up and the idea of getting outside into nature became a real thing again. People started to appreciate mother earth and her fruits more than they had in too long a time - maybe ever - and the pets - wow, the pets thrived!

I had started to write "Covid Sucks" on every month of my work calendar, as I put large "X" across the entire thing, because by May it was apparent that my coveted yoga retreats would not be happening this year. And along with it, most of my workshops went bye-bye too. I was able to immediately move the yoga classes virtual, and had somehow had the foresight to create a Zoom account in January due to a potential need for a training program beginning in March, so I was, unknowingly, ready to go. It was lonely in the studio teaching by myself and to a laptop. But eventually I got used to it. Then when it was okay to open classes back up to limited capacity, I found new students coming in for the human interaction. The hybrid virtual/in-person classroom was yet another new thing to navigate, but we did it. The theme of the year obviously became "go with the flow."

Even my seminary school turned doctoral program had to be moved to all virtual. Between the work for that program and running my new hybrid classes and trainings, the summer rolled on, maybe even busier than ever. I found myself jealous of everyone who was learning new skills during their welcomed down-time. I know someone who took a course at Harvard! Another person learned a new language. More folks lost weight and started a new, healthy lifestyle. All around me I watched as more people began to move in all kinds of new directions. With the busy lifestyles that everyone had become accustomed to, the slowdown was finally allowing people to find time for the things that they always wanted to learn or understand. Energy continued to shift. The summer felt to me like a massive 3D chessboard in the sky, with pieces continually moving about in order to find their true positions. 

And then, just like that, the 3D chessboard went 5D. The looming US election came with waves and waves of distortion through the energy field. The semblance of peace and significance that people found in early quarantine changed into the most surreal, confused energy yet. Layers of long and deep rooted deceptions became uprooted. Literally, our reality system, the one that we have functioned in since the time our history books discusses, the only one that most people know and understand, continued to fragment and break apart. The ugly head of duality reared its head like a dragon about to blow his final fiery breath.

But the thing is, we are all getting used to this by now. The not knowing, the misunderstanding and navigating this dark energy - we are getting better at dealing with it. We are shifting. Some of us have shed old skin and are ready to shed another layer whenever we need to. Some others may be still struggling to regain a sense of "return to normal" that they, frankly, will never see again. 

The truth of it all is that this year of 2020 was a global recalibration. That normal that some seek - the way that things used to be - it wasn't working, was it? If we get real, we can be honest that much of our world and humanity was not working out so well. Truth is, we needed a massive resetting in order to get us to the next level of reality and movement from duality to Oneness. 

We are not there yet.

This recalibration has just started. Nobody can tell when it will end. The only thing for certain is that we need to find new ways to work and to be. If the recalibration has sent you on a new path, great. Follow it, but be open. There is still much illusion in our field. And some of us are still working through some very basic, primal energies. Will we see a new world in 2021? Maybe. Perhaps. Potentially. I can't see it. I said to a friend the other day, you know how a pendulum sometimes shakes but doesn't yet reveal which direction it wants to move in? I feel like we are there right now. My only advise is to let go, to find new ways to do things, and to be better, kinder, more loving people in the process.

If you are feeling tired - sleep. If you feel like your job no longer serves you - find another one. If your passion to sing or dance or play music is still something you haven't made time for - just do it. Start listening deeply to your intuition and attune to the rhythms of Mother Earth. All will be revealed in due time. For now, stop resisting the recalibration. It is in your best interests to go with it and realign to your Highest Self. This master-plan, the 5D chessboard, there are still so many unknowns, and the strategies that we have used before, most likely no longer work with this new game. How could they when the game keeps evolving? 

One of my students said recently, "More fun in '21." I like it! Let's get to that. At the end of the day, we cannot change the course of reality and the world's energetic recalibrations. But what we can manage to do is focus on the things that bring true, effortless joy into our lives...and live there in the present moment - striving to be the best version of ourselves that we can be. I'm moving there myself. 

Thank you for listening. 

I love you.

- Rev. Dr. T

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