Saturday, May 1, 2021

May Newsletter - Blooms & Booms

Dear friends of One Yoga Center,


May is for blooming flowers, trees and the lushious vitality of life. Everything is awakening and sprouting. Even the intentions we placed for new energy earlier in the year and spent the wintertime justating and manifesting are now starting to show signs of life. May is the month of promise, and probably one of your own favorite times of year. It's also my birthday month so I am a little partial to it too!


And booms! A boom is a resonance or reverberation, sometimes presented as a vibrational sound like thundering or roaring. Did you know that MaMa Earth has a frequency? It does. It has a natural pulsation of 7.83 Hz in the electromagnetic field, as detected in 1952 by physicist Dr. Winfried Otto Schumann (for those curious, the frequency of the human body is approximately 7.5 Hz). Schumann notably named the device that measures this frequency "The Schumann Resonance," and you can easily find apps and websites that track this resonance minute by minute. I've been watching the Schumann now for a couple of years and have found some interesting personal relations to when the 7.83 harmonic frequency takes a spike away, which can be caused by a variety of factors such as solar winds. Many people around the world have also started to chart recognizable and unpleasant physical and mental fluctuations when the Schumann goes off this natural resonance. For me, the ringing in my ears kicks up, I feel more tired than usual, sometimes more sore in parts of my body, inflammation and/or completely depleted, as well as an inability to think clearly and general lethargy. The "symptoms" of this flux are well noted and while studies are always being conducted, there are mixed reviews about the final results. Suffice it to say, if we are all energy and live in a harmonic convergence with the earth, and that goes off kilter, then wouldn't it make sense that our experience goes off the rails as well? And, of course, you should always seek treatment form a medical doctor if symptoms persist. 


Higher Light


I've been throwing around these words for a few years now. Maybe you are still confused by it. What I have been trying to teach is that the harmonic frequencies on the planet are changing. We are feeling more and more unbalanced since the energy around us is lightening up, yet our dense tissue is still aligned to the old energy pulse. Many people feel that the human race is being "upgraded" to a lighter body, mentioned in numerous yogic text as the "Light Body," that generally says that through our yogic refinement process, we can create a formless existence and connect with our One, unified, true being. Since this harmonic resonance continues to be in flux during this phase, we owe it to ourselves to stay in alignment as best as we can.


Best Practices


Some of the best tools that we can use for working through this period we are in consist of the things that we have always known, but perhaps gotten away from. 

1. Go out in nature. Breathe fresh air. Commune and connect to the natural energy of Mama Earth - the ultimate healer - and for this you will never be sorry.

2. Rest. Go to bed at a good time. Make sure that your bedroom is a perfect space to relax and sleep well in. Remove electronics and devices that disrupt sleep from your bedroom and log off those devices an hour or two before bedtime.

3. Drink plenty of water. We, humans, are approximately 60-70% makeup of water. If the moon can guide the tides in the ocean, imagine what spikes in the energy of the planet are doing to our bodies. Stay hydrated and drink as much water as you can, eliminating other beverages whenever possible.

4. Yoga & other physical activity is so important. Keep your body moving. It is going through a lot! Yoga is a perfect and complete practice, designed for exactly these times, and I am not just saying that to get you to come to class...but, there's that too!


So whatever is booming and blooming for May, I am sending you many blessings that it is positive and of the Highest Light Energy.


 In Love, Service and Wisdom,

Dr. Tracey

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Friday, April 16, 2021

The Shaming Needs to Stop

We can all agree that we are being put through the ringer the past 14 months or so. Everyone is dealing with his or her own issues, and life has gotten progressively simplified through a complicated process of  illumination and releasing.

So many things have arisen out of this year for the good. Many people got behind important movements as the spotlight was thrust on dark secrets and abandonments in humanity. And while there is still much strife, misuse of power and privilege in the world, there is a whole lotta good that is coming out of all of this.

But the one thing that has been under my crawl all year is the constant shaming - or need to shame - others. Shaming occurs when a person attempts to thrust his or her judgements and beliefs on another who he or she has perceived to be in the wrong. Constant criticism through shaming is a trauma of the 3rd chakra - the center of our will and autonomy. The more shame is thrust upon us, the less empowered we are to be proactive and move forward in a positive direction. Perhaps you have seen this happening throughout the year.

You know me, I don't talk politics - I talk energy. I don't want to get into an argument over a specific agenda. I want to point you to an energy imbalance and ask that you sit with it and ponder your own place in this component. So no matter what the issue was this year - the pandemic and anything related to, the election and anything related to, or any of the many racial injustices highlighted, how did you react?

Did you use the topic to take a deep, and probably uncomfortable, look at yourself and in that honesty come to a deeper understanding of your role in this world? Or did you get behind a just cause to create positive ways to enhance the lives of many suffering?

Or, did you simply jump on a bandwagon of slander, propagation and shaming of another person or group of people? And if you did, how did they react? Was there retaliation, anger or worse?

I am not here to discuss what came first - the chicken or the egg scenario. I want us all to take a deep look at the things that are arising and in complete brutal honesty, ask ourselves how we can be better people. And stop blaming and shaming others.

Shame attacks our ability to be confident. If we succumb to the shaming, we disempower ourselves. We may retaliate out of fear or humility of the ego, or we may shrink and disappear.

I've witnessed life-long friends and family members confront each other on social media and in person all year long with an underlying shame-tactic at play. I am not sure how many people even realize what is happening. But part of the shifting of energy on the planet to one of higher vibration and light, is that the lower vibrational energies that manifest in ego, duality and separation are fighting to maintain their existence in our lives and our world. Even those who are more "enlightened" spiritually are succumbing to this energy. It's a slippery slope of spotlighting issues and working to cultivate a world of greater unity without tipping over into the dark energies awaiting us.

Listen, I am a white, heterosexual woman. I do not understand what it is to be black, homosexual, asian or anything other than what I am. But I do know what it feels like to be marginalized, suppressed, sexually harassed and gender biased. And I am quite sure that anyone on this planet has felt something like that somewhere in his or her life. Maybe you were the quiet kid bullied in school. Perhaps you were the prom king, pressured to perform. You get it - we've all seen "The Breakfast Club" (No, you haven't? Shame on you! Go watch it! hahaha, Sincerely kidding...but watch it anyway). My point is - and my point always is - we are all in this world together. 

When you fight for a cause - remember to put love first. When injustice is prevalent, ask what you can do in your life to help. And when it comes up in conversation or on your social wall, be thorough in your self-investigation before judging someone else. And when the need to confront is present, make sure that you are teaching and uplifting and not shaming and humiliating. This way we can all empower each other to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be.

Thank you for listening...

In love, service and wisdom

Dr. Tracey L. Ulshafer

Thursday, April 1, 2021

April Newsletter 2021 - Leap of Faith

Dear friends of One Yoga Center,


Here we find ourselves again, in our rapidly changing world, moving into another month. Welcome to April - the long-awaited emergence of warm weather and outdoor activities!


April is named after Aprillis, or Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty and love. And the birthstone of April is the Diamond, love's symbol of strength and perseverance. It seems only fitting that this year, we break out of our proverbial cocoons and emerge into the beautiful world of Springtime with the essence of love and faith.


But, of course, April begins on the 1st with April Fool's Day. Kind of an odd "holiday," April Fool's Day has always reminded me of the Tarot card "The Fool." If you are not familiar with it, there is typically a beggar or vagabond, gazing upward towards the sky, with his heart wide-open, as he is about to step off a cliff. Now, we have no idea how deep the cavern goes, but we make the assumption, "hey, dude, watch out!" The reality could be it is a minor ditch. But either way, The Fool is unaffected by it. He has love and trust in his heart, and he has faith that the Universe has his back. Now if I am to follow the rabbit hole further, The Fool's leap of faith also reminds me of another guy, the Hindu monkey-god, Hanuman, who also celebrates his birthday in April. He took an enormous leap from India to Shri Lanka to save Sita from a demon. We celebrate this leap in Hanumanasana, the posture of the full split - hey, those in The Vault, our online classroom, should check out the Hanuman classes to work with that energy! ...but I digress...


Hanuman, you see, is another avatar of love and faith. Beloved to many around the world, he inspires us to believe in the dynamic thought that love transcends all.


Leap of Faith


Try allowing the leap of faith to lead you into this new month. 

Perhaps you are ready to make your way out into the world again. Maybe you are feeling the energy of spring support you. Or, love may be guiding you to live life fully and unapologetically. Of course, however you desire to work with the energy of "Leap of Faith," is fine. I invite you to initiate something new and full of hopeful energy as you emerge into spring with love in your heart.


Go Outside - Breathe the Fresh Air!


I find myself deeply interested in offering outdoor classes so that we can find ways to gather again in community, yet struggling with finding places to hold them. There are several things in the works, so please stay in touch and reach out if you are interested in attending an outdoor yoga, meditation or other event. In the meantime, if you have a patio, deck or lovely outdoor area at your home, try to find a way to move your home practice there. Usually the wifi will work outside, and I welcome you to be in nature breathing the fresh air when you login to our zoom online classroom. Of course for those using pre-recorded classes through The Vault, you can certainly pop anywhere that supports internet to enjoy your own practice. 


It's easy to see why April is filled with positive energy and light.

I'm feeling it - and I'm hoping that you do too.


 In Love, Service and Wisdom,


Rev. Dr. Tracey L. Ulshafer

~ April's Message ~

I know I sound like a broken record, but you hear me say that Everything is Energy, and that energy is always shifting and changing. For the past 20 years I have dedicated my life to teaching yoga to the greater East Windsor area community and I will continue to do so. 


I am a month away from my 53rd birthday. Still a youngster at heart, I've embraced the crone wisdom years and am honoring my body's changes. I created "The Vault" to honor continued classes to support our community because I feel the need to slow down. I haven't figured it all out yet! But, I do feel like in the next several months will reveal the way. I know that the Universe guides me and moves me into the correct positions whenever I need a nudge, and the urging is present. 


I also feel called to expand my ministries, which is strongly influenced by my yoga teachings, but also offering assistance to those looking to improve energy - be it in the body, the home, work, or any facet of your environment where energy needs to move and flow again. I also hope to resume retreats soon, and am currently taking appointments for various ceremonies: weddings, baptisms, house clearings and blessings, etc.


Please reach out to me to book private shopping or energy alchemy appointments by emailing Info@OneYogaCenter.ner or calling 609-918-0963. 


In love, service and wisdom,

Dr. T

Monday, March 1, 2021

March Newsletter 2021 - Crysalis

Dear Yogi/Yogini Friends of One Yoga,


We have moved into March and the light is increasing. With the Spring Equinox, Ostera, looming around the 20th, we foresee the warmer weather and increased sunlight on the horizon, and I think we can all appreciate that.




Spring Equinox symbolizes the balance of light and dark as it is the midway point between Solstices when the sun hangs in the sky just as long in the daytime as it recedes during the nighttime. March is often equated to the energy of balance, something I teach in my yoga trainings and strive to work for in my own life. But balance can be just as elusive as anything else that we are seeking - if not even more-so. For how do we understand that what balance is without understanding what being out of balance is?


My two weeks in Florida in February, finding a home for my mother and seeing her transition to retirement there, turned into three weeks...and I can't say that that was a bad thing. When I am home I tend to work - a lot. And while I worked remotely from Florida, I also saw almost daily sunsets on the beach, enjoyed getting up and taking my time with morning rituals and watching the beautiful lake and its life with my chai tea. After a week I was off dairy and started to feel my body shifting from the chronic inflammation and abdominal distention with weight gain to a leaner and more healthy me. The real test for me now is to keep this energy going now that I am back home...definitely not an easy task, but creating balance in one's life never is.


Spring Cleaning


March is a perfect time for spring cleanses - physically, mentally and spiritually. Take a mindful walk through your life to see where you need to create more balance. Have you honored your creative side? Have you tended to family and other relationships in the best way that you could? Are you working smarter not harder? How about your home - does it support you and make you feel nurtured? Or is there somewhere in the house that you need to shift energy? And work, what about that? Does it support you yet still give you time for other things? And, hey, what are those other things that you have been meaning to do...when life returns to normal? It's really time to figure out how to get to them.




This year is a new type of balancing energy. Not only do we need to figure out how to create balance, but we now have to find new ways of doing things to have that balance. It sure is interesting. One thing that has changed and is not going away is digital technology. The advances that we are making in online, virtual, and with augmented reality are astonishing. The convenience and advancement in technologies are allowing us to; guess what; work smarter and have more time for those other things that we tend to push off for another day. If we can just embrace this transition period, I do believe that we will all find ourselves enjoying life a lot more in the near future. Not everything will be done through technology, but the things that are, will leave us with more time for the stuff we need and want to do in person.


The word chrysalis has been coming up a lot. That's where we are - in the transitionary phase from caterpillar to butterfly, when magical things are happening that cannot be seen with the naked eye. We need to trust the process, and embrace the fact that we will not be the same as we were before, but something even more incredible and beautiful.


The Vault


In this light, I had a spark of inspiration to offer a virtual classroom to our community that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from wherever you are. The Vault will be opening soon. In The Vault will be tens to hundreds of hours of precious gems from One Yoga Center. I have personally recorded over 35 classes that I am editing and uploading and am committed to offering at least three new classes each month for The Vault. Classes will include our signature styles: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, and Chair Yoga. I will also include discussions on various yoga topics and monthly energy updates and chats. This monthly subscription will be available on the one yoga website very soon. And although I will not be teaching you live there, you will still get the same spiritually themed yoga classes with emphasis on alignment and modifications that you have come to know and love from us. I am also earnestly trying to scheduling several of our past and present teachers to record so that you don't have to just practice with me. The Vault will be a well-rounded, eclectic offering of classes for those who cannot always practice live. 


I have to admit, the idea of offering this scared me a little bit. Not only has it been an incredible amount of work on the back end, but there were many other variables to think of...and change is usually always difficult. Once I really understood the impact that this could have on our community, I was all in. Some people are asking me when the studio will be open for in person classes. I don't have an answer to that, honestly. I was about to say that I do not have a crystal ball...but I do! I do have a crystal ball! In fact, I have several crystal balls - haha! My point is that I am responding to our ever-changing world in the best way that I can. Our live-streamed classes will continue. The schedule is always listed on our website. And now there is another option with The Vault.


I invite you to join me in our chrysalis and embrace the new us that we are witnessing being creating during this ascension phase. And for March, let's take a peek into our world and determine where we need to find more balance while things continue to transform.


In love, service and wisdom

Rev. Dr. T

Monday, February 1, 2021

February Newsletter 2021 - Cleanse & Purify

Dear Yogi/Yogini Friends of One Yoga,


Has the dust begun to settle a bit on 2021 for you? I hope that you are finding energy flowing again, albeit slowly, but towards an ultimately positive direction. It is the wintertime and we are still in the middle of the dark time of year when we recoil inward, slow down and rest more. So, you may be feeling much of the same as you have been. But the light is growing stronger everyday and we can enjoy the anticipation of the long awaited reemergence of spring.


As the second month of the year, February is linked to the number two in numerology, a number representing happiness and cooperation. And so, the energy of February is often linked to love, which many people feel comes from the connection to St. Valentine's Day, but partnerships are most often equated with two's and cooperation is most certainly needed in those. Is there no better way to experience happiness and cooperation than through love?


The latin for February is Februum, meaning purification. I think of this month as also being a great time to purify our inner world. We have been hunkering down, perhaps eating foods that are heavier and denser. We may have put on a few pounds - or the 15 lbs that came with 2020! So, what a perfect time to work on decluttering your surroundings, purging and cleansing. I myself am needing a big cleansing ritual after holding on to so much energy this past year. Personally, my mother, who has been living with us, is moving to Florida, and I will be down there with her for a little bit of time and then coming home to reorganize the house and create more living space again. In the process of this, I have my first four-days-in-a-row off! With wonderful teachers taking on a couple of my classes and instructing some of theirs, I will be using this time to unwind and release a lot of energy. After this, once I meet my mother in Florida I plan to continue to focus on cleaner eating and other purifications of my body, mind and soul. 


I was having a little laugh with myself about this pending Groundhog's day. Many have joked that we have been living through a Groundhog's Day (as in the movie) for a year now. In fact, it was about that time last year that we started to hear about this virus in China. Hey, maybe this year will reset our system back to normal operating mode! Now that's an interesting thought. But February 2nd is also a holiday called Imbolc or Candlemass, the celebration of the  stirrings of the first seeds planted this year. Energetically, this reminds me of intentions or plans that I made. Well, not this year, but maybe revisiting my plans with the newfound wisdom this past year has brought, and discerning if I should realign with my course or rechart a new one...and then get to it! If you put things on hold the last year, isn't it about time to get to life again? 


So, I truly feel like February is a great month to revisit plans, to cleanse and purify in preparation, to work on important partnerships, and to zone in on what makes us happy, and then decide to be so. Even though we are still experiencing winter, in February it's time to start moving some energy - just like the crocus that begins to peak its head out of the soil, celebrating life.


In love, service and wisdom

Rev. Dr. T

Friday, January 1, 2021

January 2021 Newsletter - Ringing in a New Year - Codeword: JOY

Dear Yogi/Yogini Friends of One Yoga,


We did it! We navigated through 2020 and have moved into a new year. Let me begin by sending unlimited blessings to you for 2021 - may this be the year that you land in your true positions on this great earth, finding your heart's desires and living in fulfillment of your Highest Self's purpose. Tall order? Nah! If the past year has taught us anything, it is that anything and everything is possible. Why not work with this new landscape to create the world we want to have - one filled with love, abundance, unity and Oneness? I'm all in. Can a hear you say, "Aho!" "Amen." - ?


January's Code Word:


Remember the good ole days when we used to set goals, lineup dates, and have monthly themes? Well, so much has changed. I begin planning the months and then sometimes midway energy shifts so drastically that I need to surrender and flow with it. I couldn't wrap my head around monthly themes due to this, so I decided instead to offer a monthly code word! Think of this as a positive energy to invoke and work with each month. For January, I would love for you to work with the energy of Joy. I decided about a week ago that this was the perfect energy to work with and then I saw many of my mentors and other light workers that I am connected with all start to mention this word in posts. It feels right and true to me to honor space for this energy for January and moving into the new year!


The lessons of 2020 continue to become known. One of the big ones was to truly honor the important people and things in your life, because nothing is guaranteed. Life can be challenging, difficult and even painful, but it can also be wonderful, effortless and blissful. The traumatic way that 2020 shifted our lives caused a rift that brought too much focus on the difficulties. It is extremely important to move into 2021 with a different attitude and energy alignment. We need to focus on the joyful qualities of life - the effortless blissful ways in which we enjoy our lives and the world. We need to get back to living, and back to living in joy.


Yoga teaches us not to look outside of ourselves to find peace and contentment. True joy is found when we focus razor-sharp attention to being at happy in each moment - with whatever life has brought us. The NiyamaSantosha, means contentment, and it is the key principle to being joyful.


“We are not going to change the whole world, but we can change ourselves and feel free as birds. We can be serene even in the midst of calamities and, by our serenity, make others more tranquil. Serenity is contagious. If we smile at someone, he or she will smile back. And a smile costs nothing. We should plague everyone with joy. If we are to die in a minute, why not die happily, laughing? (136-137)”
― Swami Satchidananda, The Yoga Sutras


In every moment we have a choice to make - how are we going to be? We can be happy, angry, sad, etc. If we can choose how to be - regardless of what is happening - then why not choose to be joyful? Certainly there are times to be sad and angry, and I am certainly not telling you to shove your emotions down and hide them away. I want you to feel all the feelings that life has to offer. What I am suggesting here is that you consider this month to focus on the quality of Joy in your life, and to surround yourself with that energy in any and every way that you possibly can. If dancing makes you happy, then dance. If talking to a dear friend makes you smile, then talk to him or her. Whatever it is, do it. Because life is short, and in the end all that will matter is how well you lived and loved. Nobody will remember how you suffered. But they will remember your smile or how you made them smile. And they will most definitely never forget your full, real laughter. Joy is contagious - and that is the kind of contagion that we need most in our world. 


I'm in. Are you?

In love, service and wisdom

Rev. Dr. T

More Fun in '21

Remember to focus on joy everyday. Maybe create a Joy Journal and write about anything that made you smile or feel good that day. Take time to reach out to those who are special in your life through letters, video chats or any other way possible. As we continue to ride the waves of energy flowing in, we have learned how to surf and are better prepared for the coming year. 


Unlimited Blessings are Coming In...

Make room for them.


Monday, December 28, 2020

"Recalibration" - the word of 2020

What were you doing January 1, 2020? Were you nursing a hangover? Putting together a fabulous vision board? Traveling the world? Putting away your holiday decorations? Preparing for a long winter's nap? While I do not recall what I was actually doing January 1, I do remember that January was a busy month full of workshops, trainings, energy healings and more. After selling our home and moving closer to the yoga studio, I dove into my work with more committed fierceness. I knew that 2020 was going to be a shift of energy, but I couldn't see in what way or how. In fact, I do not think that even the most intuitive psychics saw what happened this year, coming.

2020 was to be an epic travel year, with trips planned to Thailand, Peru, Mexico and Italy, to name a few. People were locking in the international retreats and I was beginning to shift my energy towards running more retreats and less trainings. My love of travel and hosting were coming together nicely and I was more than excited to see where it would go.

Nearing the beginning of the trip to Thailand, worldwide panic began to rise about some virus out of China. I had traveled through China and to Thailand so many times and witnessed many people of Asian decent walking around with masks on a normal day, so the growing mass hysteria over my pending travel and purchase of appropriate mask attire, did not affect me much. Since my friend, Stu, mentioned the difficult air quality in Chiang Mai I did wind up purchasing masks for us, but never wound up using them. By March 3rd when we boarded our plane home from Phuket, the world was already in a different place. Friends and family were in a full-panic about my traveling home, with messages of being safe coming from everywhere. I sat next to a Chinese man who wore his mask the entire flight, except to eat and drink. I was literally coughed on by a Thai steward who turned his head away from a fellow employee in order to throw his internal air in the opposite direction - mine. Packed in JFK going through customs, nere an employee wore a mask, and very few travelers too. The energy felt chaotic, at best. Something sinister felt at hand. I remember feeling that I just wanted to get home.

And then, just like my usual, I landed on US soil, running. Between picking up my dogs and preparing for my yoga classes the very next day, I knew that the energy I gained from the rest and relaxation of being in paradise for about three weeks would get me through several busy months at work, and I was ready to go. I was pumped and excited about the rest of 2020. And off I went, downplaying any rising global threat to my reality.

Less than 10 days later, the US would close its borders and a global pandemic would rock our world, the likes of which most of us have never experienced before. 

The second half of March through May felt like a traumatic shockwave, sending rippling currents of confusion and disbelief through our world. Everything closed down. People were out of work. Toilet Paper became the most highly coveted item on earth. We did not know whether to laugh of cry at the information coming at us, let alone understand who to believe. An energy of fear slowly wafted over the earth like a slow moving fog, covering any sense of reality and normalcy. 

And then, the dolphins came back to Venice. The Tibetan mountains were seen in India for the first in a very long time. Families started spending more time and even eating dinner together again. In the midst of this horrendous situation, glimmers of hope began to shine through the fog, like sunlight. Here in the northeast the weather started to warm up and the idea of getting outside into nature became a real thing again. People started to appreciate mother earth and her fruits more than they had in too long a time - maybe ever - and the pets - wow, the pets thrived!

I had started to write "Covid Sucks" on every month of my work calendar, as I put large "X" across the entire thing, because by May it was apparent that my coveted yoga retreats would not be happening this year. And along with it, most of my workshops went bye-bye too. I was able to immediately move the yoga classes virtual, and had somehow had the foresight to create a Zoom account in January due to a potential need for a training program beginning in March, so I was, unknowingly, ready to go. It was lonely in the studio teaching by myself and to a laptop. But eventually I got used to it. Then when it was okay to open classes back up to limited capacity, I found new students coming in for the human interaction. The hybrid virtual/in-person classroom was yet another new thing to navigate, but we did it. The theme of the year obviously became "go with the flow."

Even my seminary school turned doctoral program had to be moved to all virtual. Between the work for that program and running my new hybrid classes and trainings, the summer rolled on, maybe even busier than ever. I found myself jealous of everyone who was learning new skills during their welcomed down-time. I know someone who took a course at Harvard! Another person learned a new language. More folks lost weight and started a new, healthy lifestyle. All around me I watched as more people began to move in all kinds of new directions. With the busy lifestyles that everyone had become accustomed to, the slowdown was finally allowing people to find time for the things that they always wanted to learn or understand. Energy continued to shift. The summer felt to me like a massive 3D chessboard in the sky, with pieces continually moving about in order to find their true positions. 

And then, just like that, the 3D chessboard went 5D. The looming US election came with waves and waves of distortion through the energy field. The semblance of peace and significance that people found in early quarantine changed into the most surreal, confused energy yet. Layers of long and deep rooted deceptions became uprooted. Literally, our reality system, the one that we have functioned in since the time our history books discusses, the only one that most people know and understand, continued to fragment and break apart. The ugly head of duality reared its head like a dragon about to blow his final fiery breath.

But the thing is, we are all getting used to this by now. The not knowing, the misunderstanding and navigating this dark energy - we are getting better at dealing with it. We are shifting. Some of us have shed old skin and are ready to shed another layer whenever we need to. Some others may be still struggling to regain a sense of "return to normal" that they, frankly, will never see again. 

The truth of it all is that this year of 2020 was a global recalibration. That normal that some seek - the way that things used to be - it wasn't working, was it? If we get real, we can be honest that much of our world and humanity was not working out so well. Truth is, we needed a massive resetting in order to get us to the next level of reality and movement from duality to Oneness. 

We are not there yet.

This recalibration has just started. Nobody can tell when it will end. The only thing for certain is that we need to find new ways to work and to be. If the recalibration has sent you on a new path, great. Follow it, but be open. There is still much illusion in our field. And some of us are still working through some very basic, primal energies. Will we see a new world in 2021? Maybe. Perhaps. Potentially. I can't see it. I said to a friend the other day, you know how a pendulum sometimes shakes but doesn't yet reveal which direction it wants to move in? I feel like we are there right now. My only advise is to let go, to find new ways to do things, and to be better, kinder, more loving people in the process.

If you are feeling tired - sleep. If you feel like your job no longer serves you - find another one. If your passion to sing or dance or play music is still something you haven't made time for - just do it. Start listening deeply to your intuition and attune to the rhythms of Mother Earth. All will be revealed in due time. For now, stop resisting the recalibration. It is in your best interests to go with it and realign to your Highest Self. This master-plan, the 5D chessboard, there are still so many unknowns, and the strategies that we have used before, most likely no longer work with this new game. How could they when the game keeps evolving? 

One of my students said recently, "More fun in '21." I like it! Let's get to that. At the end of the day, we cannot change the course of reality and the world's energetic recalibrations. But what we can manage to do is focus on the things that bring true, effortless joy into our lives...and live there in the present moment - striving to be the best version of ourselves that we can be. I'm moving there myself. 

Thank you for listening. 

I love you.

- Rev. Dr. T