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October 2022 Newsletter: Honoring Death and Transformation

Honoring Death & Transformation Dear Friends of OYW,   Death is a difficult subject for many people. This time of year can be challenging for those who have lost someone close to them and do not like the constant reminder as skeletal Halloween decorations surface throughout the neighborhoods, along with ghosts and ghouls. But the ancestral origins of this time of year are significantly important to understanding and honoring the cyclical patterns of life here on planet earth. For every year we get to explore life, death and rebirth through our seasons and holidays.   The Mexican cultures of Mesoamerica (Aztec, Mayan, Toltec, etc.) celebrate the Day of the Dead, preparing colorful sugar skulls that are placed on gravesites with "Ofrendas" of candles, pictures and more. Here the legacy that our departed spirits left us is honored. Instead of grieving their loss, we celebrate them. While the Day of the Dead is honored around Nov 1st, the celebrations at All Hallow's Eve
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September 2022 Newsletter: The Labyrinth

September 2022 Newsletter The Labyrinth Dear Friends of OYW,   September brings in another changing of energy. The expansiveness of summertime, its heat and energy are waning, and we are growing ever so slowly closer to winter, and that inevitable inward pull. I found myself missing sweatshirts and hot baths, realizing that I am much looking forward to autumn and the changes it brings.   Personally we are all moving through aspects of our lives that are in change. The labyrinth symbolizes this current journey. Many may find that they have just entered the labyrinth, and are trying to figure out which way to go, sometimes finding ourselves back where we began or at a closed-off path indicating old, outdated energy who's time has come to end, and needing to reroute in a different direction to find our way again. Others will find that they are at the Core of the Labyrinth, a major intersection in life where they are in the right time and right place, with a new doorway in front of the

August Newsletter: Golden Opportunities

August 2022 Newsletter Golden Opportunities Dear Friends of OYW,   Welcome to August and Leo season. This is the most intense energetic time of year. There is a possibility of so much positive spiritual manifestation. There are many energetic factors that bring this intensity to August. First of all, the number "8" in numerology is associated with goals and achievements, but also it can be viewed as a bridge between the spiritual and material worlds. In astrology, the 8th house is associated with the sign of Scorpio, known for energy, power and transformation. And, in the traditional tarot card deck, the 8th card is that of Strength.    Most significantly, we have the Lion's Gate Portal, a celestial event that occurs every year towards the end of July and into August, but is said to be at its height on 8/8. During this time when our Sun is at its height in the sign of Leo, the dog star, Sirius, who is aligned with our highest spiritual aspirations, Orion's belt, and t

July 2022 Newsletter: Ho'o Pono Pono (Making Things Right)

JULY 2022 Newsletter Ho'o Pono Pono Dear Friends of OYW,   How are you doing? How are you feeling? How are you? June was another blur in the fabric of what we know as time. In fact, the seams are just unraveling on that garment, aren't they? It seems nearly impossible to relate to schedules and times, and yet, how else do we plan!?!? You'll see a plethora of events listed below for July, and I do hope that many of you come out for them. But I have noticed that most people are scheduling the day before or day of the event nowadays. This makes it incredibly difficult to plan bigger retreats and trainings. So, what to do!? Well, I decided to just try it anyway in hopes that you turn out for them. Whenever you can, jump on the reservations, as it really helps me plan even better for you.   In addition to this conundrum about time, there is a huge energy right now of "Making things right." There is an ancient Hawaiian word, "Ho'o Pono Pono" that means jus