Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Be Responsible for Your Energy Field - The Energy Behind Temperature Checks

Well, this came up this morning and I was actually surprised that more people were not aware. It was suggested that I post a blog about it...so here it is...

Methods of taking the temperature:
1. Oral
2. Wrist
3. Rectal
4. Armpit
5. Ear
6. Forehead

These areas require a mixture of digital thermometer, thermometer, digital ear, the old mercury thermometers and the now popular infrared. Well, the old mercury thermometers, although highly accurate, are a thing of the past now that we know exposure to mercury is toxic and those pesky little buggers can break quite easily. Since we are not going to be checking things orally or rectally (could you even imagine) in the mall or any place that you are waiting in line to enter, we can eliminate those as well. I understand that the ear check requires a particular type of thermometer that goes inside the ear and if there is any wax buildup can be inaccurate, so let's take that off the table too.  And again, since the armpit requires something to be placed in a potentially unpleasant area of the body and can be the least accurate (according to the MAYO Clinic), we can just also take that off the table. That leaves Wrist and Forehead. Depending on which source you read, both are fairly the same with accuracy, with the wrist sometimes detecting slightly higher temperatures than the forehead.

OK, which would you prefer?

Let's go a bit deeper...because EVERYTHING is energy...

The infrared thermometer being used today is basically a gun, correct? There is a trigger you pull and a beam that releases to check the temperature.

How do you feel about a gun being pointed at your head? Or has this become so normal to you at this point that you no longer question it. If so, ask yourself again, what would you rather have your wrist checked or your forehead? I realize that perhaps you haven't given it a thought. And if you do not care, take a moment to sit with it again and consider the energetic ramifications of pointing a gun at your head and feeling "Okay" with that...please...

I am NOT OK with my forehead being checked by the infrared gun. It never felt right to me. The first time it was done, just blatantly, and without even a moment of my consent, every part of my body recoiled. My energy system went into shock. I froze, mute. I felt violated and sick to my stomach.

You must understand that I grew up in a family of hunters. Guns and bows and arrows were an everyday thing at my home. Seeing a gun or even a dead animal does not rattle me much, and although I honor all life, I am talking about hand-held guns being directed at our foreheads for temperature checks for this blog. So let's stick to topic.

The next time I was posed with the temperature check at University of Penn, I asked them to check my wrist, which they willingly did. I watched my Mother walk up and have it pointed at her head and again, nothing but sickness to my stomach. A gut-wrenching, physical reaction to that entire situation being wrong is what I feel.

I am an energy-worker, a light-worker, a starseed, and an intuitive healer, and I am pleading with you to produce your wrist upon any temperature checkpoint and demand that it be taken there. They will do it. You will feel much better. Trust me.

There is a Youtube video about the Pineal Gland being negatively affected by this forehead thermometer. I've read some contradictory theories, and I want to again reference that everything is energy. The Pineal Gland is a light-sensitive organ in the forehead responsible for many hormonal responses that direct the body's glandular functions. It is not only imperative for our overall health to be in good working condition, but energetically speaking as the seat of your 6th chakra (third-eye, Ajna) if we direct this infrared energy towards it continually you will block this energy center - your ability to perceive, to intuit, to truly "see." As the wrist is a far-reaching extension of the heart-chakra and not a direct link to the centre of the energy vortex here, I feel much more responsible pointing the infrared at the wrist than the third-eye...besides, I got a whole lotta love to go around, but my vision and clear sight these days are being challenged, to say the least.

I am quite sure that there will be lots of debates going on about this in the medical field, news media, and on every newly self-appointed expert's facebook page. I am not going to debate. I want you to just stop for a moment and consider the energetic ramifications of this and how you truly feel about it.

Now is a time of great awakening and great light. But the lower energies are fighting for their lives and there is a literal energy war playing out behind the scenes of everything happening. Be responsible for your energy field and keep yourself in the highest light energy possible.

Choose the wrist for temp checks.

In Love, Service and Wisdom,
Dr. Tracey L. Ulshafer

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