Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Today I received this email chain-letter:

"God our Father, walk through my house and take away all my worries and illnesses and please watch over and heal my family, in Jesus name, Amen."

The email said these words were powerful and to pass it along to 12 people, including her for a blessing to come to me in the form of a new job, house, marriage, finances, or may be the answer to something (a prayer or request), that I've been waiting for.

Then it said. Do not ask questions. This it was a test - and to watch and see what he does after I forward the email.

Well, I don't normally forward these chain letters. Except that I received it at the best possible time, as I was, quite ironically, contemplating some serious issues regarding my finances, house, job and answers to questions that I'd been asking. And I happen to believe that these words are quite powerful.

It immediately reminded me of a quote that I had read years ago on Krishna Das' website:

Place your burden
at the feet of the Lord of the Universe
who accomplishes everything.
Remain all the time steadfast in the heart,
in the Transcendental Absolute.
God knows the past, present and future.
He will determine the future for you
and accomplish the work.
What is to be done will be done
at the proper time. Don’t worry.
Abide in the heart and surrender your acts
to the divine.
- Ramana Maharshi

I needed this reminder today: To do my work, but to lay down my burden and trust in Spirit.
Perhaps you need this reminder today too.
Many Blessings.