Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The Sun - Divine Masculine - TRANSFORMING in Peru

The Sun's energy is something that humans have honored since the beginning of time. Indeed when we awake and look up into the sky and see that golden disk of light, we cannot help but celebrate its light and energy. The Sun equates to the Divine Masculine energies, just as the Moon equates to the Divine Feminine. The Sun is fiery and ignites, while the moon is watery and cools. Together, they harmonize and balance.
A trip to Peru is not complete without a visit to the famous Machu Picchu. And within that, a trip to Machu Picchu is not complete without a hike to the famous Sun Gate.

The first steps just to reach the main platform to see the infamous Incan site can be challenging for some. The altitude and the climbing together ensure that you take one step at a time, and enjoy the journey. The view is, of course, worth the wait, and many stop here to enjoy with photos and smiles. But the journey up to Sun Gate contains a little more emphasis. The hiking up sometimes narrow, but often wide rocky path takes a little time. There is ability to stop as often as you like, and I do recommend this, however, the climb sometimes feels as though you are going...and going...and going. When you finally reach the famous Sun Gate, there is most certainly a feeling of elation. The "I DID IT!" moment.

The day that our recent group of nine ladies made the trip to Sun Gate was perfect. The weather was beautiful at Machu Picchu, the tourism seemed a little less mass than usual, and the view was, as usual, astonishing. There is something quite exhilarating in the culmination of this climb. This was my third time climbing to Sun Gate. The first time in 2015, expertly led by my friend Jorge Luis Delgado, provided to be a fantastic voyage. Jorge weaves the Incan and Andean spirituality effortlessly through his journeys, and I wanted our women to have the same sort of experience that I did the first time I magically encountered this place. In 2016 when we traveled there again, we were unable to perform a certain little meditation due to the Machu Picchu guards being quite strict. But alas, this time, no guards being present, I recreated the famous Condor Meditation that I had received with Jorge back in 2015.

Here at the top of Sun Gate, a massive stone juts out above the land. By carefully lying back, having your feet held in place, you allow your head to fall off the end of the stone, open your arms, and fly! The Condor is the bird who sees the bigger picture and rules the upper world. By breathing and trusting, you allow yourself to experience this disorienting moment of fear, and then open to the richer experience awaiting with love. Each woman who took a moment to experience this meditation was profoundly affected.

What is is that the energy of the Sun awakens within us? As connected to our third chakra/ solar plexus/our own inner sun, the Sun's energies magnify our inner strength and power, and allow us to soar to new heights previously unavailable to us. The affect? Transformation! For you cannot "unsee" what you were able to see once you fly like the Condor, and allow yourself to soar to new levels. It is a simple yet profound experience, indeed!

When we feel stagnated, afraid, or unsure, the solar energy of the Divine Masculine helps to provide for breakthroughs. Each time I have escorted people on this trip to Sun Gate there was a person afraid of heights. Both times, both made it to the top and felt a result of empowerment through his achievement. For me, that is the true gift of Sun Gate.

In life, there are struggles and challenges. We all have them. With those we always have choices. How will we react? How do we move through it? Or, do we either get struck in it or stuck repeating it over and over again? Personally, I would like to get the lesson and move on. But this requires great courage. That is what the energy of the Sun provides us with. Finding our inner sun can be difficult, because it often entails coming face to face with our biggest fear.

And although this magnificent energy is vitally important, I am always careful not to play with too much fire. A little empowerment goes a long way. A lot of solar energy, and we are at war again. History has proven that over and over again. Balance is the key to power and strength. The afternoon after our morning hike to Sun Gate, we traveled down to a beautiful waterfall for a sprinkling of Moon energy in which to cool off the Sun's. As we hiked down from Sun Gate, it was as if Pachamama had already known this. Fog and rain moved in, and the balance came regardless of my plans to encounter the waterfall.

What are your deepest fears? Do you suppress them? Have you worked with them? Would you like to tackle that? Do you want to move beyond fear and into love?

Come with me to Peru or another Sacred Journey and see just how transforming it can be!

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The Moon - Divine Feminine Energy RISING in Peru

Near the city of Cusco, Peru there is a small temple that is less traveled: the Moon Temple. Here, off a dirt road up a mountain is a small structure nestled between the rocks. A small waterfall cascades downward through a small canal, and if you follow it up you will find two large rocks above, with an ancient carving on the side of one.

There is no mistaking that this is sacred ground.

The Inca's used this as part of their highway system, but there is more to the energy of this place. Jorge Luis Delgado describes the area of Cusco as "located at a crossroads of ley lines and is in a prominent position on the most major ley line that progresses northward from Tiawanaku, Amantani, and Puraka, to Cusco. Originally Cusco was divided by its Inca founders into two parts to indicate the flow between the dualities, masculine and feminine." Yet even with that, the land breaths an origin that is even older - deeper in spiritual lineage.

My group arrived here on a beautiful day November 7th, 2019. I had the amazing opportunity to escort nine lovely women on a 40th birthday celebration trip. The collected feminine energy of the group was powerful and soft. Our male tour guide was most certainly in heaven. The arrival to the Moon Temple had once again showered our group with massive blessings. The rain due that day was delayed, and we found the site to be completely empty of other tourists and locals. We had her to ourselves, and I did not want to waste this moment.

As our guide prepared the Palo Santo and Coca Leaves for ceremony, the group headed up through the rocky terrain to see the special area above. We took a few pictures and then I asked the ladies to move in between the two rocks, with a deep sense of going into the womb itself. Once there, I guided them, to place their hands and foreheads on the rock to connect with the energy of the land, and I began to channel the Divine Feminine herself.

I cannot remember exactly what I said during this meditation, but it must have been powerful. One woman reminded me that at one point I said, "There is no time left for being small." I do remember that, because when I said it, I felt a deep truth in my solar plexus shake, and an urge to cry. Indeed, women on the planet there is a deep need for us all to rise up and regain our power and our strength. We see this happening and playing out, but still on a level of duality. No, the vision that I see is not a divided masculine/feminine energy, but a combined totality - a true energy of Oneness. Women on the planet need to rise up and take our station in the healing of this planet. Men on the planet need to make space for this. And then collectively, we can make miracles happen.

After our time up on the Huaca (sacred site), we gently came down to meet our guide for a brief Coca ceremony in which to bless the land. Three coca leaves are taken and held in a particular pattern, we concentrate, blow onto them our essence and intention, and then leave the coca leaves on the site. Even the three coca leaves, to me, represent that coming together of the male (right coca leaf) and female (left coca leaf) in union (center leaf).

True, for harmony we must come together and bridge the energy of duality. Yet so many women have not awakened to their light and their power. I felt our group awakening, one by one. We began in celebration of a birthday, but as we traveled through this sacred area together, the calling came to each of them. And even now as I watch the group chats from US soil, I can see and feel the deeply rooted connection to Pachamama (Mother Earth), and their own connection here.

Women of this world it is our time to rise up. There is no more time for thinking small - living small - being small. We are the key to healing our precious planet and the people in it. We have shrunken down and away for far too long...and look where we are.

Where can we find the power and the light to awaken? I suppose this is different for each woman. I can say from experience that visiting the power places on the planet that I have been afforded the luxury of doing so has certainly helped me, and I feel that it is my continued duty to help others awaken through Sacred Journeys - not just women, but men too. Remember, we must work in harmony together.

We head back to Peru in September of 2020. There are also other Sacred Journeys that you can attend with me throughout the year. I look forward to working and traveling with you to connect to your highest self.

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Friday, November 1, 2019

November's Theme: 11th Chakra - "I CONVERT"

* Thanksgiving * 
* Daylight Savings * 11th Chakra*
November's Studio Theme:
Ah, so THOSE are the chakras in the hands and the feet! I remember in my own yoga teacher training hearing talk about these "minor" chakras, but never learning anything more about them. Yet they are so important in understanding energy. This is where we feel energy between one source and another. Take a pose as simple as Downward Facing Dog. What are your hands and feet doing in this posture? Do you know that there is a specific way to connect them to the earth? Not doing so, leaves you disconnected to energy and unable to convert it towards optimum vitality in the postures. 

Yoga Mudras are also an importation component of energy conversion. We take the energy associated with each finger, manipulate their positions, and thus create new energy patterns within us. Mudras are so simple and yet so misunderstood and underused! Yet Yogis will tell you to sit with a particular mudra for a length of time can actually "cure" different issues in the body and mind. 

Anyone who is an energy practitioner (this includes yoga teachers) has a deep sense of this energy in his/her hands. If not, then I suggest getting to some expert classes to reconnect. And the more that you work with your healing gifts, the more sensitive you are to the energy here. We are all healers, we just have not all awakened to these gifts. But, why not start with your own self? Put your hands on a part of your body that needs healing, focus and breathe. Just hold space for the healing to occur. Be patient, and notice. You will feel something if you do. And then you will be more inclined to go deeper into this practice. 

In your yoga practice this month, pay particular attention to the cues given for the hands and the feet and the bandhas or locks there to focus on. So let's do it!

11th Chakra Basics:
Name(s): Hasta and Pada Chakras
Location: Around the hands and the feet
Color: Pink
Issues: Energy Transference, Transmutation of physical energy
Physical Connection: Hands and Feet

Things to Ponder about the 11th Chakra:
  1. Do you feel energy or heat in your hands? Feet?
  2. Are you an energy worker/healer?
  3. Do you feel energy coming from the earth?
  4. When you shake someone's hands, can you feel their energy?
  5. Do you like to hug?
  6. Do you love to touch living things to feel the connection?
  7. Do you ever feel electrical charge in your hands?
  8. Have you been able to heal or change energy with hands-on intentions to do so?

Some things to do this month to work with the 11th Chakra:
  1. Walk barefoot on the earth 
  2. Hold crystals in the palms of your hands - Meditate on what you feel
  3. Try hands on healing with intention
  4. Take Reiki or other energy healing trainings involving use of hands
  5. Mudra work
  6. Get a Reflexology treatment
  7. Care for your feet with a pedicure or new shoes with good support
  8. Yoga Practice

So what type of things should you practice for your 11th Chakra?

Asanas - Any postures where feet or hands touch the ground and root down. Work a lot with pada (foot) and hasta (hand) bandhas, the locks in the foot and hands when in the postures. Ask your teacher for assistance with the location in various postures if we do not refer to them.

Mudra- Mudras are particular positions of the hands (and the feet), whereby touching one part of the hand to another you create particular healing energy. Mudras relate to the energy of the planets and the elements. For instance, the thumb represents the planet Mars and the fire element. The index finger represents the air element and the planter jupiter. The planet Mars is often called the "Task Master" and with fire and the 3rd chakra being bold and ego strength, this is a highly charged energy in the thumb. The index finger's association with the heart charka and energy of love, combined with the planet Jupiter known as the "Planet of Luck." When we bring the index finger and thumb together in a yoga posture, it is called the Gyan Mudra, and it allows the active energy of Mars to come in tune with the air element energy of love and balance. Immediately the mind is calmer. This is often a great mudra for meditation. There are many, many mudras, and the benefits of using them are endless. For research look at Gertrud Hirschi's book Mudras - Yoga in Your Hands.

Breathing - Place the right hand on the heart and the left hand on the solar plexus. Allow the feet to be flat on the earth, so you may need to sit in a chair. This creates a balance to the forces of the right/left side of the body (male/female, respectively) and the solar plexus and heart chakra. Then, inhale filly the abdomen up to the chest. Pause/Hold. Then exhale relaxing the chest and squeezing the belly in towards the spine. Repeat, focusing on the energy in the hands. 

Meditation - Pranic Ball. Stand in Mountain pose with feet flat on earth. Connect/earth down. Cup hands at waist, fingers touching, imagining that you are holding onto a ball of Prana. Inhale the ball upwards, keeping elbows in towards ribs and relaxed. Exhale ball downward. Repeat. Then, play with the ball if you like by imagining holding it between both hands. Slowly move hands further apart but continue to feel connection to the energy ball. See you far you can move hands apart or take ball from your body to still feel the energy.

Reiki Level I is Sunday November 10th! Start your journey as a healer this month.

Love & Light, Tracey & the Teachers at One Yoga & Wellness Center!
Stone of the Month: Selenite
Selenite is one of the only crystals that cleanses and charges other stones without needing to be recharged and cleansed itself, making it the ultimate healer!

Our Natural Healer shop has Selenite wands and pendants for sale now!
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pecial Message from Tracey for November...
For the longest time the chakras in the hands and feet felt like secret places that no yoga teacher wanted me to know about! These chakras were referred to but never discussed in depth, so they always had an heir of mystery about them. Even today, try to google hand or foot chakra, and you don't get a lot of information through reputable yoga sites. So, I have to say, "thank goodness" to the holistic healers of the world who are starting to discuss these chakras, which, by the way, are NOT "minor" in any way!

How sensitive are your hands? Is this something that you've even discovered? When you shake someone's hand, do you pause to feel the connection? Or, is it a another quick thing you do mindlessly? What about your feet? Do you feel the connection that your feet make with the earth and actually feel the energy there? Or, do you hurry around, disconnected, constantly covered with socks and shoes? Yogis, just like babies, like to explore the energy in the hands and the feet. Watch a baby. They are fascinated by their appendages! They appear to even see the energy coming off of them. This is a "beginner" mindset that yoga teachers often refer to. In the beginning, you were amazed by what you felt here...and now?

Many of you already know that I started my Reiki healer journey over twenty years ago. I took Reiki I and II and just didn't "get it." I didn't see anything like other people said that they did. I couldn't remember where my hands needed to be or how to hold them. I wasn't even sure what I was supposed to be feeling. I became a massage therapist and for years felt the physical - muscle tension. Last year I completed my Reiki Master with Michele Granberg because I was finally ready to. My hands are on fire, often. Whenever someone comes into the studio who needs healing, it's like they wake up. My feet also need to be connected. I don't like socks like I used to. I want to feel things with my feet. My hands and feet used to be terribly cold when I was a teenager and even into my twenties. Now that I work with this energy on a daily basis, they are rarely so, and no, it is not menopause!

The 11th Chakra is not just the hands and feet, however. It is also the skin, muscles and connective tissues, in general. We take in and give out energy through all of those tissues. While particular vortexes exist in the hands and feet, it is not uncommon when you start to connect deeper to this energy to feel forces of energy in all parts of your body. Being a yoga practitioner is an energy worker. You are working on your own energy healing and conversion every time you step onto the yoga mat. Even if you never take a Reiki class, you will still hone these centers and start to notice greater healing gifts that you can use for yourself or share with others. And isn't that why we are here? To help ourselves and others heal in any way that we can? 

This month focus on loving your hands and feet more and be receptive to the energy centers here. The world needs healing, and it does start with each one of us. 
In Love & Light,