Sunday, September 1, 2019

September's Theme: I ASCEND

* Vernal Equinox * 
* Labor Day * 9th Chakra*
September's Studio Theme:
The 9th chakra goes by many names: Stellar Gateway, Mouth of God, Seat of the Soul, etc. The theory is thus: we came into this world for a reason. Nothing that is happening to us is happening for anything less than we wanted it to happen. We CHOSE this life. We CHOSE the experience that we are having. We CHOSE to learn. Our Soul had a desire to improve itself by descending downward from the 9th chakra and into this human body. Our Soul has been enjoying each life, continuing to learn and improve. Now, the reality here on planet earth may feel something quite different than "stellar," but trust in the idea that nothing is random. Our Soul has a contract to fulfill, and it is bound and determined to do it.

A woman named Dr. Sue Morter of the Morter Institute, and author of The Energy Codes, has a great way of putting it. She calls it "The Bus Stop." She explains it so well, we will just plant a link here for you to view. Dr. Sue's The Bus Stop ConversationNow this is not a new theory and Dr. Sue may have named it "The Bus Stop," but she didn't create it. Our Soul's story has been happening for eons and eons, and, if you are like us, then you want to get to understanding its purpose, right? Dr. Sue's Energy Codes are closely related to many yogic principles, and yoga, as we know, is a thousands year-old self-development practice. We may have been focusing on the body, but our entire purpose is to get to the Soul, the Spirit, and Oneness. Our Soul will eventually move on again, but as for right now, we can work to tune in to this higher energy center and clear away more patterns and debris. Now, how? Let's take a look at the 9th Chakra:

9th Chakra Basics:
Name(s): Stellar Gateway
Location: Above the Head - just above the 8th chakra - highest chakra above us
Color: Gold
Issues: Soul programs and plans, Ascension/Descension
Physical Connection: Diaphragm, pineal gland, corpus callosum and other higher learning centers including the cortex and neocortex

Things to Ponder about the 9th Chakra:
  1. What life lessons did I come into this body to learn?
  2. What life lessons did I come into this life to learn?
  3. What is my soul's plan?
  4. Am I connected to my healing capabilities?
  5. Am I connected to Creatorship?

Some things to do this month to work with the 9th Chakra:
  1. Meditate, Meditate, Meditate
  2. Attune with Nature
  3. Step up your healing practice - seek out reputable healers (Shamans, Reiki practitioners, Chakra balancing, Rebirthing, etc.)
  4. Journal about dharma
  5. Clear old patterns
  6. Vision Quest
  7. Yoga Practice

So what type of things should you practice for your 9th Chakra?

Asanas - With the physical links of the brain and the diaphragm, we have a connection to both the 3rd and 7th chakra areas here. Bring in any core work to accelerate the energy upwards, but then balance with equal inversions and rest. 

Sequence - A balance of energized with deep rest. Half the sequence should be core-centric and upbeat, with the second half nourishing and restful. 

Breathing - Bhastrika or Bellows Breath. Similar to Breath of Fire, except Bellows Breath emphasizes BOTH the inhalation and exhalation, while Breath of Fire focuses only on the emphasis of the exhale. 

Meditation - Lying down with a crystal on the 3rd eye and hands on abdomen. Slowly exhale and inhale, forcing abdominal muscles to work as deeply in both directions as you can. While you perform this, focus on energy rising from the abdomen upwards through the third-eye, and continuing upwards above the head. Visualize a golden light in the abdomen, generating great intensity to push energy upwards and out of the body. Pay particular attention to what comes up. Before finish, visualize this energy descending back down into the abdomen and place your hands and feet on the earth, grounding back down. 

Join us this month as we integrate the higher brain centers and push energy upwards!

Love & Light, Tracey & the Teachers at One Yoga & Wellness Center!
Stone of the Month: Shungite
This very rare, 2 billion year old stone is hailed as containing healing powers incomparable to any other. It has the ability to purify, charge, protect, stabilize, heal and promote growth in all living organisms. This stone both grounds and protects while allowing one to embrace source energy and full potential and possibilities.

PS Tracey has some! Private message her.
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Special Message from Tracey for September...
2015 - I was living my best life. Or was I? Well, things seemed to be going well. I had a successful yoga studio, lots of close friends, and a beautiful home, amongst other things. I was beginning a new venture conducting yoga retreats and had just arrived in Peru. It may have been our third day there when we, as part of a larger group from Australia, went to a special place called "The Heart of AN." It was here that I was astonished to meet the woman who was responsible for sharing with the world the meaning of 11:11, the now very common symbol equated with making a wish or having an angel wink at you. Solara is a special person with a true gift. I was deeply moved by my visit, having taken exactly 108 screen shots of my cell phone's 11:11 sightings to date, and understanding that this was a big deal. The Heart of AN emanates a frequency of Ascension. I didn't even know what that was, but I felt it.

A mile from her home, after having quite an emotional reaction to visiting the special place, our tour stopped to see a perfect rainbow around the sun. We all knew that this was auspicious. And then, I started to feel something. Within minutes, my body began to feel unsteady and shaky. From a place deep in my abdomen, there shot a queasiness. And as our bus headed through Sacred Valley to more Sacred Incan sites, I became more and more nauseous and light-headed. It came to a head and I had to literally lie down on my stomach and breath into the earth until the energy subsided enough for me to get up and walk again. 

This experience was what I originally called a "Reverse Kundalini" because the energy descended from above my head and down through my body and its energy centers, until finally reaching my feet, feeling like a million pins and needles shooting energy down into the earth. This experience was undeniably a major energetic shift in my life. Since then I have not looked at things the same. I have had several out of time, out of body experiences, as well as some of the most difficult and challenging times of my life. It is as if before that energy shift of higher light waves and vibration coming down, that I was sleepwalking through my life - and although I had come a long way, was still relatively unaware of my Soul's bigger purpose. For the past four years, energy has continued to shift, ascending and descending from the Stellar Gateway, through my earthly body, and the earth. 

So have I discovered my Soul's true purpose? Solara would probably laugh if I told you yes! I am going to conservatively say that this is a work in progress. And those of you that are on the path, continue to stumble, like me, through this on a daily basis - some perhaps more gracefully than others. But here we are: Soul Spirits and Starseeds, connecting again here on planet earth to discover what we came to learn and continue our journey. 

Fascinated? Intrigued? Feeling it?

Join me in Peru for a Shamanic Sacred Journey next year - September 2020. Can't make Peru? Join our monthly ONE Circle of Light gatherings. Our September meeting will be Saturday the 7th at 1 pm. Let's move through these energies together. Enjoy the 9th Chakra, everyone!
In Love & Light,