Sunday, December 1, 2019

December's Theme: 12th Chakra - I CONNECT!

December's Studio Theme:
Well, here we are. When we began the journey this year, I started off by telling you that there are many different chakra and energy systems in the world. Even since I originally began this discussion, awareness have expanded. With energy accelerating at the speed that it is, we are constantly understanding and defining our reality deeper. In Cyndie Dale's encyclopedia called The Subtle Body, she begins her section on "Energy Bodies from Other Cultures" by saying:
"There are hundreds, maybe thousands, 
of energetic systems functioning in the world, 
many of which include, or allude to, 
the chakras and other energy bodies."

Indeed, it has been my experience every time that I travel to a new country and explore their healing modalities or ancient civilizations, I learn a common, yet different energy system. If fascinates me that all of the world we have numerous systems - thousands according to Dale - and yet, here in America, our medical system still cannot digest much of it and learn how to use it to help people truly heal. The fact is that these subtle bodies are available to all of us, if we just take the time to learn by daily practice how to work with them. 

Dale's work discusses a twelve-chakra model that she developed. Of course, understand, that I am working with her model to then incorporate yogic techniques for our community to use. I've spent twenty-some years learning about energy and using it in my everyday life and work. It cannot be everything, and it may not resonate with everyone. But, as Swami Satchidananda said, "Truth is One. Paths are Many." 

As the final chakra that we will review for this year, the 12th seems to be the end of the system, although we can discuss that perhaps it is just the beginning! Where the first seven chakras are aligned within the human body, the five additional connect to spiritual energy. If you take a quick look at the picture above you will notice an energy egg around the body with lots of lines going to and from it to the body itself. Dale recognizes the 12th chakra as a collection of 32 different points that she details as the "Secondary Chakra System."These points correspond to things like the lungs, cranium, ankles, liver, elbow, upper brain, etc. I will not list them all here, but understand that they also correspond to the chakras where they are physically located. The point of these chakras is to connect everything together, and ensure that the boundaries of visible and invisible are also connected. Many other chakra systems discuss the energy egg, but what Dale says makes hers different is that she defines points that link the body to the egg, allowing us to explore the boundaries of our being. 

How do we practice our connection to this "ending of the human self?" Because according to Dale, this chakra has no front or back side like the others. She says that the three spheres concern our divinity and how well our divinity is reflected in our everyday human existence. The first layer helps us to deflect or attract energy to support physical manifestation based on our internal programming. The second layer attracts what we imagine within our unconscious through dreaming and wish-making. And the third layer attracts only what fits our highest potential. So, let's try to explore this as best we can - although our understanding will most certainly continue to expand and change as we expand and change!

12th Chakra Basics:
Name(s): 12th Chakra, Energy Egg
Location: 32 points within the body and secondary sites: knees, elbows, palms and organs that connect to the energy egg
Color: White & Gold
Mission: Ending of Human Self, Access to Energy Egg
Physical Connection: Knees, Elbows, Palms & Organs

Things to Ponder about the 12th Chakra:
  1. Do I have physical issues with my knees, elbows, palms or any of the organs?
  2. Do I feel energy around me?
  3. Do I still have issues in my lower chakras to work through?
  4. Have I stepped up my connection to energy?
  5. Can I successfully clear negative programs and heal my life?
  6. Am I connected to my Divinity and Higher Self?
  7. Has my positive manifesting skills become a daily reality?

Some things to do this month to work with the 12th Chakra:
  1. Go back through your chakras and review outstanding goals.
  2. Meditate on your auric energy.
  3. Continue to cultivate purification methods.
  4. Make connecting to energy a daily practice.
  5. Yoga Practice to link body, mind and soul.

Asanas - Practice any postures that are still not comfortable. Remember that asana means "seat." You want to find a comfortable seat in all postures, sit and feel relaxed and calm. If you cannot do this in certain asanas, then those are the ones to practice. Finding equanimity within them is the goal, and breath is the key.

Breathing - Full Body Breathing. When you inhale, feel the boundaries of your body expanding outward. When you exhale, feel those boundaries retracting inward. Ensure that you pause between both. Play with your expansion of the boundaries of your human body into the energy body, auric field, and into the energy egg.

Meditation - Find a comfortable seat with the spine erect. Concentrate on the full body breathing. Begin to visualize energy coming in through the crown of the head and down through the sushumna nadi or central channel. At the base of the spine, feel the energy coming out and down to touch the Earth Star chakra. Visualize that this energy wraps from the Earth Star up around the body and back down through the crown of the head. At the same time, visualize energy coming up from the Earth Star chakra through your center and out the crown of the head. From above at the 9th Chakra, visualize the energy flowing out around the body and down to the Earth Star, and back up through the body. Visualize all these currents of energy running through and around the body. Visualize the energy clearing out any issues in your physical and mental bodies. Then imagine the life that your Highest Self wants. Fantasize about all of the little details. Ask your Highest Self to help you harmonize your inner and outer being, and connect you to the people, places and things in your life that will catapult you to the most positive, vital, thriving CREATORSHIP energy possible. Visualize this connection. 

Love & Light, Tracey & the Teachers at One Yoga & Wellness Center!

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Special Message from Tracey for December...
Can you believe that this year is coming to a close already? Time has indeed sped up! This year has brought many big changes for me personally as well as more revelations. I continue to constantly work to hone my skills and my offerings to our community and in working with my Highest Self and potential. I cannot imagine a time when I will no longer be working on this connection. It pains me to see others struggling when I can see the Highest Potential in them. But I have come to realize that I cannot and should not intervene with anyone else's journey here. I can simply be a light in which to hopefully helps others find their own way. One thing that continues to be for sure, it is a constant process.

Should you ever feel that you have cleared all of your old patterns and truly ascended the struggles of everyday life, take another deep look. Yes, we can access unlimited Creatorship potential. Accepting that we have the capacity for manifesting the life that we seek and healing old wounds is important. But the layers run deep, and the deeper work remains - if not for you personally, then to step up into healing this world and helping to elevate the consciousness of all living beings on the planet. 

What we think turns into what we speak. What we speak turns into what we do and manifests into reality. With manifest reality more and more connect to the energy. We need to attune to higher energy frequency and vibration, for the purpose of uplifting all life. The ascension is from duality to Oneness. The yogis say that we are still in the Kali Yuj, a difficult time period on our planet's evolutionary process. But, we are close to the end. We may or may not see it in our lifetime, but we can be the forces that create it and the blissful and beautiful time period to come after. 

I never claim to have all of the answers. I share what I learn and understand as I grow and do my own work. I encourage you to do the same, but in the process, how are you sharing and helping the world? If you are only working on yourself, you are starting. But the big work, well, that requires us to step out and step up. And, now is the time. 

In Love & Light,

Stone of the Month: Clear Quartz
Perhaps the most common crystal known is Clear Quartz. It is arguably the most powerful healing stone on the planet and is known to amplify any energy or intention as well as attune you to your Highest Self.

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